On Wednesday, the Ottawa government considered ordering in the military to deal with the Freedom Truckers.

Then the Canadian Army announced it would change the name of its ranks to be more gender inclusive.


Then Trudeau decided that sending in the military to deal with the Freedom Truckers was a bad idea.

I don’t think Fidel Castro’s bastard love child has any moral qualms about crushing the truckers with the military if he could.

I think he realized that the truckers and farmers blockading Ottawa are probably more than the Woke soldiers of the 3rd Pansexual Gender-Queer Preferred Pronoun brigade could handle.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.



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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Canadian Truckers vs the military, a play in three acts”
  1. The Canadian armed forces have a reputation – hard-earned and well-deserved – for producing some of the most badass soldiers around… a reputation that Canada’s politicians (of all parties) have been determined to undercut and demoralize since the Nineties.

    I have great respect for the average Canadian serviceman… and I suspect that if they were asked to choose between the truckers and the laptop class, they’d make the right choice.

  2. This assumes that the Canadian military would be interested in following such an order.

    If Trudeau makes that order, and the military says, ‘sorry, no’… that’s bad. Like ‘Trudeau flees the country’ suddenly becomes a viable square on the Bingo card.

  3. French is a gendered language so codifying the feminine form of a given rank is,actually reasonable. I ‘m sure other Romance language speaking militaries have a similar system, even Colombia.
    This in no way diminishes my contempt for Fidelito and his party.

  4. Wait until the US military has to find a nonbinary alternative to “sir” and “ma’am” when addressing officers. Or maybe they will just use “comrade”

    1. If my employer ever starts the pronoun crud, I will address everyone as “Comrade” instead, except the ones that I address as “Comrade Commissar.”

  5. Anyone hoping the Canadian military won’t obey such orders is an appalling optimist. It wouldn’t be any different in the U.S., or any other country for that matter. They will obey orders. Law enforcement, which is civilian, had absolutely no trouble enforcing covid restrictions and stomping all over civil liberties. Canada was especially bad. Look footage from Quebec, where police barged into homes and arrested people for gathering in groups larger than 5, or where police arrested a priest for having church service. The military would likely be far, far worse in it’s enforcement of the whims of government. Law enforcement only would lose their job for insubordination, but such defiance would likely result a court martial and maybe imprisonment if egregious enough.

    I’m more interested to see what the blowback will be like when socialist dictator Trudeau causes the military to kill or wound multiple civilians. Will unrest increase? Or will Canadians be cowed into terror and obedience?

  6. I think Trudeau is not going to negotiate, prevent others from negotiating, and use the Ottawa Police to gather enough information aboot the truckers, their supporters, and then prosecute/persecute them this Summer. Just like the January 6 Protesters.


    Read the whole thread. Tell me that these publicly posted police intentions are any better than Heinrich Himmler’s Geheime Staatz Polizei?

  7. Telling your own troops to shoot down your own people very often has a pretty good chance of becoming the Start of the Revolution. Just ask Ceausescu, Tsar Nicky II, the 1991 Soviet Coupsters, Kaiser Willy, and a few other leaders.

    A tyrant who is perceived as strong and powerful can get away with it. Weak tyrants can’t.

  8. A couple of points.
    1) the farmers are in toronto and truckers in ottawa.
    2) the turdeau had his brown shirts rent every hotel in ottawa on the goverment dime to prevent protesters having a place to stay.
    3) the ottawa cops and rcmp have asked the dhs and fbi to help investigate the truckers

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