By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Cascade Failure came true”
  1. @curby: Woke has never failed. Sure, it has never produced anything of value, nor has it ever resulted in real fairness, tolerance, equality, or justice …
    … but that’s not the point of Woke, is it?

  2. There’s an even bigger issue here.
    35 million K-12 public school students use Chromebooks and Google Classroom which are subject to Google’s biased search results. And even more so in the “suggestions” provided once you start typing in the search bar as well as most other blank fields. Who is the propaganda god at Google that programs those suggestions? Shouldn’t we know their name? One little tweak of the algorithm changes the info presented to 35 million students.

    The whole system is a propagandists dream.

  3. The “artificial intelligence” doing this isn’t truly intelligent. This is not actual AI…which doesn’t exist….yet.
    These are complex heuristic software programs written by PEOPLE. And the people who wrote them included
    their agendas, beliefs and biases as a part of that program. When GoogleAI or ChatbotGPT act out this way it’s
    because the people who created them WANT them to act out this way.

  4. Artificial Intelligence is neither. It’s not artificial (no physical existence) but instead societally engineered propaganda designed to subvert and destroy the history and truth of the USA, and it’s not intelligent because it is not derived from learning history nor truth, and instead rejects both elements required to qualify as intelligence.
    It’s nothing more than wild imagined lie produced by the mind of a small child who doesn’t like not being in charge of the big people who keep managing its world. The problem is this small child has the backing of the global elites and their vast wealth.

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