AR9 drama continued.

So after taking in all the advice from the faithful readers, I think I am going to go with getting an upper that will work with the Spikes’ Tactical lower and move the barrel and the rest of the stuff from the Kaw Valley upper to this one.

9mm Upper Receiver (spikestactical.com)

I consulted with Spike’s and confirmed that comes with the necessary relief for the lower.ย  Next thing, raise the funds.

Anybody interested in a Kaw Valley Precision stripped upper?

The things I do for the missus.

This seems like BS

From The Daily Mail:

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter Isra Hirsi, 21, says she is now homeless and starving after being suspended from college over anti-Israel protests at Columbia University which saw her zip-tied for seven hours

Isra Hirsi, the daughter of left-wing Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, says she’s has nowhere to live or eat after being suspended for participating in anti-Israel protests at Columbia University.

She and two of her Barnard College classmates – the college is a sister school with Columbia – are among the more than 100 protestors have been arrested, an NYPD spokesperson confirmed to DailyMail.com.

‘I don’t know when I can go home, and I don’t know if I ever will be able to.’

She said the administration at Barnard College has hung her out to dry when it comes to being able to get food.

‘I sent them an email like, “Hey, I rely on campus for my meals, I rely on my dining plan,” and they were like, Oh, you can come pick up a prepackaged bag of food, a full 48 hours after I was suspended,’ she said.

‘There was no food support, no nothing.’

That’s bullshit.

She’s the daughter of a United States Congresswoman who funneled nearly $3 million to her husband’s firm from her reelection campaign.

I doubt she’s starving. If she is, it’s just for show.

I’m not going to show any empathy for the Jew-hating daughter of a Jew-hating Congresswoman who pocketed millions in campaign funds.



It’s still mob violence even if you’re polite

From our university campuses.


This is still mob violence.

Their words are polite.

Their chant sounds like they are making reasonable demands about privacy and how they are the aggrieved victims.

But all of that is camouflage for the fact that what they are doing is mob violence.

They have linked arms and are attempting to use their bodies like a human bulldozer to force other people out of an area they have a lawful right to be in.

They are threatening people with for and are initiating physical contact.

They are the instigators of violence.

This needs to be recognized as such, both in the popular culture and in the law.

These people cannot be allowed to harm others and get away with it because they were polite at the time.

They couldn’t have meant THAT

The fact that legislatures did not regulate firearms in exactly the same way as they later did at those parks doesn’t mean that they believed that they couldnโ€™t do so constitutionally. And the fact that starting with the opening of Central Park, the prototypical recreational park in 1859, I believe by 1861 Central Park then enacted a set of rules that lasted I believe until today, though I could be wrong about that, but certainly for a long time. And every park that followed, including here in Philadelphia at Fairmount Park, in Pittsburgh and everywhere else, including the national parks, all then enacted the same restriction on carrying firearms.

I think for plaintiffs to be right, you would have to think that that is not a historical tradition that Bruen would have recognized. And I think that is impossible to square with what Bruen told us about the need to identify historical precursors and to assess whether or not our forefathers would have thought those precursors were permissible under the Second Amendment.
No. 126. Ronald Koons v. Attorney General New Jersey, No. 23-1900, slip op. at 12โ€“13 (3d Cir.)

Translation, since Bruen said that the government must demonstrate that the regulation is consistent with this Nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulationsNew York State Rifle & Pistol Assn., Inc. V. Bruen, 142 S.Ct. 2111 (U.S. 2022) that there must be some regulations from that time that would be acceptable under Bruen

This argument has been made many times. “If Bruen means what Bruen says, there are no modern infringements that would stand. Since the Supreme Court presumed that some infringements are constitutional, or that they were not addressing questions regarding those other infringements, then Bruen can’t mean what it says.”

“No true scotsman…”

I won that competition.

Some truth from Divemedic.

Joe Bidenโ€™s economy is claiming more victims. I have been saying that restaurants donโ€™t just compete against each other, they compete against home kitchens. When it becomes too expensive to dine out, people begin cooking more at home. That is what it looks like is happening.

Warning Signs โ€“ Area Ocho

Even before I got into the whole getting healthier thing, I had pretty much given up on eating from the Food Franchises.ย  Maybe if I was in a hurry or out on the street busy, I dropped by a BK and get a meal. But after I decided to lose weight, we pretty much quit eating out, the only exception is a steak (for me) and shrimp (for the missus) meal when we need to just have a day out there.

Getting into BBQ/Smoking has saved us a lot of money. And I don’t even bother to grill burgers anymore because a slice of smoked meatloaf used as a patty beats the living daylights of any old burger. I do a smashing pulled pork that comes about $3.50 a pound and I haven’t even bothered calculating the price of ribs other than what they cost when bought.

And salads at restaurants? I usually do Caesar salad, but they charge up to $9 for 6 inch soup bowl while I can get a bag of ready Iceberg salad at Walmart for $3.14 and I can make at least 4 big 3-4 quart bowls out of it. The bottle of light Caesar dressing for $2.94 will usually last me for 2 bags salad or more.

Right now, there is half a pork loin (10 Lbs.) in the oven being roasted that we got at $2.10 a pound and we will probably get 6 to 8 meals out of it.ย  I also have several pounds Chili made which would be my most expensive protein, but I don’t have the costs a top of my hear. But you can bet it will be still cheaper than some mass-produced stuff out there.

Basically, other than having a date day with the missus, we have no reason to go to a fast-food joint.

PS: Pork loin done. Fat side up. My touch is to inject it with butter seasoned with salt and garlic. The outside gets whatever inspires me that day and bind with the excess butter coming out of the injections.
20 minutes on broil (10 per side) and then about an hour 15 at 325 or internal temperature of no more than 160. Then let it sit for 30 mins.

Slice thin for sandwiches.