You will be made to care or you will be killed

If you thought that 2018 was bad, 2019 is shaping up to be so much worse.

Karen Pence is the wife of Vice President Mike Pence, Second Lady of the United States and former First Lady of Indiana.  She is also a school teacher.  She earned a BS and MS in elementary school education with a minor in art, from Butler University in Indianapolis.

Butler is a beautiful liberal arts school.  I’ve been there to watch the ballet school perform The Nutcracker.

Recently, Karen Pence announced that she would go back to teaching art at a school in the suburbs of Washington DC.

Pence will teach elementary art two days a week at Immanuel Christian School in northern Virginia, her office announced. She’ll be known as “Mrs. Pence” to her students, not as the second lady of the United States, per her office.

“I am excited to be back in the classroom and doing what I love to do, which is to teach art to elementary students,” Pence said in a statement.

“I have missed teaching art, and it’s great to return to the school where I taught art for 12 years,” she added

If Pence was not a Republican and a Christian, the Left and the media would probably be ecstatic about the Second Lady of the United States showing that woman can have a career and that it’s something down to earth, and yadda yadda yadda.

However, being a Republican and a Christian, this is how The Washington Post chose to break the news.


Really.  Immanuel Christian School, is just that, a Christian school.  It, like many religious schools, has a morality clause that requires students, faculty, and family to adhere to the doctrine of the religion associated with the school.

If you attend a Orthodox Jewish school or a Madrassa, you don’t send your kid to school with a ham sandwich in his lunchbox.

It must come as a surprise to the Left that mainstream Christianity still considers homosexuality a sin, as well as teaches men are men and women are women, made that way in God’s image.

Forgetting the religious side of things, the idea of letting pre-pubescent children (this is an elementary school by the way) identify as trans and start to transition, is awful for so many other reasons that I’ve covered before.

Since the Left can’t let Christians be Christians – though you’d never seem them lose their minds at a Madrassa saying students and teachers can be gay – Karen Pence and the people at Immanuel Christian School must be tortured.

Karen Pence’s Anti-LGBTQ School To Receive 100 Copies Of LGBTQ Children’s Book

A year ago, Karen Pence did the art for a kids book about what the Vice President does, from the view point of the Pence family pet rabbit.  The book is called Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President.  The profits of the book sales were donated to Tracy’s Kids, an art therapy program at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

I know, Karen Pence is an art teacher who helped write an anodyne children’s book about the job of the VP, and donated the profits to an art program for sick kids.  She really is an inhuman monster.

Unable to leave that kind of thing alone, John Oliver decided to write a parody book.  It is about the Pence family pet rabbit, falling in love with another boy bunny.  A stink bug that looks like the VP tries to stop them, and then the other animals vote him out.

This is how the Huffington Post tells that story.

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo debuted last year as comedian John Oliver’s response to Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President, a book written by Pence’s daughter, Charlotte, and illustrated by Karen Pence that depicts the family’s pet rabbit, Marlon Bundo.

Mike Pence is notoriously hostile to LGBTQ rights, once opining that marriage equality could lead to “societal collapse.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, the queer version of the bunny book has sold much better. Proceeds benefit The Trevor Project, which works specifically to prevent suicide by LGBTQ youth, and AIDS United, which is dedicated to stopping AIDS in the U.S.

But sending a pro-gay book that is critical of the husband of the new art teacher to a Christian school isn’t where this story ends.

See, because our taxes pay for her Secret Service detail, and she teaches part time, privately, at a Christian school that abides by rather mainstream Christian morality, she must be stripped of her security detail, inviting any radical nut-job to attack her.

This is the extent that they are willing to go now.

“Believe what we want you to believe or we will open the door to have our thugs attack you.”

That is a very small step from “Believe what we want you to believe or we will shoot you.”

They are getting worse.

“Organized” Sports.

I know it is a compilation of extreme cases, but there is always somebody ready to heal his/her ego with fists, doesn’t it? In that sense I do miss shooting matches as nobody thinks they can apply violence to get his butt unhurt.

We had a in couple of occasions some strange visitors that did not inspire confidence (public range and all that)  and several club members were told to discretely load their guns and keep an eye on them. At least in one occasion, a group of four individuals came looking like they thought we were easy pickings only to be greeted by a bunch of guys with predatory smiles and guns on their hips. They left rather quickly.


Car burglar caught by armed owner. Police makes arrest.

But I want you to go to 11:06 when the police arrives and watch the armed car owner’s behavior and actions when cops arrive.

Putting the weapon on the ground, raising your hands and not moving do help make the officers feel a bit less strained about you.

This was in Texas and I am not going to discuss the smarts about confronting a burglar at night.

