After over two years of legal battles the Canadian pastor that was arrested for holding services in defiance of Woo-Flu lockdown dictates has won his appeal.

All fines are to be returned to the pastor and his brother. In addition there are penalties are being assessed against the government including Artur’s costs for litigation. Hopefully this will actually cover his costs.

Artur made headlines in 2020 when he told Albert storm troopers to get out of his church. He was videoed verbally berating the cops as they attempted to shut down services. He was later arrested for refusing to abide by illegal orders.

He was arrested again in a pre-dawn raid by Albert SWAT storm troopers on the day he was scheduled to speak at a Canadian Truckers protest rally.

This sort of falls in the same category of all the people that had their guns confiscated after hurricane Katrina. They did get their firearms back but it took years of litigation and when/if they got them back many were significantly damaged.

Artur will not get his time spent in prison back. He was made an example of what the government will do to you if they decide you are not of the right class.

Don’t ever give up your guns.

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