Generation iDiot. Rape? There is an App for that.

There are always people who are convinced there is a rational, polite, gentle and civilized way to stop a violent sociopath from raping their eyesockets.

We call these sensitive souls “Morons.”

They are the perfect demographic for this idiocy (a top pick among Kickstarter staff!  I always ask the staff of what’s basically an auction site for advice on combat):


via The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse » Wishful Thinking Knows No Bounds.

Read the article. The device is designed by people who have no idea what happens to the body when a dose of adrenalin is suddenly shot into the bloodstream and fine motor skills go out the window.

It appears to be sold as a stand-alone-solve-everything item which in reality means you friends and cops will know where to find your phone once they track it via GPS and with luck your body will be near-by.

Now, if flash-bang grenades were easily available to the public…. that is an app that would slow down an attacker.

Michael Bloomberg Skeptic About Social Media, What does it mean for Moms Demand?

Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has a healthy dose of skepticism about the value of social media, the future of digital education, and the instant gratification made possible by a connected world. On stage at Vanity Fair‘s New Establishment Summit, he also took exception to the hoopla around the bending iPhones, noting if you threw a computer out the window it would break too.

via Michael Bloomberg Shares Skepticism About Social Media, Snapchat Founder Teases Ads | Vanity Fair.

This is interesting. He is either lying here or this might be a harbinger of things to come relating to his Gun Control groups.  Moms Demand and Everytown are nothing more than well-funded Social Media campaigns which have little reflection in real life demonstrated by the small amount of supporters they bring at any of their meetings. Anybody can sign a pre-filled web form and hit enter but it takes a larger effort to actually sacrifice work-time and money to attend a rally or petition your legislators at their offices.

Maybe the business side of Bloomberg is telling him that he is not getting a return on his investment. That does not bode well for Shannon Watts and Company.

“If the camel once gets his nose in the tent..”

A heated dispute over background checks erupted at the Gun Rights Policy Conference last week between Second Amendment Foundation leader Alan Gottlieb and gun activist Jeff Knox.

Knox, the son of gun rights pioneer Neal Knox, challenged Gottlieb over an initiative that Gottlieb is supporting on this year’s ballot in Washington State (I-591). The measure, which Gottlieb wrote, prohibits background checks in the state “unless a uniform national standard is required”.

As Knox pointed out at the GRPC, this language leaves the door wide open for a federal background check system. After Knox asked Gottlieb to defend this portion of the bill, Gottlieb launched into a full-scale support of background checks.

Gottlieb’s argument – which he has also made in the past – is that gun rights supporters should embrace background checks because they are inevitable. Pointing to polls stating that a majority of voters support background checks, he says that gun rights supporters are only hurting themselves by opposing them.

via Bluegrass Bruce: Battle Over Background Checks At Gun Rights Policy Conference.

I have mentioned before my disappointment with Gottlieb’s stance on Background Checks. I am a believer in compromises when they are stepping-stones and we keep moving forward, not when these compromises are suddenly set on concrete, cannot be undone and will be used as gateways for restrictions.

This Background Check thing is nothing more than the Manchin-Toomey-Schummer bill that was tried to be shoved down our throats after Sandy Hook. It is clearly the basic framework for the Universal Firearms Registration we all fear. If we compromise for the sake of compromising (we are dealing with lawyers here at SAF, they love to make deals) we are not going to get the benefit of another Sunset provision like with AWB but this law will never be undone short of setting shit on fire.

As I told somebody in the Twitterverse long ago, you want UBC? I will sign on it if GAC 68 and NFA 34 are deleted from the books and there is no compulsory registration of guns acquired prior to the enactment of the bill or registration of any new firearm other than what it is in the books now.

Only then, maybe we will talk.

Borepatch does not bounce right. UPDATE

Our host and primary author broke 5 ribs and a collarbone in a motorcycle accident. He is currently hospitalized. He was awake and conscious enough to be able to send me that information. I don’t have anything else right now.

via Borepatch: Borepatch Took a Spill.

Here is to quick recovery and the fact you did not leave thy brains all over the place.

Get well soon and sue the asphalt!


7 broken ribs, a broken collar bone, and a bruised lung. I was lucky that the lung didn’t collapse or get punctured. They had me in the ICU for almost 24 hours. The guy in the next room didn’t make it this morning. I guess it could have been worse.

We were riding along route 98 getting ready to turn left to cross the bridge to Navarre beach. Traffic was stopped at the light.

Construction was under way, and the turn lane had had the blacktop ground down, ready to be resurfaced. There was a lip in the road top which I was watching.