Stealing guns from cars: A preview of upcoming data

I have gone through almost a hundred videos and I think we were making assumptions not quite based on reality. As with anything else related to guns, it is not going to be a gear issue but more about mindset and training. I think the video represents the average of what I have seen and tabulated so far.

And I bet you are gonna get slightly ticked off.

Update: The hits keep coming.

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Brady offers Firearms Tracing?

These two tweets caught my attention:

As far as I know, ATF is the agency in charge on Firearms Tracing, specially in states that do not have firearms registration. California’s registration is at best incomplete to non-existent depending on what law came to be what year and I am sure ATF is not going to open their database unless they feel they need to have a congressional probe up their asses. So I can’t figure out what database they are using unless the state gave them the incomplete crap they have.

This would not be another case of the Brady Campaign making promises somebody else ends up paying for, would it?

Too much honesty for Fort Lauderdale Democrats

Florida official facing calls to resign for saying Muslim Rep. Tlaib might ‘blow up’ U.S. Capitol
The Hallandale Beach city commissioner said that the Muslim lawmaker, a newly elected Democrat from Michigan, is a “danger.”

A city commissioner from Florida is facing calls to resign for writing online that newly elected Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who is Muslim, was “a danger” and might “blow up Capitol Hill.”

Keep in mind, this is the same Congresswoman I just wrote about who did a dinner and pictures with a supporter who is a fanboy of Hamas and Hezbollah, and has called for the mass murder of Jews.

She is also the one that cracked a joke about Jewish genocide with a Post-It in her official Congressional office.

So yeah, maybe “danger” is an accurate word.

The commissioner, Anabelle Lima-Taub, of Hallandale Beach, signed an online petition last week calling for Tlaib’s removal, according to a photo of her Facebook post published by The Sun Sentinel.

“Proudly signed,” she wrote. “A Hamas loving anti-Semite has NO place in government! She is a danger and would not put it past her to become a martyr and blow up Capitol Hill.”

She clearly supports terrorists…

Her colleagues aren’t so proud, though.

Another Hallandale Beach commissioner, Michele Lazarow, said Wednesday that she would sponsor a resolution condemning Lima-Taub’s remarks.

“While individual commissioners have spoken out against Commissioner Lima-Taub’s hateful and bigoted remarks, I believe we need to take action as a city,” Lazarow wrote in a statement sent to reporters. “We must send a message to our community that this behavior won’t be tolerated.”

Hallandale Beach Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana, who sits on the city commission as well, said Lima-Taub’s comments were “evidently racist and the sort of divisive rhetoric we see from President Trump which unfortunately trickles down,” in an email to NBC News, suggesting the commissioner apologize and engage with Muslim communities.

Jewish Democrats can’t question motivations of other clearly anti-Semitic, terrorism supporting Democrats.  Jews are further down on the grievance hierarchy, they have no right to object to a Democrat calling for them to be driven into the sea.

“As a Commissioner she was elected to and claims to represent the residents of Hallandale Beach. That means all residents including our Muslim brothers and sisters,” she wrote. “If she can not fulfill her promise to serve all with utmost respect then she should resign.”

You mean the Muslim brothers and sisters who have been harassing the elderly Jews of Fort Lauderdale.

My family owns a Deli in Hallendale.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Lima-Taub’s online biography says she was born in Israel and was elected to the Hallandale Beach Commission in November 2016, vowing to restore ethics to local government and promote public safety. Her Facebook post has since been removed, and she did not respond to requests for comment.

No wonder she’s pissed.  She has ever right to criticize a Congresswoman who proudly hangs out with Hamas supporters.

Hallendale is the largest Jewish community in Florida.  If a representative can’t call out another Democrat for being about as awful for American Jews as she could be… well, that’s why Fort Lauderdale is the Democrat run hellhole that it is and will never change.

Stealing Firearms from Cars. Time to bring down the numbers. (Update)

Update: Stolen firearm from unlocked vehicle. This is what I mean.

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I had mentioned about it last year. I want to make guns stolen out of vehicles our safety priority this year.

First, I need to define the problem and thanks to the magic of YouTube and inexpensive surveillance systems, I have material to look through and I am doing so.  If anybody can find police stats on car break ins, it would be of great help, I don’t care if it is one little town or a major city because I have the feeling they are pretty much the same thing.

What I have seen so far (small sample yet) has made me change my initial idea of this being just a question of gear alone and more of combination of gear and lack of brains. but I don’t want to jump to a firm conclusion yet.

Any other ideas are welcome. I will be asking the opinion of metal workers and automotive people because there will be a need to either find the proper devices or maybe you will get a chance to create the new strong box for guns in vehicles. We will need to offer a not-so-expensive device that could help frustrate a criminal into stealing your gun.

I’ll come back with this when I have more stats.

PS: Dear God! I may have to use Excel! The Horror!