A couple of weeks ago we covered the story of Michael Palacios and his unhappy experience at a NYC McDonalds.

He was so unhappy he took an ax and threatened and attacked customers. He assaulted a number of people there.

Fortunately for the good folks of NYC, the police were there after the violence had stopped to arrest Palacios.

Being a violent criminal who was “well known to law enforcement” he spent a couple of hours in jail before being released without bail.

On Sunday he was arrested again. This time for graffiti and grand theft. He stole a “expensive bike” from a nearby coffee shop and then took off. The police gave chase before finally catching him.

He broke the $3500 bike (Why was it not secured?)

He was charged with “grand larceny, two counts of criminal mischief, possession of stolen property, making graffiti and possession of graffiti instruments”. He was also charged with a graffiti violation for an incident in June.

Given his one many vandalism spree after his violent assault on multiple people, he again spend a few hours in jail before being released without bail.

We all are praying and hoping that he learned his lesson this time.

NYC man released without bail for McDonald’s ax attack arrested again and released without bail

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By awa

4 thoughts on “Catch and Release, NYC”
  1. “Praying he learned his lesson”……
    Ya, ok… when are We the People gonna learn???? Catch and release is nothing new in liberal run areas. Look at Illinois and the new “laws” going into effect- I haven’t seen any more information on that. When is America going to wake up and challenge liberals????

    1. The book of Face is flagging posts on the IL law which proves the posts are accurate. The majority of state DA’s oppose it and a good number of lawsuits are pending. Fat@ss gov. came out and said that the people are too stupid to understand how good the law is.

  2. How long before he actually kills someone? Will he get $5,000 bail or be released OR? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. I’d say release him into the judges custody, make those robed retreads responsible, but then they’d just swing so hard tthe other direction no one would get bail.

    I wonder if someone harmed by the critter who was released could have standing to sue the judge or justice department there

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