Being in Florida, trying to miss the Casey Anthony trial was like trying to avoid getting wet when jumping off a cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic. Even so I pretty much avoided the TV shows and Experts earnestly trying to tell me what happened to Caylee Anthony like they were present at the moment of her death.

I did watch the verdict live because… well, there was nothing else on TV plus every media outlet out there was blaring about the incoming announcement. Flipping channels waiting for the final word I could see the Talking Heads licking their chops as if they got to decide what kind of medieval punishment they could deliver to Casey. I felt a heavy unease: Like I said I watched little of the trial and even less of what the experts said, but other than making the case for Casey being a possible slut & drunk, I saw little on the way of a legal case proving that she did the murder. I thought since I was not paying attention, I must have missed the juicy stuff but apparently so did the Jury and found her not guilty of murder and guilty of being a lying sack of shit.

The Talking Heads and Experts went into a shit-fit tailspin. Their lynching parties were cancelled by the 12 individuals sitting in the Jury Box. Hyperboles were uttered and even downright nervous breakdowns happened on camera. Robes were ripped and cries of everything from Idiocy to Racism were bouncing all over the place.

So what all this crap has to do with Guns? I am a Gunnie and know little about anything else. Well, it confirms that the path we have been following is the right one: Battling cases in court is still a viable and most effective way to destroy anti gun laws. Our courts are not as doomed as some may want us to think and we can win important battles in the fight against city hall, State and even the Feds. The proof is in the pudding of more cases coming to our side, including the City of Chicago ban on Gun Ranges that got utterly destroyed today by the Seventh Court of Appeals. Legislatures are coming around, sometimes unwillingly but more laws are created are affirming our rights with the voices of gloom and doom being silenced by the facts: We are the Good Guys & We Believe in The Constitution.

The one monster still alive is the Traditional Media. I am not alone in believing we will find no friends among them. The Anti-Gun Narrative is deeply and well entrenched and might take more than one generation to eradicate. Whatever was said about Casey Anthony, we have heard worse about us and is still going on strong. We are redneck, slope-heads, rapist, akin to child molesters, racist and every bad name in the book.

Where the anti-gun hold is less than firm is with the New Media: They pretty much can expect every lie published to be challenged and proven with immediately available facts & figures. They cannot longer ignore stories that are negative against their narrative because there is a conduit easily available and which defies the experts and challenges them to do their jobs. Gunrunner and Fast & Furious are the prime examples: No Major Media Outlet wanted to touch it least the occupant of the White House be besmirched, but the power of the Internet has been too much. Sorry but you cannot expect to use a cork to stop a tsunami… and the worst is yet to come apparently.

So I am hopeful that we will continue to win and see the enemies of the Constitution fade away with Jim Crow, Uncle Joe and Chairman Mao. And I understand the feeling that Cheney Mason, lawyer for Casey Anthony was demonstrating here.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.