California wasting Taxpayer’s money confiscating people’s guns 

Part of the problem is that it is hard to keep up with the new people being added to the list all the time. Last year, agents conducted 7,573 investigations and seized 3,286 firearms. At the same time, 7,031 gun owners were newly flagged. The state has hired 18 additional agents to bolster its 33-person unit, and has been trying to staff up more.The results so far are simply not good enough, say Republican members of the state Senate, who note that 40 percent of the $24 million has already been spent. They are seeking an oversight hearing to investigate where all the money went and why the backlog is still so large.

Source: California discovers it’s really expensive to confiscate people’s guns – The Washington Post

If  my numbers are right, the State of California spent 9.6 million dollars to confiscate 3,286 guns. That comes to $2,921 per gun, that is Custom 1911 or Daniel Defense AR prices for maybe Glocks or even Hi-Points carbines!

Dear California’s Department of Justice, I have an idea: Send the violators a letter saying you are willing to pay…let’s say $1,500 per gun that has to be confiscated anyway. You tell them to come to any police station, surrender the guns and they will be issued a voucher redeemable at any bank for the value of the bounty. Right there I cut 50% of your expenses.

You are very welcome.


Seriously, put the keys away. 

The photographer requested the pics to be removed. Apparently telling women how not to be victims is somehow unpalatable to her and her followers. I am a polite chap so I did and click here to see my reply .

My approach in shooting the portraits was to create a community experience. I set up open calls for women and female-identifying individuals to have their photographs taken holding whatever made them feel most safe walking home alone.

Source: Photography — Taylor Yocom





And save the whistles for a party.

Now, good for you for at least thinking about not being 100% victim and have at least the mental willingness to fight back. Now the bad news: You are doing it wrong. Good news: It can be fixed. Here are my thoughts. You can take them or leave them and asses them as anything else you get out of the Internet: With a huge grain of salt.

You need a weapon, belay that: weapons, plural. I won’t go into getting a firearm because most “places of higher learning” will not allow them and will get medieval on you while they may turn a blind eye on other weapons. It is also your responsibility to stay within the confines of the law. Make sure that whatever I mention below, is legal where you live. That onus is on you, not mine.

Before I go any further: whatever preparation or tool you decide to take, keep it to yourself. Do not advertise you are carrying the means to defend yourself. people do not need to know, many run their lives on envy and will snitch on you. And we don’t want a potential bad guy to come up with a counter technique that renders your protection useless, right?

Now, pepper spray is fine as long as it is a good brand and not a keychain accessory.  yes, I went ahead and poo-pooed on the other half of the pictures. Exception made for the two ladies carrying the Kimber Pepperblaster which is a darn good product. If your pepper spray came from a gift shop or gas station, chances are not only it won’t perform as needed but it may already be degraded by age. You can bet an Honest-to-God-My-Face-Is-Melting from a reputable online police supply like Galls. They come in spray, stream and foam, investigate what each means with their advantages and disadvantages applied to your lifestyle.  And above all remember: They may not work after all if the attacker is under the influence. Remember I said above you need weapons, plural?

Strike weapons: Anything that can be used to inflict pain and damage via strike is always good. From the simple Monkey Knuts keychain to the ASP p 12 collapsible baton, tools that can be hidden without much effort. A good tactical flashlight can be used both as a distraction device and impact weapon whenever is dark. Buy the ones made of aluminum and with a rating of 200 lumens and above. They are not cheap, but a good dose of light to the eyes of an attacker at night will cause him pain and blind the crap out of him. And you can use the light (specially if it has cannelures) to beat him on his face hard enough to make him re-evaluate his options. If they can’t see, it gets harder do hurt you.

