When the Dumb is out there to see.

This is from a letter to the NYT & Taco Stand’s editor:

Given that the horrific attacks in Christchurch were motivated at least in part by white nationalist message boards, the United States must proceed cautiously on how literally “free speech” should be understood online. Unmoderated internet echo chambers are a danger that the founding fathers never envisioned when they wrote the First Amendment.

Dear Moron: The Founding fathers went to war with the greatest army in the world at the time and by using what you would call Hate Speech/Free Speech. Revolutionary talk was the ultimate Hate Speech for the Crown and the user could find himself at the end of a rope for that.
How about a cartoon showing somebody about to be tarred and feather and then lynched? Hateful enough for you?


Some days you just want to tell everybody to go …..that.

Coming together means eradicating enumerated rights

This was a short rant delivered by CNN host Brooke Baldwin on the air.

It’s a sad state of affairs when a Constitutionally protected, enumerated right, becomes a “partisan corner.”

That the first reaction by half of our goverment is to “do something” and that “something” is restrict the rights of 320 Million people who committed no crimes is an appeal to collective punishment.

Yes, there were 40,000 gun deaths, but that still is only a rate of 12 per 10,000 which is less than half of what it has historically been.

The “victory” that the Sandy Hook parents have is to sue a company that made a legal product which it sold through a very highly regulated market.  The company is no longer owned by the same people who owed it when the gun was built, staffed by the same people, located in the same factory, or even uses the same marketing group.  So the people who will pay for this lawsuit have nothing to do with the original gun sale, not to mention that the shooter killed the legal buyer and stole the gun.

This is again the Left punishing the people who did nothing wrong.

New Zealand has no gun rights, and by the fact that it is now punishing people who have copies of the shooter’s live stream with arrest and jail time, shows that New Zealanders have no rights to speak of.

Our founding fathers created a goverment that made it hard to “do something” just so we couldn’t turn into New Zealand.

But Brooke Baldwin doesn’t want to live in the United States, she wants to live in New Zealand, where we have not rights but privileges, and they can be revoked at the drop of a hat.

Sorry, no.  That’s not how America works.

As for New Zealand, I want to watch that country closely in the coming weeks.

New Zealand doesn’t have gun registration.  That makes me wonder how many guns New Zealanders will turn in.  Yes, every New Zealander has to have a gun permit, but there is no limit to Category A guns on the permit and no registration.  Conceivably, a permit holder can turn in one gun and hide 10 more.

After the Australian buyback, I’d be curious how many New Zealanders would be willing to comply and just how jackbooted the New Zealand government will become in response.

Florda Legislature Committees and Subs: I have not forgotten

In fact, I am taking a coffee break from trying to get it done.

This is what the screen has been looking like for the past several hours:

Click to enlarge

I emailed the House and Senate for the emails and they both promptly answered, but the Senate got caught in the spam trap and took me 2 days to figure it out. The it was not a list in Excel like the house, but a pamphlet with the bios and info for all members. At least it was in PDF and searchable.  By the way, neither offer a list of members by Committees. Annoying as hell.

I started the document in Word because I am not a fan of Excel, but eventually had to surrender to the fact my way was slower and cumbersome, so I had to crawl, kiss the wife’s feet and beg for help which she supplied.

I swear I am going to try to finish this today. I have 7 and a half House Committees and Subs to finish.



Georgia Democrats don’t understand words

If you don’t live in Georgia, you might not know that the Georgia House has advanced a bill that would end abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is right at about six weeks.

This is much earlier than the 20 weeks most states use which comes from federal law.

The issue being debated in Georgia is that of personhood, i.e., exactly when does an unborn child stop being an extension of the mother and become its own sovereign entity with rights.  Georgia Republicans want that to be when a heartbeat is heard, the 20 week standard is based on when a fetus can react to stimuli and shows evidence of a pain response, 24 weeks is considered the minimum age for viability for a premature birth, so there are discernible cutoff points.

Wherever you fall on abortion, this is not an unreasonable debate to be had.

But this post isn’t about that, it is to set the stage for what is next.

A Georgia state Representative and nut job Dar’shun Kendrick has submitted her own bill as a counter to the abortion bill.

Pretty much her attitude can be summarized as if you want to regulate a woman’s body, we’ll regulate a man’s body.

Kendrick’s package of bills would require men to obtain permission from their partners to get a prescription for erectile dysfunction medicine, ban vasectomies and punish doctors who perform them, require men to pay child support beginning six weeks after a woman becomes pregnant, and make sex without a condom an aggravated assault crime.

Another bill would create a 24-hour waiting period for men who want to buy pornography or sex toys.

For the most part, this is a joke bill that will never gain traction.  So why am I bringing it up?

The name of her bill is the “Testicular ‘Bill of Rights.'”


This shows more insight into the mind of a Progressive than anything else.  Her “Bill of Rights” is an enumeration of restrictions.  She sees the phrase “Bill of Rights” as a list of impositions by government onto people.

This flips the very idea of a Bill of Rights upside down, and makes clear exactly how Progressives see the Bill of Rights, and is an insult to the very principles on which this country was founded.

I don’t care how tongue-in-cheek this was supposed to be, the words “Bill of Rights” should never be used to justify removal of freedoms.

To use some of the language of social justice “bitch, get the words ‘Bill of Rights’ out of your stupid mouth.”

Backyard Critters: Coots leaving.

I had not seen the much this year. According to mom, they have been favoring the NW side of the lake all winter which makes sense because it gives protection from the northerly winds we had.

But being this late in March, my guess is they are preparing to go North soon and that is an indicative the cold weather should be leaving also in the upper 48. That or they got sick of the Spring Brear crap going on down here.

The Gun Maker Blood Libel

If you want to see a perfect example of the gun maker blood libel, look no further than this rant from Democrat Presidential Candidate and Senator, Kristen Gillibrand.

This is the blood libel.

That gun makers sell guns to criminals and crazies because they are evil people who just want to make money no matter how many innocents get hurt.

I know people at several gun companies.  I have met their wives and children.  We have gone to each others’ barques and kids birthday parties.

They are all good people who are passionate about gun rights.

They are real people with real lives.

To Kristen Gillibrand, they are monsters who couldn’t care less about how many children die just to make a buck.

Once upon a time (and still to day in parts of the Middle East) Jews were accused of murdering children to make matzoh.  That blood libel lead to pogroms and violence against the Jews.

Today, Leftist say gun makers murder children to make profit.  It’s the same dehumanizing blood libel, and it will be used to destroy the industry (and perhaps worse).