Weird dream…

Still trying to digest it.

So I am with my wife back down south of the border and I am giving her a tour of my old Catholic School’s original location that has not been in existence since 1973 when we moved to a new location,  As I am telling her stories about those days as a youngster, I realize she has suddenly disappeared. Before I can even worry, a pimpled faced teen shows up with a jalopy of an old Ford sedan whose model I can’t figure, gets out and while handing me a note, tells me to get it.

I get in and open the note but I can’t make what it says. I noticed a black case on the seat and I picked up it to reveal a Glock pistol, model unknown…but somehow I know that it is not a 19 or a 17 and that it came from my wife. Not knowing what to do, I drive out of the high school and after three blocks I end up in a part of town I know is at least 15 miles from where I departed. I park in a high-rise condo tower and get out, somehow knowing that I must get to a certain apartment. I reach the apartment, the door is open and I get in. On a table I find another black box that holds another Glock. The markings say it is a Glock 64 (?) and it is just a tad bigger than a North American Arms .22 revolver and it actually has a magazine that carries 3 rounds of 9 mm. On the floor I notice what it looks like a 5 feet long black square tube but turns out to be a 250 round Glock magazine and I somehow now that it will work in the Glock 64 Deringer.

With these new items, I head downstairs where the original jalopy is now gone and I see  the same pimple faced youngster now dressed as a valet next to a production car that looks like a Le Mans race car (OK, I know where this one comes from, I watched Steve McQueen’s Le Mans not too long ago) I hop in and I realize that the windshield is not really a windshield but a screen as in TV/Monitor and I think “Now that is cool!” I also realize that there is another black box and yes, it is another Glock but this one in .357 SIG. Now I have an unidentified Glock, a Glock 64 that only exists in my disturbed head, a Glock 31 and a very long Glock Magazine.

I start the futuristic car, the screen comes alive with a full image of the outside and a Heads Up display of the car functions and gauges. Super cool! I drive off and I hit a speed bump which makes the screen go stupid and goes from outside view to daytime TV and then infomercials, then cable news, then some game show and keeps flipping like a speed freak was holding the remote.

I stop the car cussing the quality control of the manufacturer and as I am stepping out, I finally wake up.

That will be the last time I’ll have a sausage, bacon and cheddar biscuit before hitting the sack. And I don’t own Glocks.

It looked something like this but in a cobalt blue with gold lines

S.C. Rep. Harold Mitchell: “Don’t believe the hype” (Actually we don’t believe you.)

South Carolina Representative Harold Mitchel penned a letter to the editor saying that people were wrong about his bill:

Recently, I introduced H.4801 to correct one portion of state law that is being abused. The goal of my bill is to return to a more traditional standard concerning lethal force in self-defense.

Much of what has been said about my bill in recent news articles, media headlines and conservative radio talk shows has been false and misleading. Headlines using language like “Bill Would Repeal ‘Stand Your Ground’ ” and referring to “SC Gun Law” have misled voters and elected officials.

via Sunday’s letters: Don’t believe the hype | GoUpstate.com.

So I go to the bill he introduced and what do I find?

(C)    A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in another place where he has a right to be, including, but not limited to, his place of business, has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his ground and meet force with force, including deadly force, if he reasonably believes it is necessary to prevent death or great bodily injury to himself or another person or to prevent the commission of a violent crime as defined in Section 16-1-60.

In case you never seen this particular way of writing, in a proposed bill, any section that is “strikethrough” means it is to be removed from the law if approved. Underlined means to be added to existing law.

So, Rep. Mitchell’s bill actually kills Stand Your Ground but in his “twirly” little mind he swears it does not.  How does people like him live with their head held high? Oh yes.. no shame.


This is what Gun Control looks like in real life.

Twenty-year-old Yakiri was incarcerated in December for killing Miguel Angel Hernandez Anaya, who she says – along with his brother Luis Omar – kidnapped her, took her to a hotel, then stabbed and raped her. In a moment of struggle, Yakiri turned the knife on Hernandez Anaya, cutting his throat. He died later that same day. When Rubio went to the police to report the rape, she was charged with murder and held without bail. Those charges were reduced this week.

via Mexican woman jailed for murder after killing her alleged rapist in self-defense.

