The Vagina Monologues is now an insensitive show.

Yup, kid you not.

YPSILANTI, MI – Eastern Michigan University’s Women’s Resource Center will no longer host productions of “The Vagina Monologues,” noting that the play’s version of feminism excludes some women.
The WRC announced its decision in an email, which came after the center evaluated responses from a survey. Survey respondents opposing the production consistently indicated they were concerned that the play centers on cisgender women, that the play’s version of feminism excludes some women, including trans women, and that overall, “The Vagina Monologue” lacks diversity and inclusion.

The survey was launched as a result of conversations with current students, as well as feedback from a WRC workshop titled “Not all women have vaginas,” during the 2017-18 academic year.

EMU group ends ‘The Vagina Monologues,’ citing exclusion of some women

This is a great example why Liberal and Left Wing governments become immediate dictatorships and start looping the heads of both enemies and allies: If you give them half a chance, they will eventually declare you Enemy of the Revolution and pack your ass in a dungeon or make you stand in front of a  pockmarked wall while telling you that smoking is not really bad for you after all.

As for me?

Hat Tip Sheldon F.

Portland is lost.

I covered a bit the Portland Commissioners voting down an ordinance to assist local PD in trying very gently to control the rioting Antifa Mob…pardon, the “Counter-protesters” that do bad things because the other side breathes the air in the same zip code. Pretty much the speeches were a full condemnation of Patriot Prayer and a pass to Antifa for all the crap they have done.

And as we all know, when you not only fail to punish the mob but actually applaud its actions, you get more of the same behavior. This happened this last Saturday.

The MSM had major fits because Jim “Malcriado” Acosta got his White House suspended for being an asshole, but nobody gives two turds ate Antifa attacking journalists. This is not an isolated event not happening only to independent journalists. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a regular “on the air” talent from any TV Station in Portland covering up close the “peaceful” Antifa Counter-Demonstrators’ march.

And it is fun to know you can behave not quite lady-like because the city commissioners have your back (pun intended).


Now, if she was doing that attached to a pole, I am sure she could pay rent to mom and dad for her room and board.

Portland, you keep voting for the idiots that openly support this crap? Enjoy it.

More ineptitude in the BSO revealed

The other day I wrote a post about Deputy Scot Peterson’s continued streak of cowardice.  After running and hiding from a mass shooter at MSD High School, he hid from the investigative panel convened to assess what went wrong.

Since then, more information has come out from the panel, and it is all terrible.

From the Miami Herald:

BSO captain in charge of Parkland shooting was ‘ineffective,’ ‘dream-like,’ panel told

The Broward Sheriff’s Office captain who took charge of the scene during the Parkland school shooting was “ineffective” and had a “dream-like” nature to her speech, a commission investigating the Feb. 14 massacre was told Thursday.

Jan Jordan, BSO’s Parkland district commander, “was not engaged” with finding the shooter, according to an interview BSO Lt. Stephen O’Neill gave to investigators for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission.

“[O’Neill] did not think that she was responding to the actual problem at hand,” said commission investigator John Suess, a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office sergeant, as he summarized O’Neill’s interview during a commission meeting. “Another phrase he used was ‘trance-like.’ ”

“There are other [first responders] who described Capt. Jordan as being over her head,” said Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, the commission chairman, presiding at the meeting at the BB&T Center in Sunrise.

Let us remember that Jan Jordan was handpicked by Sheriff Scott Israel.  Evidence keeps mounting that she was a career yes-woman with the job of kissing Sheriff Israel’s ass.

The MSD commission’s Thursday morning session focused on the diverging responses of BSO deputies and the Coral Springs Police Department officers who also responded to Florida’s worst school shooting. Although they arrived later, Coral Springs officers headed straight for the freshman building. They were acting on information provided to them by 911 calls and Peterson, as well as Coral Springs officer Tim Burton, who was first on the scene for the department. The Coral Springs officers entered the building 11 minutes after the shooting started.

“Shots fired,” Peterson told one Coral Springs officer. “The shooter is on the second or third floor.”

(In fact, Cruz was already gone.)

Meanwhile, some BSO deputies were shown on video putting on bulletproof vests and talking on their radios. Of BSO’s response, state Sen. Lauren Book said, “It doesn’t seem to be tremendously [urgent],” snapping her fingers.

