Law Enforcement needs to be made liable for things like this

Huntsville family facing eviction after FBI raid

A Huntsville family has less than 20 days to find a new home after their home was raided.

Travolta Garritt said his family was awakened to loud door knocks at midnight on January 24. Exclusive Ring camera footage showed officers moving in and banging down the door at Westlake Apartments, breaking the porch light, and then destroying the doorbell camera immediately ending the recording.

According to the family, a search warrant was received two hours into the raid stating police had probable cause to search the home. Officers with the Huntsville Police Department were there assisting the FBI Taskforce in locating 55-year-old Lawrence Jones. Jones was arrested in connection to four Regions Bank robberies in Madison and Huntsville.

Jones’ ex-girlfriend lives in the home but the family said they are not together and had no knowledge of the robberies. Jones was not inside during the time of the home.

Family members said they were handed a 30-day eviction notice the day after the raid, claiming Jones was arrested at the residence.

“We got less than 20 days to find somewhere to stay for something we didn’t do,” said Sarika Eason, who lives inside the home.

WAFF 48 spoke to attorney Russell Crumbley who is not involved in the case. He said officers need to have thorough evidence before entering a home.

“They have to be particular about this place to be searched. They can’t just say they believe there’s going to be illegal stuff,” said Crumbley.

So the police destroyed a woman’s rental home during a raid, based on a search warrant obtained with shitty FBI information, and lied about the suspect being at the residence, causing this woman to be evicted.

When you’re evicted for breaking the terms of a lease with criminal activity, it’s almost impossible to get a new lease.  That comes up in a background check.

So the police fucked this woman over hard.

The police should be held liable for shit like this.

If the police conduct a raid, unless they arrest the suspect that location and obtain a conviction, any property damage done during a raid needs to be fixed by the police and any material harm done to the tenant or property owner needs to be made right.

Watch the overuse of raids fall off a cliff if that happens.

Feeling Safe…

B.L.U.F. Train of thought comes off the rails in regards to “don’t call people names”

Having read “But HE said it first!” I had a long hard think on it. I do not like the way Hagar said some of the things she said but I do understand where she is coming from.

For years I was told to take the high road. If they go low, we side step and take the high road. Over the years this came to mean getting kicked in the balls over and over again. Playing by the rules when they were cheating just didn’t work.

One time I treated a useful idiot who wanted “common sense gun control” after Sandy Hook exactly as she treated me. I said she wanted to kill children because she would let teachers carry in schools. I was told to back off. That I made her feel bad. That everybody knew she didn’t want to kill children. She had devoted her life to children.

This is the problem. We aren’t allowed to strike back.

Earlier J.Kb. posted Female privilege won her a stupid prize. In the video a young woman is attacking a larger male. She is swatting at him. Hitting at him. It seems pretty obvious that she wanted to lay hands on him.

He attempted desculation. He backed away. He tried using his voice to get her to stop.

She finally connected. He responded, picked her up and tossed her on the ground.

She got up, and started back at him and he just shoved her backwards and moved forward in an ok fighters pose. His fist were clenched.

Then, and only then did the people around step in.

You aren’t allowed to strike back. If you do, you are the bad one.

If you take it day after day, week after week and finally snap and strike back, verbally or physically, you are the evil one. You are the bad one. You should have just sucked it up.

The left learned that no matter what they said, nobody would do to them what they did to us.

Look at January 6th. For a year we had watched the riots around the country. Week after week we saw the left attacking federal buildings, marching in “black blocks”, attacking anybody that stood up to them.

We cheered on those few occasions when the leftist thugs ran into somebody that was willing to fight back. When people fought back they won.

The media painted those that stood up for themselves as extremist. Right wing extremist. The slapped a label on us and started the name calling. It was generic name calling. It worked.

When “Patriot Prayer” had a permitted event out there in leftist land, the cops showed up. They didn’t let anybody into the event space with anything remotely like a weapon. The leftist thugs gathered outside the police lines. Fully armed. When the thugs attacked the police retrieved.

The people at the event were attacked and were unarmed, until they took the weapons from the thugs attacking them.

Over the last 5 years we have all learned to fight back. Most of us do it verbally. We do it in our articles here at GunFreeZone. We do it in our interactions with others.

This is a safe place, for us. When I write something here, I hope people will read and learn. I hope that some times our articles make it out into the wild and it brings in a few more readers.

But this is my safe space.

As a representative of Miguel’s creation, I attempt to keep the name calling to a minimum.

If Hagar doesn’t feel “safe” is that because she isn’t safe? I don’t think so. I think it is because she equates the nasty name calling that happens to her to be extend here.

Bluntly, if somebody was to start calling any of our writers or commenters derogatory names, they would lose the privilege of posting.

If you want to say that my opinion is moronic, go for it. If you want to debate with me, I’ll have that debate.

I’ve taken more than a couple of comments from our readers and responded with full articles. Because they had a point.

Having babbled for to long, I’ll leave you with this:

Try not to call individuals derogatory names. There is enough stupid stuff our enemies do that you can point it out all you want.

Is this a rule? Nope. You get to say what you want within the rule posted. “Don’t be a dick”

Thank you for being with us.

The one where Biden gets re-elected.

