A thousand years behind bars on wheels

I got my guns and ammo loaded into my trailer to head out.

Between AR-15s, high capacity magazines, suppressors, and switch blades, if I get busted on I-95 by the NYPD my math puts me at over 900 years of combined misdemeanor and felony time.

My plan is to stop in Pennsylvania where everything I have is legal and I’m covered by my CCW permits.

Gas up and then hit the interstate and not stop until I hit New Hampshire.

I’m going to have to pass through New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

I’m relying on the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 “The Peaceable Journey Law.”  But we all know how little the NYPD gives a fuck about that.

Pray for me and be prepared to chip in for my legal defense fund.

Hot take on home defense shotguns

I’m packing up guns and I thought I’d share a picture of my primary home defense shotgun.


It’s a Mossberg 500 youth in .410 gauge.

I had a gunsmith cut the barrel to 19 inches and crown it.

I added an adult size stock.

The shell holder on the stock is for rifle rounds and holds 10 spare shells.  Six are 3 in 000 buck and four are Brenneke 2.5 in slugs.

The gun holds five total 3 in or six 2.5 in shells.

The 000 buck is five pellets at 1,200 fps so just over half the payload of a 12 gauge.

The slugs are 110 grains as 1,500 fps, so similar to a light bullet 357 magnum or 9mm +p+ load (580 ft-lbs).

True, it doesn’t have the knockdown of a 12 gauge but it also has half the recoil of a 12 gauge.

That is appealing for two reasons:

One, my wife can use it.  In a pinch I can give her the 410 and break out with another gun for myself.  My wife isn’t much of a shooter but she knows how to use a pump action shotgun.

Two, at dark o’clock in the morning, I don’t want to deal the recoil of a 12.

It’s plenty of knockdown for what I need and half the recoil.




Bruen win: Delaware Version

Delaware has some of the strictest gun laws. They are up there with NJ and Maryland, seeing as they are right there.

The short version:

Judge Maryellen Noreika, a federal judge, issued an injunction barring its “ghost gun” ban. She left some parts in place.

The Attorney General had attempted to have the case dismissed, which would have left the ban in place. Instead of dismissing the judge did a little research and then issued the injunction.

While declining to issue a permanent injunction, Noreika said that the plaintiffs are likely to succeed in their arguments that a ban on possessing homemade guns violates the Second Amendment, and that the prohibition on manufacturing untraceable firearms is also likely unconstitutional.

This is a big win for us. This is a lower level Federal Judge applying the Bruen opinion the correct way.

An injunction is issued only if the law would unduly burden a person’s rights AND if the person would likely win in court. If the law was not causing undue burden no injunction. The case can then go to trial where it might win.

This is important because it explains why only part of the law was injoined.

The ban does not allow people to sell “ghost guns”. The judge left this in place. She stated that since there are many other sources for those parts and guns with serial numbers. Thus it is not an undue burden.

She also allowed the ban on blocking 3D printer files that are ready to print firearms. This really doesn’t make any sense as anybody that works with 3D printing knows it never is “click and print” There is much more that goes into it. She did make it clear that instructions on 3D printing guns is allowed and it seems that non functional print files (STL files) can be transferred. So it could be that you could send the STL files and then send a patch file. This would technically (IANAL) be acceptable.

When this case gets to court it should be another win for us. These cases are tearing down so many of the gun right infringer’s gun control building blocks. It is good to see.

It is also good to see it happening so rapidly. It seems that as soon as the cases are hitting the courts they are getting positive reviews.

All of which is good for us.
Judge bars enforcement of Delaware ‘ghost gun’ restrictions

When you are a Politically-Protected Species, you can get away with Crimes Against Children.

Anybody else, would have gotten arrested and at a minimum go straight to the Child Molesters Files. If found guilty and sent to prison, a thoroughly beating and rape with assorted instruments would have been in the menu.

But in the year 2022 of the Era of Woke, we are now bringing the children to the molesters and “PROUDly making a public celebration out of it.

Some people need their guns taken away (warning)

You guys know I’m an unapologetic supporter of gun rights.

Some people are too fucking stupid to own them.

This woman in Montana wanted to do a predator hunt and ended up bagging and skinning a Husky.



That was somebody’s pupper that that dumb bitch yeeted.

But it doesn’t end there.

She got her wolf tag after she smoked Balto.



Good, I hope they jam her up hard.

I agree with the person above.  Anyone who can’t tell a wolf from a husky shouldn’t be hunting or have guns.

The number one duty of a law abiding gun owner is to be responsible.

Know your target and what’s behind it.

Knowing your target means knowing of the game animal you think you’re shooting at is actually a neighborhood pet.

Fucking dumb ass.