Further hampering the response: Coral Springs and BSO could not patch their separate radio frequencies into one channel, meaning they could not communicate.

“That’s the first thing they should have done,” an unidentified law enforcement officer was recorded as saying during the response, according to the commission’s investigators.

When the Sheriff and his select Captain  are incompetent shit heads, that trickles down to the rest of the department.

Report: Florida Deputies Had Difficulty Remembering Mass-Shooter Training

Some Broward sheriff’s deputies couldn’t remember the last time they attended mass-shooter training. Others couldn’t recall what they’d learned when they did attend, investigators reviewing the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting found.

A report prepared for a fact-finding commission tasked with uncovering systemic problems in the police response found fault with BSO’s preparedness for the Feb. 14 massacre.

So nobody at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office cared about a mass shooting.  Nobody wanted to do their job as a law enforcement officer and adequately prepare to do their job.

This is the culture created by Sheriff Israel.

By comparison, the Coral Springs officers who rushed into the high school consistently praised their training and “had no difficulty in explaining the proper response to an active shooter.”

Coral Springs PD clearly gives a shit about their responsibilities.

Funny how the Chief of Police for Coral Springs wasn’t all over the news after the shooting…

Training was but one of the issues that compromised the performance of the Broward Sheriff’s Office that day, the report found.

Although the sheriff’s office was the lead agency, Coral Springs officers largely took the initiative, taking classroom keys from the BSO school resource officer who stayed outside.

One Parkland deputy explained that he could not keep up with other officers running to the building “due to being older.” Others took cover behind cars or trees and took vital time to put on bulletproof vests, which many chose not to wear as a matter of routine.

So they didn’t pay attention to their training.  They didn’t follow proper procedures at any time.  They just didn’t care.

Brace yourself for a stroke inducing quote:

One deputy told other cops: “We all can’t stand behind this tree, we’re gonna get shot.”

Are you still with me?  Do you feel light headed?

Deputy Peterson wasn’t the only BSO deputy to hide behind a tree.  The entire BSO stood in a line behind whatever cover providing foliage they could find.

Although all BSO deputies had active-shooter training, they couldn’t remember much about it. One deputy claimed to not remember at all, whether it was 10 or even up to 20 years ago, saying “it was a long time ago.” A check of his records found it was only two years ago.


Twenty years, ten years, two years, what difference does it make.  I guess they found the deputy that slept through class.

“I was stunned by that,” Commission Chairman Bob Gualtieri, the Pinellas County sheriff, said Wednesday during a meeting of the panel in Sunrise. “Because we know they do training. It was something that perplexed us over the last several weeks. Why he would say it was 10 years ago and why others have trouble recalling it?”

I’m stunned too.  The answer to the question, however, is: The Sheriff created a culture of “who gives a fuck” with no accountability.

Veda Coleman-Wright, spokeswoman for the Broward Sheriff’s Office, defended the agency’s training Wednesday, telling The South Florida Sun Sentinel: “BSO’s practices and processes align with national best practices.”

Having an entire department hide behind trees and pissing their pants like incontinent Keystone Cops, while letting 17 kids get murdered and allowing the shooter to flee the scene is “national best practices?”

She noted that during the school shooting, the responding deputies were taking their cues from the school resource officer on the scene, who was issuing orders to stay away and shut down roads.

Good practice, let the incompetent bumble-fuck who ignored every policy control the scene.

Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson, the resource officer assigned to the school, last attended an active-killer course in April 2016.

Less than two year from the day of the shooting.  He clearly gave a fuck about his job, his duties, and those kids.

But it’s not just the BSO who is at fault here.

More than 30 people knew about disturbing behavior by Nikolas Cruz, including displaying guns, threatening to murder his mother and killing animals, but never reported it until after he committed the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Two students did report Cruz’s disturbing and threatening behavior but said they were brushed off by the school’s administration, according to testimony Tuesday to the commission. A detailed tip to the FBI also went unheeded, and on Tuesday, the parents of one of the murdered students sued the U.S. government over the FBI’s admitted failure.

In the years before the massacre, Cruz reportedly killed a duck with a tire iron, shot squirrels with a pellet gun, killed frogs and decapitated a bird, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Detective Chris Lyons said in a presentation to the commission, based on statements from students, neighbors and co-workers of Cruz and his mother. Cruz displayed a photo to a student of a decapitated cat.

