There are people in this country who performed a double mastectomy on a physically healthy 15 year old girl, do to a mental illness that was so poorly diagnosed that she immediately regretted the procedure and wants to have reconstructive surgery.

Why in a supposedly enlightened and civil society that is reminded daily to “trust the science” could this have been done to an emotionally vulnerable girl?

And how is it that everyone who did this to her has not been put in prison or sent feet first and screaming through a woodchipper?


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Can someone explain this to me”
  1. Very distressing.

    Not to touch a third rail, people who believe that children can make a decision on life-changing also believe that developing babies are clumps of cell.

    Regarding such surgeries on children, just because something _can_ be done doesn’t mean it _should_ be done.

  2. We are going to see a lot more of this.

    Children will do things to be “part of the cool crowd” I did it, so did you. These days, the cool thing is to be transgender. There is no way in the world there are that many transgender/genderfluid/whatever kids suddenly. Five years ago, it was an anomaly, today, it is almost a requirement. A right of passage so to speak.

    And, full sized children (not going to call them adults) in positions of authority are not just supporting it, they are pushing it. The very same teachers and parents that 10 years ago would have discouraged a child from pretending to be something they are not, are now fighting for their “right” to alter their bodies and destroy their reproductive systems.

    Ten years from now, the ads will be all about “Were you given puberty blockers or had gender altering surgery as a teenager? We can get the settlement you deserve…”

  3. I hate to say it, but she’ll be dead before she turns 30. Either the puberty blockers will kill her or she’ll die by her own hand. Back before they started getting widely used, those drugs caused a thousand deaths and around 5,000 “serious side effects” every year.

    Unlike the Real Things, the “reconstruction” implants they use need to be replaced regularly. She’ll be getting surgery around every 10 years for the rest of her life. Those implants are about as similar to the real thing as a prosthetic leg.

  4. Types, Deletes.

    I do not blame her. She is young and stupid. Her Parents and her Quacks failed her. Not her Doctors, her QUACKS.

    If she lives past 18, she should sue eveyone involved, including her parents, schools, doctors. Want to stop this crazy and demented transgender craze? Bankrupt the enablers. Bankrupt the psycho doctors, bankrupt the hospitals. Bring the pain!

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