Feast your eyes on this garbage:


Let’s break this down.

The government clearly violated the Constitutional rights of this gun owning citizen.

He states that he will resist the violation of his rights.

The government kills him in a drone strike.

The entire thesis of this cartoon is “tyrannical might makes right.”

The government can violate your rights and then assassinate you with a drone, so all you should do is acquiesce to their tyranny.

I don’t accept that.

Moreover, the cartoonist just loves the idea of his political enemies being idiots that get slaughtered in drone strikes.

The Left has never come across a problem that the preferred solution isn’t exterminating some particular group of people.

But once again, I am compelled to point out that the tactic of “kill them with a drone strike” that has been used with such effect in the Middle East only worked because the drone pilot’s family, and probably the drone pilots too, were not neighbors to the people being drone struck.

Does the cartoonist really want to celebrate some American gun owner being killed in a drone strike, when the cartoonist’s personal information is probably readily available to the friends and loved ones of the dead gun owner?

They think this will be idiot gun owners homes getting hit with Hellfires and everything going swimmingly afterwards.

That have no idea what war is like when the people doing and cheering on the deaths of Americans send their kids to the same school as the people they want dead.

Things get ugly under those circumstances.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Cartoonist doesn’t understand reality”
  1. A simple liberal is not living in reality….
    “It wont happen to me”…
    The only thing liberals know how to do is destroy and ruin things..

    1. Please do not call them liberals. Call them leftists. There is nothing liberal about them.
      And, leftists are children, they think like children. Consequences of their actions? They will not suffer them, or if they do, they will be minor. Sort of like enduring a “time out” as a child. Stand quietly for about 15 minutes, and your destruction of your Mom’s antique is forgiven.
      Not so as adults, but when the all powerful State is there to protect you, (see: student loan forgiveness, obamacare, welfare, etc…) why grow up and take responsibility?

  2. And the Cartoon follows the standard tropes. The gun owner is shown as angry, extreme, yelling and screaming. As we’ve seen from J.Kb.’s postings “He said bad thing, he deserves what happens to him”
    What I’ve actually seen is “Leave me the F alone” and “Stack up and find out” sorts of things. They are all of the reactive mode.

  3. Most likely, Biden’s statements on pro-gunners, that they’ll need an F-15 if they want to win, if they go up against him, is what inspired the cartoonist. At least he had the intelligence to not use an F-15 in his graphic. But the thought occurs to me that, if the government did start to use military tactics against civilians, the type of pro-gunner, which do exist in the gun community btw, and is portrayed in this cartoon, might serve the overall objective of the majority of pro-gunners not portrayed, by playing the role of ‘The Bait’. And it would be very good if all the leftist believes all pro-gunners were in fact the dumb moron, they make us out to be. And it should be noted that the cartoonist has engaged in…’Name Calling’ by inuendo. I wonder, is it more civil than if he voiced the insult using words?

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