Is Ottawa By-Law thr Canadian version of the ATF?

I can’t believe I have to say this but apparently the soft handed tyrants in Canada either don’t know this or forgot it:

The people in the movies who kidnap the dogs are always the bad guys.

If you are the one saying “obey or we’ll take your puppy away” you have reached Disney cartoon level villainy.

You are the fucking baddies.

Where is the Canadian John Wick when you need him?

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Canada goes Disney villain level evil”
  1. So, just to be sure I understand this properly…
    Canada is going to take away the ability to work, seize the bank accounts, and then take the dogs of a bunch of men and women with 15,000-25,000 pound battering rams.

    Yeah, that seems like a grand idea…

    1. And tools and chains for emergency tows and repairs that could be “repurposed” for all kinds of other, more disruptive things.

      And an undisclosed and/or unknown number of guns.

      It’s possible there are zero guns in the whole convoy. It’s also possible a sizable percentage of the truckers keep at least one gun in their rig, especially if they’re long-haul and the rig doubles as a mobile living space.

      They’re probably not as well-armed as an American trucker convoy of similar size would be, but I sincerely doubt there are zero guns present.

      1. I don’t think guns are likely. My Dad didn’t carry when he drove, and he usually ended up in Detroit.

        He had a sap, though, and likely a few knives as well. And these days, well… search Amazon for “Off Grid Tools Pro Trucker’s Friend”.

        1. Oh — and he grew up in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine as it turned into a ghetto, was overweight and red-haired. As he put it, he couldn’t get away from fights, so he had to learn how to win them.

  2. Like the ol southern boy said-“ you don’t understand, they killed my DOG”…. Fuk with my dog and its on.
    This is getting good..

  3. The Canadian John Wick, may yet let his presence be known. I certainly *HOPE* not, but, then, I had hoped that Canadianistan was still a small-L liberal democracy.

    Wonder how much else I have been wrong about?

  4. Years ago, a couple of my buddies had trouble loading at a pipe yard. After the cops left, the dispatcher wanted me and another OO to go load, but leave our weapons at the dispatch office. I told him to rent a truck and go load it himself. If the first drivers had trouble where the guns came out and the cops released them for being in the right, I wasn’t going in without weapons. I went, ready, and found the nicest loading crew I ever saw. They’d discovered that not only were our OO’s ready, willing and able to straighten their shit out, the cops agreed with us. Ahh, good times. LOL

  5. Lil’ Castro obviously didn’t read the Smart Dictator’s Handbook.

    I hope that part of Fidel’s torment in Hell is watching his bastard son make a dog’s breakfast out of proper dictatoring.

  6. They are not just gonna shoot the dogs?

    I mean they wanna shoot the protesters. And the truckers. And pretty much the entire population of Canada that supports these protests.

  7. The Cops are making their move by arresting the Trucker’s Leadership. They arrested Chris Barber and Tamara Lich.

    Three Possibilities
    A. Demoralize the protests by removing leaders, hoping they break and break up.
    B. They are removing all the protesters by arrests. these are just the first.
    C. Remove the leaders that have called for peace, emphasized peace, and have the moral authority to enforce peace on the truckers. Then have agitators, confidential informants, provacateurs, whatever, stir up violence from the protesters. The Truckers / Protesters have the moral high ground from being non-violent. If they become violent, the police have the excuse to crush them. The Media will be able to portray them as dangerous and violent. The police go hunt them down nationwide, just like the FBI and January 6 protesters.

  8. Meanwhile the Eco Terrorist Left is attacking working people in British Columbia.
    Do not worry, these axe-wieldong terrorists are likely specifically exempted from the Trudeau Emergency Measures Declaration. These violent and destructive Eco-Warriors are not as dangerous as working people that peacefully set up food kitchens, bouncy houses, and hot tubs in Ottawa.

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