The scenario is getting close to reality and unfortunately not because anything the Democrats are doing.

This is pure Senator John McCain. All bluster and attacks to their party members and doing the work of the Democrats.

If Trump thinks he has Florida secured; he does not. And a lot of Floridians like me and J. Kb. moved to other states but have Florida in our thoughts and will have no issues telling our neighbors why we won’t be voting. It may be contagious, who knows?

Trump and his fanatical branchers are behaving like Yankee carpetbaggers telling them dumb Floridians they are better than us.

And that would be the worse decision by a business mogul since the Shark Tank dismissed Ring doorbell camera.


Cartoonist doesn’t understand reality

Feast your eyes on this garbage:


Let’s break this down.

The government clearly violated the Constitutional rights of this gun owning citizen.

He states that he will resist the violation of his rights.

The government kills him in a drone strike.

The entire thesis of this cartoon is “tyrannical might makes right.”

The government can violate your rights and then assassinate you with a drone, so all you should do is acquiesce to their tyranny.

I don’t accept that.

Moreover, the cartoonist just loves the idea of his political enemies being idiots that get slaughtered in drone strikes.

The Left has never come across a problem that the preferred solution isn’t exterminating some particular group of people.

But once again, I am compelled to point out that the tactic of “kill them with a drone strike” that has been used with such effect in the Middle East only worked because the drone pilot’s family, and probably the drone pilots too, were not neighbors to the people being drone struck.

Does the cartoonist really want to celebrate some American gun owner being killed in a drone strike, when the cartoonist’s personal information is probably readily available to the friends and loved ones of the dead gun owner?

They think this will be idiot gun owners homes getting hit with Hellfires and everything going swimmingly afterwards.

That have no idea what war is like when the people doing and cheering on the deaths of Americans send their kids to the same school as the people they want dead.

Things get ugly under those circumstances.

It won’t pass but it’s a good sign for things to come

Senate Republicans push for concealed carry reciprocity in new Second Amendment bill

Republican Sens. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn., today will introduce new Second Amendment reforms that would allow state-issued concealed carry permits to be recognized in other states that allow concealed carry.

The bill, the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, is backed by more than 40 of their Senate colleagues, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Senate Minority Whip John Thune, R-S.D.

“I’m proud to support law-abiding gun owners across America with this commonsense legislation that would let them concealed carry in all states that allow it,” said Cornyn, who sits on the Senate judiciary, finance and intelligence committees.

The measure treats state-issued concealed carry permits like drivers’ licenses, as people can use their home-state license to drive in another state but must abide by that other state’s speed limit or road laws.

This is the the way it should be, and now that Bruen has made all of America shall issue, there is no reason not to have 50 state CCW reciprocity.

But Biden won’t sign it and the Republicans don’t have a veto proof majority.

But maybe if the Republicans win the presidentcy in 2024, there is hope for this to be passed into law.

Especially under President DeSantis if Florida goes Constitutional Carry.

More of that privilege I was talking about


If you go into the comments, you will see a number of people claiming that the boy deserved this because he said the n-word, which was not caught on video, or that he must have deserved it because why else would he be hit like that.

Obviously when a white make gets beat over the head with a dustpan, he deserved it.  That’s the zeitgeist.

I’ve said this before, there is a trend of white people, especially white boys, being baited into becoming the recipients of violence.

And this boy was unfortunately smart enough not to fight back so that the viral video was a white boy beating a black girl.

But that doesn’t change the fact that he was hit in the head with a weapon three times.

This is winning in San Francisco

SF is about to start issuing a lot more concealed carry permits; here’s what that means

As Democratic lawmakers call for stricter gun control in light of the mass shootings in California, one gun law in San Francisco is now loosening.

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Department has just approved its first concealed carry weapons permit since a Supreme Court ruling last year eased the eligibility requirements around who can carry a firearm in public.

A concealed carry weapons permit, or a CCW, allows ordinary citizens to legally carry a gun in public. For years, San Francisco law made it nearly impossible to get one. San Francisco Sheriff Paul Miyamoto said that prior to the ruling, only someone considered to be a target, like a judge or a diamond jeweler, could have been eligible for a license.

“Like a judge.”

Let that sink in.

You cam protect yourself in the festering shithole of San Francisco, but a judge can.  Because judges are special and well connected, and you are not.

The significant change from the Bruen decision was that they took out the ‘good cause’ requirement for someone who is applying for a CCW license,” Miyamoto told ABC7 News. “Which basically means as long as you clear our vetting process, our background procedures, and as long as you take a safety course and demonstrate you’re responsible, you’re given an opportunity to have a license.”

Miyamoto said so far the city is processing 72 applications, and they expect to get nearly 100 to 200 more over the next year. “Which is very different from the four we processed in the past 10 or so years,” he said.

I bet he’s going to get 100 or 200 more in the next month if not the next week.

Remember when Asians were lined up around the block to buy pepper spray after multiple public attacks on Asian women and Asian business owners?

People are going to swamp the SFSD with applications.

The Bruen decision was these best SCOTUS decision since Heller and McDonald.

When you can carry a gun in San Francisco, you know you’re winning.

If you are in San Francisco and your pro-gun election last for more than four hours, see this thread here. Read More