That’s horrifying.  What is worse is the response of the school.

Interviewed by the commission’s investigators, both Morford and Thompson deny that the students or one of their mothers had reported Cruz’s behavior to them.

But Gualtieri said the students accounts appeared credible, despite their confusion about who they talked to.

“They both corroborate each other,” he said. “It’s our consensus that they went to Morford, they did not go to Thompson. This is the same instance. You have two kids that are seeing this. They go together, and there’s a lot of corroboration for their version of this.”

Lisa Maxwell, executive director of the Broward Principals and Assistants Association, said she doesn’t know what threats might have been reported to school security officials or the school resource officer. But she said Principal Thompson “unequivocally” denies that any member of the school’s administration was given any warning about Cruz that would cause alarm.

Cruz might have said frightening things to students, but Maxwell said his comments didn’t rise above those of other troubled kids.

“Unfortunately, there’s some very scary kids within the community,” she said, “and they’re numerous and it’s the public school system’s job to educate them. They don’t have a choice.”

Stoneman Douglas graduation: ‘Our struggle is part of our story. It doesn’t define us. Let it motivate us.’
“There was no reason to focus on Nik Cruz and zero in like he was capable of this. Had the administration been told specifically that he was threatening to shoot up the school, there would have been a very specific reaction.”

“Kids say crazy things every single day. They threaten to kill other kids. They see things on TV and just blurt it. If you jumped at every utterance made from a kid it would be impossible,” she said.

The Principal and school administration didn’t care, didn’t do their jobs, and lied about the reports about Cruz.

Good thing the Promise Program and other PC policies allowed him to graduate and keep the number of reported problems in the school down.  That he came back and killed 17 kids after he was done really isn’t something that’s going to affect the school’s funding or any administrator’s job.

I keep hammering on the BSO and Broward School Board for a very important reason.  This is the very worst of Progressive big government in action.

Every single person in the BSO and School System was a incompetent bumble-fuck who didn’t give a shit about their responsibility or those kids.  All they did was cover their own asses and protect their jobs.

This is what happens when you have a politically favored bureaucracy at the helm.

This lesson needs to be made crystal clear to as many people as possible.  Otherwise, we will all be under the incompetence of the attitude that ruled the BSO.

Newsweek demonstrates why magazine wasn’t worth the dollar

Nina Burleigh is the national political writer for Newsweek.

She decided to chime in on the Eric Swalwell nuking of American gun owners Freudian moment with two very revealing Tweets of her own.

Clearly she thinks she is making a profound statement about the character of AR-15 owners.

Really, all she did was illustrate just how ignorant she is and how her bubble is impenetrably thick.

Estimates put the total number of AR-15’s sold in the US at 15 Million.  Ms. Burleigh is aware of maybe half-a-dozen mass shootings that involved AR-15’s.  So she admits to not knowing the vast majority of AR-15 owners, but feels completely confident in criticizing them.

She then doubled down.

This is obviously a woman who supports minority rights.  When a group she identifies as a problem is only 3% of the population, why not use the power of goverment to crush them?

No attitude is more Statist than “they are a minority, we will deny them their rights by fiat.”

Ms. Burleigh’s Tweets are part of the reason why Newsweek sold for $1, and the buyer overpaid.

A New York City bubble journalist talks publicly about something she doesn’t understand and then wants to deny people their rights because they are a minority and she doesn’t like them.

Put like that, she sounds pretty fascist to me, but somehow we are the ones on the wrong side of history.


Dear Floridians: You are your own First Responders.

Via Derek Ward and Greg Ellifrizt we get to learn how bad for your health and survival can be to depend on the official First Responders in Florida. Two articles call attention on this: One dealing how communications failure made a mess to the Pulse response in Orlando and the other is the blatant disregard Broward Sheriff Office deputies have for their jobs and training.

This would be where I usually point out that not all First Responders and Planners are this bad, etc. But this is not a political or opinion post but a safety warning and I cannot, in good conscience say this conduct and plans are not endemic throughout the state. We cannot afford the risk of thinking that this department which has a stellar reputation will function 100% impeccably when things go by the wayside and that you should trust them. Disappointment is usually one of the last thoughts before dying.