What I didn’t see were the craters under the old blacktop, and my front tire dropped into a valley that wouldn’t let the wheel turn. The bike wrenched down, hard. On me.

It was nice that almost instantly there were a half dozen people around helping. One guy lifted the bike off my leg. A waitress from Waffle House put a towel under my head as a pillow.

I had only been going 10 MPH coming up to the light. I think that going either slower or faster would have let me keep control.

I didn’t do an inspection of the bike but it looks like it’s OK other than the windscreen which was busted up. Maybe there’s more wrong but that will have to wait.

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Strong Women make CSGV Beta Males cuss and Gamma Women seethe.

CSGV NRA women queen


The NRA’s Sharp site had a sample of “Queen Behavior” or basically women that do not need permission by some Feminist authority to be tough & self-reliant.  Fore some reason it sent CSGV into a cuss word.

Now remember, we are the people who hate women, we want to see them dead and abused, pregnant and in the kitchen (add your own ) so the comments left me a bit perplexed (Italics are mine):

Carolanne Prusich She looks ready to murder, opposite of feminine , disgusting.
I don’t know, they look damn fine to me but I am prejudiced that way.

Denise Bober Playing to the type of women who are desperate for male attention IMO. Look at me…I am hard core. Yet wears heels. Something wrong
Dear, they get all the attention they want and have the means to say NO!

Rick Davenport Too, too much testosterone.
Rick failed biology and did not get aa dance to the prom

Frances Dorris Now I really understand the term “ammosexuals,” and presumably this is their porn.
I am still trying to figure that one out. And presumably that is suggestive photography.

And these two:

Cheryl Trivelli That top picture is very sexist. But it’s pretty much a guy club.

Ken Mosley It just goes to show that the stupid acolytes of the NRA is not a male exclusive club.
OK people, get your script together is it an exclusive male club or not?

Kimberly B Stone Ah yes. Gun porn. Usually the gun nuts don’t bother to add women except in the “snuff” context.
Said she who tapdances on the blood of people killed by criminals to advance Gun Control.

Ron Brown That bitch got some nice legs. I wish that rifle would go off and shoot her in one of them. That’s all she deserves.
More fodder for the SWATTing Club?

Gabriela Obkirchner That is so painfully stupid. Queen Behavior? What does that even mean?
If you need to ask….go drone.

Daniel Gorman If she were black the NRA would disavow her.
Because any time is a good time to Play The Race Card. 

Terri Lynn Ozburn No disrespect, but is this a male cross dresser or a female?
So she both insults women and Crosdressers in one sentence. Bravo!

Lorna Joachim … And so begins a lifetime of psychotherapy!
I am sure you are covered under Obamacare.

Larry Martin These are the type that start relationships with men in Prison. They know little about why trust is so important in a lasting relationship. The sexual attraction is just a starting point, not something to live or die for.
Their instincts:
– find someone to protect them.

– mother a boy into manhood.
– bad boy excitement .
This guy did not even bother to read the article and went straight for a Gloria Steinem mental enema.

Tom Zilembo Disgusting bitch.
At least he does not use $20 words.

And there you have it folks.  Insecurity and a bunch of comment that will not make it to the next CSGV video…. for obvious reasons.

CSGV: The Only Ones Authorized to Have a Social Cause.

It is a beautiful thing when their true color shine through
CSGV Crawford Racist

For those aligned on the “We Don’t See Color” athletic club, CSGV have no problem being racist.  They are so pissed off they could not jump into the John Crawford killing first that not only they are playing the race card but just tossing whole decks like ninja stars.

I would not be surprised it is damage control. The focus on the killing of John Crawford is now targeted towards Ronald Ritchie who made what seems to be a highly exaggerated in danger 911 call that set up the kill chain that took John Crawford’s life.

All of the sudden, all those tweets and Facebook posts from their followers telling others to call police and lie about what a peaceful gun owner  is doing have become political poison. And if charges are ever brought against Ritchie, CSGV and other gun groups are gonna take a wrecking ball to the chin with so many examples of their hate-filled posts screen captured and kept by gun bloggers everywhere.

And they won’t be able to hide about not keeping track of what is going on since they are damned good at blocking and banning anybody who is pro-Second Amendment  from their timelines. Basically they are condemned to admit they allowed and maybe even encouraged Hate Speech DeLuxe.

This is gonna be a good one.

PS: I almost forgot about the original article: They are also pissed because in their racism & prejudice, they cannot imagine Pro Gun People standing for a member of minority whose life was cut short without reason. Because, you know, you like guns, you must be a member of the Klan and stuff.

They are sad minds.