Knives: here we are getting to an area as close as guns in the area of being punished by Administration for violating the rules of subjugation.  But knives have an advantage over the weapons above: If you are already in full contact with your attacker, the knife requires less energy and movement to inflict harm.  Knives come in fixed blades and folding blades (and these you need to make sure the blade locks open so it does not fold when you need it) and there is an amazing variety of them in the market. Although full size Bowie knife would probably be a game-ender in most cases by just displaying it (That ain’t a knife. This is a knife) the reality is that you will need something on small and concealable. One type is what they call the Neck Knife as it is carried under clothing around the neck with a lanyard. I would probably choose the smallest fixed blade I could find and use properly.

Next are the folding knives. And I am not talking about your traditional Red Swiss Army knife or your great-grandpa case that requires the use of both hands to open it, but knives that the blade can be extended with one hand. There are different ways knife makers approach this as you can see in this video. Most, if not all come with a clip to secure the knife inside a pocket or to your waistband and many good knives (Kershaw & Spyderco) are being sold under $40 in places like WalMart.

What else? Get training, specially for baton and knife. In fact, you’d probably find a school that carries both. Check Security Officer Schools also for baton training. That does not mean you should be unarmed till you get the training, but your performance will be better with training.

The hardest thing you will need to train on is your defensive mindset. We are good people, we do not like to inflict pain or damage anybody and that is the way to live. But when your life is being threatened, you cannot afford to think that way. You don’t pull back your punches or stabs and you do not give the attacker ” a chance” because you are not playing a sport but defending your body and life. There is this little book from the 80s titled Principles of Personal Defense by Col. Jeff Cooper, it is politically incorrect (Cooper was the epitome of un-pc) by standards held by many today, but it is the best resource you’ll ever have to start developing a self-defense mindset:

A victim who fights back makes the whole business impractical. It is true that a victim who fights back may suffer for it, but one who does not almost certainly will suffer for it. And, suffer or not, the one who fights back retains his dignity and his self-respect……But many men who are not cowards are simply unprepared for the fact of human savagery. They have not thought about it (incredible as this may appear to anyone who reads the paper or listens to the news) and they just don’t know what to do. When they look right into the face of depravity or violence, they are astonished and confounded. This can be corrected.

Stay Safe.

PS: If somebody tells you not to arm yourself because the weapon can be used against you, do me a favor and use him/her as training dummy. Get your prefered tool and ask him/her to attack you and then inflict enough pain so they never say that stupidity ever again 😀

Fighting Smart: Central Florida Mom Held Hostage Uses Pizza Hut App to Call for Help

pizza 911 message

A central Florida woman who says her boyfriend was holding her and her children hostage sent a secret message asking for help in an online pizza order.Highlands County Investigators told NBC affiliate WFLA a Pizza Hut in Avon Park received an online order for pizza Monday afternoon from Cheryl Treadway. Under the comments section, Treadway wrote a message asking employees to call 911. The employees alerted police.

Source: Central Florida Mom Held Hostage Uses Pizza Hut App to Call for Help | NBC 6 South Florida

I forget who said it, but he was right:

The Mind is the weapon. Everything else is just tools. 

Bad guy taken to jail. Innocents unharmed. Two thumbs up.

Moms Demand finally addressing Gun Safety…sort of.

Moms Demand Be Smart Secure Weapons

MDA has a new website and a video starring Melissa Joan Hart to address the issue of securing guns. I guess after being beaten over the head about their self-titled Gun Safety Advocacy, they figured “Hey, we should actually like, put something out there.” And they still manage to screw it up in about 30 seconds.

We begin the usual blabber of guns are bad and yes you have a right but no you don’t (responsibilities!) and we follow with Mr. NYPD on Loan To Moms, a Beretta, a gun lock and a small gun safe, looks good.
MDA Gun Safe 1


Next, NYPD Officer unloads the Beretta. Still fine.
MDA Gun Safe 2

Next, he places the magazine inside the safe…
MDA Gun Safe 3

And locks the safe? Huh? So, what happens to the gun?
MDA Gun Safe 4


Ohh, the cable lock…about time too.
MDA Gun Safe 5


And that is it. I guess the gun stays OUTSIDE the safe.
MDA Gun Safe 6

So either MDA is going to provide a safe, a gun lock and a cop to every household, or somebody again did not do its homework by interpreting the “secure your gun and ammo in different places” in a rather bizarre manner.  I can give you the double redundancy of having the cabled gun inside the safe, but locking the ammo and leaving the gun out? Oy!

