Gabriel Mobley, ThinkProgress and Stand Your ground.

I covered the case of Gabriel Mobley before. Thanks to our friends in VPC, I found an article in ThinkProgress dealing with this situation. Taking a big grain of salt for accuracy, I was amazed to see the reason the original Judge denied SYG to Mr. Mobley:

VPC mobley

The trial judge found that he was not, in part because he had returned to his car to get a gun, and fired without issuing any warning that he had a gun or attempting to mitigate the situation first

via After Bar Brawl Escalates Into A Deadly Shooting, Court Lets Shooter Off Thanks To Stand Your Ground | ThinkProgress.

Again, I only have the word of this article, but if it is true, the judge said that Mr. Mobley had to commit the  misdemeanor of a firearm “intentionally displayed in an angry or threatening manner, not in necessary self-defense” at best or Assault with a Deadly Weapon at worst so he could be in the right?

As for the “returned to his car,” I don’t see how that is even an issue when the first incident was already over. Mr. Mobley exercised caution that paid off when the offenders returned and created a new  and definitely incident.  It would be like firemen do when they put out a fire: just because there are no flames present, it does not mean it cannot go up again and keep dosing the area with water and stay attentive. The initial call is over, but you don’t relax because there are no obvious sign of a conflagration.

Again and considering the source, I don’t see appeal’s court reversed. And again I expect Andrew Branca commenting and correcting/clarifying what I posted 🙂


Bigoted enlightenment or Enlighted Bigot

If you are from South Florida and have picked up a copy of the Miami Herald more than once, you are familiar with the “artistic” work of Jim Morin and can safely assume that he has a seething hate for the NRA.  He never fails to portray NRA members and Gun Owners as white guys with cowboy rigs…which sort of shows Mr. Morin has never been to a gun range in the Palm Beach/Broward/Miami-Dade area and seen the Rainbow Coalition sending lead downrange.

This was published 1/5/14

morin nra convention

Besides the poorly display of bigotry, Mr. Morin brings out a detail that should be an embarrassment for the natives here: Even if we wanted to, we cannot hold an NRA Annual meeting down here as we don’t have the facilities to host the loads of people who attend them. Last year’s at Houston, over 86,000 people graced the Annual Meeting and the local businesses did  loads of moolah. Oh yes, as usual, crime was not an issue as even the dumbest of criminals know to stay away from locales that gather individuals who can respond not so nicely to their forceful request for cash, property or body.

Mr. Morin would rather see “safer” and more “hip” events like Urban Weekend, celebrated every year at Miami Beach. Last year’s was a slower one according toe the experts:

So far there have been around 340 arrests since Thursday, most alcohol and drug related, which is in line with last year; but police said that they have had less calls for service.

Yup… We NRA members are the lawbreakers.

Rub It In Like A Boss.

Well, apparently I bruised some feelings today at the gunshow. ATF Industry Ops “investigators” complained to show management because I set up next to them. Said one of the “investigators”, “He (meaning me) wrote a very unflattering book about us.” Anyone feel sorry for them? Anyone?

Mike Detty via Facebook.

I have seen the book, but just for that I am buying the darn thing. Click on the pic to enlarge.

Guns at the border.

Well played Mr. Detty…well played.

A sad & spiteful little man.

 “Compromise is a bad word these days,” Dick Metcalf, 67, told The New York Times of what he believes is the unyielding, give-no-ground ethos adopted by Second Amendment supporters in the U.S. today. “People think it means giving up your principles.”

via FOX News – U.S. – Latest Headlines – Former Guns & Ammo columnist speaks out on becoming ‘a pariah’.

To quote Ron White, he has the right to remain silent but he does not have the ability.

Following Metcalf’s dismissal, Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, told FoxNews.com Metcalf “absolutely did not” deserve to lose his post.

“If he suggested a ban on all guns, then I would understand that reaction,” Watts said. “But to say a fair exchange of ideas on how to stem the deaths and murders in this country because of gun violence is an act of heresy just reeks of no tolerance.”

When the enemies of your kin come to defend you, it becomes a big hint that you fucked up by several orders of magnitude. That you still have not figured out says a lot about your disconnect with reality.

I would not be surprised to see him become a spokesperson for some  “sensible gun rights organization.”

It is a question of playing the odds.

ngvac gun shop
Elliot Fineman was co-gloating with Cease Fire Oregon on the shooting death of a Gun Shop owner.

Officials have charged a western Pennsylvania man in the shooting death of a longtime gun shop owner.

State police on Wednesday charged 43-year-old Jack Edmundson Jr. with homicide. They say Edmundson shot and killed 62-year-old Frank Petro inside Frank’s Gun & Taxidermy Shop in Saltsburg on Tuesday.

via Gun Shop Owner Shot, Killed in Store | NBC 10 Philadelphia.

Of course, history has shown us that it is the other way around for most of the cases where criminals decide is a good idea to attack a gun shop like it happened recently.

COLLINGDALE — The owner of the Suburban Armory gun shop fired a shot at two juveniles after they walked in the store and announced a robbery Thursday afternoon, police said.

No injuries were reported.

Two juveniles, ages 15 and 17, are in police custody and will be charged as adults with multiple offenses, including robbery, possessing an instrument of crime, reckless endangerment and possession of a controlled substance, Police Chief Robert Adams said.

via Police: Collingdale gun shop owner foils attempted robbery by two teens.

If anything, this is the main difference between Us and the Opposition: We know that there is no 100% Safe Anything.   The Opposition guarantees that their policies will give us a world free of violence, free cable tv and cheap fat-free buttered pop-corn.

They are so sure of what they sell that they are wiling to risk our lives to prove it. Of course, I do not feel all warm and fuzzy by being the test subject of a well know policy failure with a wee bit too radical consequence also know and Death or Grave Bodily Harm.

If the Opposition wants to believe & live their own idea, I have no problem with that. But when they try to force us to live by their standards and pay the price, that is when I get a bit annoyed.  If you feel that playing Russian Roulette with a 1911 is cool, go ahead; the rest of us will play the better odds.