The Washington Post tap-dances around Racism & Federal Gun Control Laws

47.3 percent of those convicted for federal gun crimes were black — a racial disparity larger than any other class of federal crimes, including drug crimes. In a 2011 report on mandatory minimum sentencing for gun crimes, the U.S. Sentencing Commission found that blacks were far more likely to be charged and convicted of federal gun crimes that carry mandatory minimum sentences.

via Shaneen Allen, race and gun control – The Washington Post.

You know the evidence is hard when the WaPo begrudgingly admits that Gun Rights advocates might be right on certain issues and that they back people up no matter the color of their skin.

Hat Tip to The Roadgunner.

Security Theater….New York, New York.

NEW YORK (AP) — Police are searching for four or five people they believe scaled to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge’s two towers in the dead of night, disabled lights illuminating two large American flags and then replaced the flags with bleached-white ones.

via Police probing switch of flags on Brooklyn Bridge – Yahoo News.

This is not some nowhere bridge somewhere in the middle of the Iowa corn fields, this is supposed to be one of the most watched & secured roadways in NYC because we have been told over and over that they are prime terrorist targets that can be attacked any time.

And a small group of people bypassed security ….twice the same night at opposite sides of the bridge…with cops on location….and planted surrender flags.

Billions of dollars spent on Theater Security and I bet the solution will be to throw some more.


There is a reason they like to change definitions and being butthurt.

Protecting Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Act of 2013 – Amends the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act to revise the definition of: (1) “intimate partner” to include a dating partner and any other person similarly situated to a spouse who is protected by the domestic or family violence laws of the state or tribal jurisdiction in which the injury occurred or where the victim resides; and (2) “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence” to include the use or attempted use of physical force or a deadly weapon by a current or former intimate partner.

Prohibits: (1) the sale or other disposition of a firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of stalking; and (2) the shipment or possession of a firearm or ammunition in interstate or foreign commerce, or the receipt of a firearm or ammunition that has been transported in interstate or foreign commerce, by an individual who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of stalking.

via S.1290 – 113th Congress (2013-2014): Protecting Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Act of 2013 | Congress.gov | Library of Congress.

Shannon Watts & Moms Demand are gushing over this more than if they had a wild weekend with John Stamos and a hot tub full of greek yogurt all set.

Moms Demand Stalker

I did a quick check so I might be wrong but it seems Stalking is a felony in 31 states and in most of the rest a second charge of Stalking gets an automatic upgrade to a felony charge. So basically at least in 31 states, you will become a prohibited person with a stalking conviction.

I already have issues with the Misdemeanor Domestic Abuse prohibition since it has been so abused by divorce lawyer and spouses trying to inflict harm for no good reason. Adding one more misdemeanor to federal regulations may lead us on a path of adding more and more and that is a path that nobody will want to face later on as the law unintended consequences has taught us before.

But the really interesting part on this bill is the watering down of domestic partner. The way I see it, you better be a damn good first date and do nothing that can be considered abuse or you will face time in the pooky. Just imagine what is going on in colleges around the nation where now students can be charged with rape even is sex is consensual because she changed her mind six months after the fact.

If it wasn’t because this kind of laws are so prone to abuse, they may make a very infinitesimal sense, but when we have prosecutors that have no problem exaggerating and making up shit to win a case, the potential for misconduct is too great. That much power cannot be allowed to roam free, or better yet exist.

This bill needs to die quietly and the sponsor needs to be smacked on the back of the common sense to see if it starts.

The perfect number is zero.

CSGV perfect numebe is zero

Following Governor Christie’s veto on the magazine ban capacity in NJ, our dear Opposition is back again with the ten round wailing and how that helps. Of course, you ask them to present the study where it shows why ten rounds is OK but not eleven or nine and they kinda look at you, blink hard and stutter as ten was always a number brought forward for no logical reason and whomever came up with it way back in the Clinton Administration is unknown.

Magazine capacity has never been the issue, only an excuse to make gun ownership eventually impossible. A dedicated shooter can create havoc with a humble six-shot revolver as it has happened before (You can read about the Rio School Shooting part one and part two) but I bet you never heard about it.

Zero is the only number they will accept. Unfortunately for them in terms of reality (how many millions of plus-10 mags are now safely floating around the country) and political expediency (Colorado recalls still hurt) and mass shootings perpetrated with 10 round or even less capacity (Navy Yard or Elliot Rodger) show that restricting the magazine capacity does nothing for their stated goal of 0% crime and 0% Mass Shooting/School Shootings/Whatever new definition they come up that day.  But it makes for good fund-raising noise since most of them are not sucking from Bloomberg’s udder.

How “Crazy Negroes” With Guns Helped Kill Jim Crow – Reason.com

Chinn was a black man in Canton, Mississippi, who in the 1960s owned a farm, a rhythm and blues nightclub, a bootlegging operation, and a large collection of pistols, rifles, and shotguns with which he threatened local Klansmen and police when they attempted to encroach on his businesses or intimidate civil rights activists working to desegregate Canton and register black residents to vote. After one confrontation, in which a pistol-packing Chinn forced the notoriously racist and brutal local sheriff to stand down inside the county courthouse during a hearing for a civil rights worker, the lawman admitted, “There are only two bad sons of bitches in this county: me and that nigger C.O. Chinn.”

via How “Crazy Negroes” With Guns Helped Kill Jim Crow – Reason.com.

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Pulse Rifles now available in Georgia

Trust me, I triple checked that I wasn’t reading The Onion when I saw this article come across my Facebook timeline.
First off, besides the content of the article (which we’ll get to), I can almost write an entire article on the image that was included with the post.
The image is of a bunch of toy model guns, including a “Pulse Rifle”, you know a completely science fiction based firearm that doesn’t exist, even a little bit.
The image is accompanied by a caption that reads “These guns can be purchased anywhere in Georgia and carried into a church, bar, school or library.

via News Site Claims Georgia Residents Can Buy and Carry “Pulse Rifles” Under New Law.

And here is the screen capture, committed to the Eternal Interwebs:

Daily Kos guns goons georgia


At least it was not a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range. Now those are truly dangerous.