Via Roger Williams University Law Review, Spring 2006:
The Obfuscation of Rhode Island’s Clearly Expressed Constitutional Right to Bear Arms: Mosby v. Devine

Claudia J. Matzko does a great job of going over how the courts abuse RKBA. Trying to conflate group rights with individual rights.

It never ceases to amaze me that “The right of The People” seems to mean “the right of the state” or “the right of the militia” to so many people.

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By awa

2 thoughts on “Case Claiming State Constitution Protects RKBA”
  1. It’s another reason the Left is so keen to “other” everyone else. To define non-Leftists as non-persons and non-humans so that human rights and “right[s] of the People” do not apply.

    Put another way, when the U.S. Constitution or any state Constitution mentions “the People”, Leftists read that as “Our People”.

    a.k.a. “Us. Not you.”

  2. But… people is plural. So, it means the all powerful State. Well, to leftists it means that. To rational adults it means the population as a whole, otherwise known as individuals.

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