“But Miguel, damn it! She did not use a gun! Why do you call it Gun Control?”

Because if you have not figured out by now that Gun Controls is not about guns but about control, you need to wake the hell up and in a hurry. To have compliant subjects, they need them at the mercy of two elements: The State and the Criminals.

If a Government cannot control the possession of firearms, it makes its use, even something as basic as using them for self-defense, a crime.  The result is that you will be so concerned with the aftermath of an attack that you rather take your chances with the criminal than the State. And when you demand that the State step up and do what they are supposed to do which is to ensure your safety, they will respond in the affirmative in exchange for a bit more of you dwindling freedoms.

Ms. Yakiri will in all probability be set free, but the lesson has already been taught and absorbed by the rest of the population: We Are The Government and We Have The Monopoly On Defense and Violence. You shut up and hope the rapist uses a condom or is disease-free and lets you live.

The tool is not the important part, it is the self-reliance mindset that needs to be brought under control.  And that is why the Second Amendment is so thoroughly hated.

So what happens when Elite Warriors are sent back in time?

Alexander’s Bridge is a movie project by Panteao Productions in which a team of Army Delta Force Operators travel back in time and find themselves in the middle of the Civil War.

I am a sucker for Time Travel (big Quantum Leap fan) and one of the most understated movies of all times in my opinion was The Final Countdown where the USS Nimtz finds itself around Pearl Harbor just before the Japanese attack.

Panteao Production is doing the Indiegogo fund collection thing.  The name must be familiar to gun owners as they have one of the longest and coolest line of firearms training videos anywhere featuring the best of instructors in our field.

If you can help with the movie, do so.  Act of Valor was budgeted at $12 million, criticized and poopoed by the “experts and ended up grossing over $70 million. Hurt Locker, Oscar winner and delight of the critics only grossed $17 million.  Good war movies made by good people make money and do not insult warriors or ourselves.

And enjoy this clip from The Final Countdown:

Sad Shannon is Sad. Bad Bullies were Mean.

Moms Shannon bullied Sad


“I think the behavior of some of the committee members was a little over the top,” said Rep. Terri Austin, D-Anderson. “They were disrespectful to those expressing concerns. Bullying doesn’t just occur in schools.”

So what was that deplorable behavior that some mean committee members engaged in? Were they making fun of her looks? Her clothing? Called her bad names? pushed her around? Shoved her in a locker?

Nope here is what happened according to the JournalGazzette.com:

It got especially heated when Zionsville mother Shannon Watts, of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, testified.

For every statistic she used, Lucas countered from a book he carried. For every statement she made on mass shootings, another lawmaker would refute.

Lucas even pointed out her maiden name and read a list of her previous jobs to note her expertise in media and marketing.

So Shannon Watts get challenged on GMO “facts”, refuted and asked about her past employment and she complains she was bullied.  Somehow she is so saintly, so “morally” above the rest of the peasants and even legislators that she is not to be bothered with such minutiae as the truth?

Truth & Full Disclosure: The New Bully Technique.

Or as someone said: Like turning the lights on and see the cockroaches run and hide.

Hat Tip to @ReviveLiberty

Because it is not bad when they do it.

Asked if he could outspend the National Rifle Association and other opponents of gun control measures, Bloomberg casually replied, “Oh sure.” But then added, “I’m not the only funder of this.”
While he has been critical of Congress for being unduly influenced by political contributions from the tobacco industry and other special interests, Bloomberg, whose net worth is an estimated $33 billion, according to Forbes magazine, dodged a question about whether he should be considered a “special interest group.” He says it’s his right under the Constitution to support the candidates and issues he chooses.
“We have the Second Amendment which gives you the right to bear arms. You also have the First Amendment which gives you the right to say what you wanna say,” Bloomberg said. “I think shame on me if I didn’t use the money I was lucky enough to make to make the world a better place.”

via Katie Couric and Michael Bloomberg – Yahoo News.

It is lovely to see them fighting the windmills they built themselves. Even though the Media will nod their heads and go along with the hypocrisy, I believe that most people won’t. It may not be a decisive factor as in “That’s it! I am not going to support what he is peddling” but it will register in their minds and it will be a factor in the future.

You close the casket one nail at the time.