Let’s invade Canada.

Both for oil and for retribution for the War of 1812.

They think we’ve forgotten, we haven’t.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Can we start another oil war”
    1. As a Canadian i’d leave Quebec and Ontario to their own demise. Most of the maritimes are financially drains on the nation though a couple are slowly coming around. Manitoba is a welfare shit hole, would be a good province if you could do something about the 60% unproductive population.
      Alberta and Sask are worth having. BC if you didn’t have to take the island or the Vancouver cesspool are worth having.


  1. Trudeau is amazingly corrupt. I’d be astonished if he wasn’t getting cash under the table from OPEC and Russia.

  2. We literally shifted from 10 years of extreme over production by opec countries to stay afloat fiscally to basically handing them the keys to the economy overnight.

  3. Pointless.

    Wait a couple of years, and start granting petitions from the various provinces to join the United States. We’d get most of them in a walkaway without firing a shot.

    Once Quebec is all alone, and Ottawa besieged, then go to war, and let the locals settle it themselves.

    If Benedict Arnold hadn’t made such a colossal clusterfuck out of the invasion during our Revolutionary War, we could have solved their problems two centuries ago.

    Plus seeing the United States of North America grow commensurately over a few years would give Mexico and Central America justifiable pause to reconsider their situation.

    50/50 that oil interests and the NHL would bankroll the whole effort, out of sheer self-interest alone, so it would be cost-free.

  4. Get ready for your pain at the pump to increase. With policies like these to the north, even if we were to re-start Keystone XL or look into additional energy sharing between the US and Canada, it won’t matter if the supply is being choked off. One can only hope a new PM reverses this stupidity some day.

    So I guess we’ll just continue to fight over the middle east oil supply for another generation while we get poorer here.

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