By the way, there is not even a mention where you can get the cable lock or the gun safe. Helpful indeed, makes you wonder if they just did that section of the video for appearances’ sake…nah, they wouldn’t, would they? Does the cop come with the safe?

But wait! There is more! Remember the maxim “Liberal can’t do math”?
MDA Gun Safe 7

And now the Negligent Podiatric Discharge:
MDA Gun Safe 8

So, 1.7 million kids live in homes with unsecured guns and that leads to 100 of them getting killed a year. That comes about 0.006% of all the kids in alleged danger by living in a household with a loaded & unlocked gun. Not to say that 100 deaths do not matter, but 0,006 percent seems to be safer than going out to the McDonalds in the family car, well in fact it is since accidental deaths by vehicles ages 0 to 14 were 1,345 in 2013 according to the CDC (page 22).

Next they tackle Teen Suicide and mental illness. and they were doing fine till I heard “When it comes to young teens, the presence and availability of a gun in the home, may be a more significant risk factor than psychiatric illness.” Wait…What? So, if the kid is mentally sane but touches a gun, he will kill himself because gun? And that is even worse that if he had a mental illness? Oh dear lord.

And I stopped there. There is about a minute and 20 seconds left, but I had already developed heartburn.

I need another Tagamet.

Garland ISLAMIST Terrorist Attack.

I guess they cannot call it “crazy Tea Party” shooter or “Mentally Troubled teen” or even “Workplace Violence” so that might be why it is getting such a poor coverage.

And with that in mind, allow me to say that the fable “Not If but When” has come officially to pass.

Saw this meme around:

one inning


Funny as hell, but also wise: We have several innings to go and they will come back to the plate. We cannot expect they will remain dumb all the time.

Their next target will be researched ahead of time, scouted to look for security and planned to create the biggest amount of killing.  If they happen to get a couple of lone wolf idjits with some brain matter, the only thing they have to do is research mass shooters to get ideas.

Gun Free Zones: Bet you butt. The event in Garland was in a school zone so people were unarmed, but they did hire lots of well armed security, not what usually happens. And speaking of schools,  we cannot dismiss a condensed Beslam-type scenario. Instead a full production with a cast of hundreds, two or three shooters might be used and be very effective. Even schools with Resource Officers will be fair game since usually they only have one who probably will be one of the first ones to go down. Malls in states that GFZ signs have the weight of law, Churches where it is legally forbidden to carry or the religious leaders have chosen to make the House of God a temptation for evil jackasses to come do harm to the flock.

Texas No More: They will seek locations where the chance of armed civilians is low. So, New York, L.A. Boston and states where the gun laws are not citizen-friendly are once again targets.

State Intelligence LEOs should be crapping on their pants by now.  I noticed something interesting: The Garland Shooters were not from Texas but Arizona. They went to a state that probably did not have them in their database and thus expected no specific actions from them. We know that the FBI did have interaction with one of the shooters, but it will be a cold day in the Everglades before the Feds become gratuitous with their intelligence… and I think it might be against the law too. It may be a good idea for State LEO agencies to start a very serious intelligence-sharing process among themselves.

Time to rethink the small 9mm as back up and go back to Full & Medium Size handgun. I had grown fond of my Kahr CW9, but I will revert to my FN with 2 spare mags because boolits. 49 rounds is what we call “a good first step.”

Truck (Vehicle) gun. Distance is better, more distance is more better. Not engaging on what brand/model you should get, but just make sure it is a powerful cartridge and that you have the way to properly lock that thing against thefts.

What else is there? What have I missed you think we need to cover? Chime in!