“Are you a member of the Liberal elite in the top 5% who has a job that has the luxury and privilege of not tying you to a specific location? Do you love what your policies have done to California where you are insulted by your wealth from the damage you have done to the middle and working classes? Why not carpetbag in Florida and turn the Sunshine State into East Golden State? The Democrat machine could use you.”

If I were in Florida right now, I’d start building large wooden F’s to start burning on transplants’ lawns.

South Florida is already getting to be prohibitively expensive for the middle class. Add California income and property tax and it will be unlivable.

North Venezuela.

He has his pension, why should he care

Scot Peterson, Parkland deputy who didn’t enter school during shooting, doesn’t show for investigative panel

Scot Peterson, the disgraced Broward County sheriff’s deputy who did not confront Nikolas Cruz as he opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in February, declined on Thursday to testify before a public safety commission investigating the massacre.

Peterson, 55, would’ve been asked why he didn’t enter the Parkland, Florida school building where 17 people were killed in one of the largest mass shootings in modern U.S. history.

The commission, which is meeting this week to dissect the Feb. 14 shooting, criticized Peterson on Wednesday, as they believe he could’ve prevented at least six deaths if he entered the building immediately. Instead, Peterson took cover from Cruz’s gunfire and never went inside.

He retired, he got his pension, he’s protected from any serious charges by Supreme Court rulings and qualified immunity.

So what that he’s disgraced.  Disgrace and $104,400 per pear in tax payer money is still a decent retirement.

He only let six kids die out of sheer piss-running-down-his-leg cowardice.  It’s not like he did something awful like FL AG Pam Bondi and supported Trump.  He’s never going to be chased out of a restaurant or have people curse at him in public.

“He was a cop in name only,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said. “If he had been a real cop, he would have run in there with that gun.”

Yeah but Polk County is in central Florida, west of Kissimmee.  It doesn’t touch a coast.  It went 55% for DeSantis.  Just how much of a shit do you think Broward County or Sheriff “Amazing Leadership” Israel gives about the Polk County Sheriff’s opinion.

He doesn’t feel all that remorseful about it, like he’s a coach that lost a little league game not let kids die.

In the minds of the public, Peterson said, you are either a “hero or a coward, and that’s it.

“I’ve cut that day up a thousand ways with a million different what-if scenarios, but the bottom line is I was there to protect, and I lost 17,” he added.

So what is this investigation all about?  What are they going to do to him?  Why should be bother to show up?

Personally I believe that for the rest of his life, whenever he order food, it should come with a piece of human shit right on top.

When he dies, people should come to the funeral to piss on his casket until his grave is an open air sewer.

But since that is never going to happen, he’s going to live a nice quiet life, 40 or more years of comfortable retirement on the dime of the taxpayers whose kids he failed to protect.

And you wonder why I hate bureaucracies so God damn much.



Electoral shenanigans in Broward? Perish the thought!

I don’t have to go through all the BS of delays and excuses Broward County elections has issued these last days. But do you want confirmation they were screwing around? Remember, these people could not turn in a 2-3 day machine recount by the deadline yesterday. Today they had the manual recount for the Senate race and this was just published by the Miami Herald:


This is the tweet from their reporter on site.

They recounted the votes for Senate manually overnight but took them days to do a machine count.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Victimhood is a hell of a drug

Once again we turn out attention to Congresswomen-Elect She Guevera Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


Because she’s a victim, that’s why.

Remember just a couple of weeks ago, she went tot Twitter to complain how she didn’t have enough money to rent a place to live in DC before she got her Congressional salary and that was totally not fair?

Outside her socialist millennial bubble, there was a lot of backlash against that complaint.

First, a lot of people pointed out that if she was planning to get elected to Congress, serve the people of her district, and work on important things like the national budget, she came off as totally immature and incompetent that she didn’t have to foresight or personal financial responsibility to plan for things like housing in DC, a House dress code, etc.

Then the news came out that she has between $15,000 and $50,000 in her savings, more than enough for three months rent in DC before her salary kicks in.  That’s a hefty sum for a bartender in New York City who ran on a platform of being a broke millennial who wore through her tennis shoes campaigning and couldn’t afford new ones.  It’s also 15 to 50 times as much as 67% of people her age.

It really seems that she is the archetypal socialist leader, her money is hers, your money is also hers.

Lastly, people realized that here is a 29 year old economic illiterate, former bartender with an economics degree from Boston University, who is  bitching about her financial woes when she is less than 90 days away from a guaranteed two year salary of $174,000, plus the most generous healthcare and retirement benefits offered by anybody.  Not to mention all the obscene pocket lining that goes on in Congress.

Pobrecita, life is so hard waiting to be accepted into the top 8% of the income earners.

That hit of victimhood wasn’t enough and didn’t last long enough, so she had to go for another.

Realizing that money problems was a bad thing to try and get sympathy for, she went to an old standby, sexism.

File this away in the category of “shit that didn’t happen.”

Until SNL mocked Dan Crenshaw, she was the only non-incumbent House candidate to be interviewed on national TV.  She was on The View, Jimmy Kimmel, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show, not to mention all the news channel specials on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc.

She is, after Nancy Pelosi, the most recognizable member of Congress or Congress-elect for the last campaign cycle.

Someone I knew got elected to Congress.  I also volunteered for the science committee that reported to Congressman Randy Hultgren when I lived in his district.  It was associated with Fermi National Laboratory.  So I have been to a Congressional swearing in and functions.

The Capitol police, guards, and many of the service employees get training and updates on members of Congress.  They even get a book of pictures of the new members so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen.  Furthermore, Congresswoman-elect Ocasio-Cortez should be wearing her Member of the House of Representatives Lapel Pin, for security reasons.

So we have three layers of security against why this didn’t happen: six months of fawning TV coverage, prep work by Congressional police and staff, her adherence to security protocol.

But it’s just too good a hit of victimhood to pass up.

I guarantee this will be her modus operandi  for the next two years.  She will be collecting a salary more than five times the average person her age, and dare I say undeservedly so because she’s doing it as a socialist sucking off the government tit, learning the fine art of grifting and political pocket lining that would get anybody who isn’t a member of Congress fired or sent to prison, all while still presenting herself to be a burdened victim of capitalism and every other -ism in the pantheon of intersectionality.

This Congress is going to suck.

It seems we survived another major threat

The recount confirmed DeSantis won the election. In fact Gillum only increased his count by one single solitary vote and still refuses to concede. Although I expect more frivolous lawsuits from the Democrats, I see little chance of progress because simply the people are tired of the Democrats whining and Brenda Snipes screwing up multiple times in a row including missing the deadline to turn in the recount results, this time by two minutes.