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  • Blue Collar Prepping – Your First Aid Kit
  • Foreign Policy for Grownups – The New Defense Secretary
  • AlArma -The Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  • Tech Tips with The Barron – I’m getting a new computer!
  • This Week in Anti-Gun Nuttery – Concealed Carry Reciprocity.

Looking for blame in all the wrong places.

The fault, as it were, isn’t the responsibility of the gun control advocates who are fighting mightily against the power of the NRA and other like-minded organizations. This one lies at the feet of the broad mass of nonprofits. After the tragedy at Sandy Hook, when the president assigned vice president Joe Biden to lead a national task force on gun violence, that was the moment for the nonprofit sector writ large to come to grips with the nonsensical system in the U.S. that allows assault rifles to be widely available, guns to be purchased with limited or no background checks in many cases, and sales of silencers and sawed-off shotguns.

via Gun Control Stalls: Assault Rifles and Us – NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly.

Gun Control stalls not because it makes sense but because it is emotion-based and built around lies. It also uses the best (worst) propaganda tools of the Prejudice Machine which have a very limited life span, specially in the era of the Internet where people can easily fact-check any data provided by any group.

Let’s check some of the other stuff Mr. Cohen says:

It is so strange that the American movement for gun control has flickered and come close to disappearing despite the ubiquity of gun violence in the U.S. and its resurgence in Western Europe.

Perhaps he missed the fact that in the Charlie Hebdo attack, even the cops were unarmed and got killed by armed terrorists, so right there the principle of a Gun Free world goes down the drain. And I am sure it was not only the “gunnies” that saw that video and said “If instead of a camera, somebody had a gun, they would have stopped that shit right there.” Would have stopped in all reality? Who knows? Maybe, maybe not, but at least there was a chance whereas Gun Free Cops had none.

Supporters’ contentions that guns on campus would deter sexual assault do not differ much from arguments that making guns more widely available would help Americans stand up against jihadist threats. Do gun proponents really imagine shoppers in the Mall of America engaged in pitched gun battles with terrorists?

We hope that the Government does its job and stops the threats before they actually strike us here. But we are also aware that the same Government is riddle with incompetents wrapped legalistic BS so yes, I want anybody who wants it with the ability to face Jihad Pete if he comes to do mischief at Pier One. Incoming fire tends to throw a monkey wrench on the best laid plans of Jihadist and other Vermin.

Imagine if the three young Muslims who were murdered in North Carolina, ostensibly due to a fight over a parking space, hadn’t had to deal with a Craig Hicks loaded to the gills with assault rifles. He’d be no less demented, but lacking the ability to pump bullets into their skulls, Hicks might have had to actually talk to them rather than executing them point blank.

And here is probably what hurts Gun Control the most: Lies.  As far as I have looked for, there is no mention in any credible source that Craig Hicks used any type of assault rifle. In fact, we don’t know if he owned one. And the victims of this asshole were shot once each in the head and were not pumped full of bullets. That is why I keep asking the Opposition: If your cause is so righteous, why lie?

The answer is because if they told the truth, the demise of the Gun Control Movement would be one hundred times faster.

More “fun” with machetes

Medellin, Colombia.

What amazes me the most in this video is that the cops capture the guy alive. They would usually put several rounds on him and call it a day. Probably the presence of family had something to do with it.

The civilian with the jacket? He is trying to render the blade “safe” by wrapping it around the garment. Ballsy but stupid as you need to get close to a guy whacked out of his mind with a machete.

And I think most everybody was keeping more than 21 feet from the “Machetero.”

Hat Tip to Active Self ProtectionThey are always coming up with very illustrative videos.

Gun Regs for Thee, the Little People.

Shannon Watts Daughter

Shannon Watts is an out and out hypocrite. She posted the tweet below yesterday. It links to a story arguing against concealed carry by legal concealed carry holders on college and university campuses. It is obviously her position and that of her organization…

….. However, I will say that the university at which Mrs. Watts’ daughter attends has legal concealed carry on campus and has had it for a number of years.

via No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money: Her Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds.

Apparently there are plenty of exemptions for the special ones: billionaire funding, bodyguards, colleges where people can indeed defend themselves.

Nothing like being in the American Royalty Class.