Castro’s love child started down a road to tyranny under COVID that ultimately let to a massive trucker and farmer protests.

Gun crime in Canada remains relatively flat, going from 25 in 100,000 to 29 in 100,000 in the post COVID era.

Despite that, Trudeau has decided that a total handgun freeze is necessary.

I can guarantee you that handgun confiscation will be next.

Then we have to ask why this was necessary?

Well we all know what happens after tyrants restrict gun ownership.

Canada is plunging into Leftist tyranny.

Before we spend another dollar on Ukraine, we need to liberate Canada.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Canada is about to plunge into darkness”
  1. Illegal to “buy, sell, transfer “… what about possessing??? Seems like a ban on “transferring “ not possessing.. they will learn or they wont..

    1. They’ll probably go the NY route: you can possess it until you die. Then it has to be turned in as a “transfer” will be verboten.

  2. It should have been game over and a total wake up call to all Canadian citizens when the government and banks froze peoples accounts.

    It doesn’t matter what side you are on, the government telling a bank to remove your ability to operate financially should scare the shit out of anyone.

    A bank deciding to do it on their own should be just as scary.

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