5 highlights of the Deadly Force Expert Panel at ILEETA 2014

 “Use of force is a decision that should have been made before you got the job.”

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Although International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association is directed to cops, this is something we as concealed carriers and gun owners in general must ponder with all seriousness. Are we really prepared to effectively use  deadly force when the adrenalin dumps?  Most of the time, a forcible felony won’t give you the chance to ponder the mysteries, morality and philosophy of shooting a deadly threat and in the few instances that it may, your brain must be processing how to survive and not what will the consequences be.

And this is something you must think about every day at the same time you pray never to be in that situation.


Another example why we need to fight to keep (or get) Stand Your Ground.

His daughter, Ta’berneka Allen, the only eyewitness, told police she heard glass breaking, then her father screaming expletives and asking, “Where’s my money?” according to a police report.

She walked into the living room to find her father punching Robin Washington in the face, the report said.

Robin Washington grabbed a round-edged steak knife from a drawer, but her husband bent it back and tossed it in a drawer, then placed her in a chokehold until she passed out. He rooted through her purse before she quickly came to and he clocked her in the jaw, Settle said.

Then she stumbled around before gripping another kitchen knife and stabbing him in the thigh, clipping his femoral artery.

He tried to swing at her again but fell.


Detective Andrew Packer found that Robin Washington acted in self-defense and declined to book her with a crime. Police forwarded the case to Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro’s office, which charged her with manslaughter more than five months after the stabbing.

via Judge acquits New Orleans woman who fatally stabbed husband | News | The New Orleans Advocate.

Disparity of Force, use of deadly force, continuing threat and the D.A. for whatever moronic reasons decides to charge the victim with Manslaughter.  In the article, it mentions that the investigating detective was a witness for the defense so that tells you that this case should not even had to be considered for trial.

In darker days, the woman would have gone to prison, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean that there is still a real war against women by people who feel threatened in their acquired power, they just have a little less power and innocent people who only committed the “crime” of self-defense may breathe a tad easier.


Loaded Gun Found In The Toy Aisle At Target, C.J. Grisham goes Black Helicopters & FEMA Camps.

CJ Grisham, President of Open Carry Texas, the group responsible for the demonstration at the Target last January, wrote BuzzFeed saying, “I wouldn’t doubt if a gun control extremist planted the gun there to further his agenda of blaming gun owners for deaths of children. Whoever did it is a despicable excuse for a human being and should be charged with attempted murder and fried in in a chair.”

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nevermore facepalm 3


Dear C.J.: You have the Constitutional Right to remain silent. Please exercise it.

Signed: Gun Owners everywhere.

More Open Carry Texas Facepalm. Bloomberg Approved.

Now aside from the fact that about half of those unattended long guns appear to be “leaning with intent to fall”, A zoom on the AR to the far left, closest to the bald bozo in the Cabela’s shirt, reveals that the safety selector is vertical to the rifle, meaning that it’s set to FIRE. Two of the other ARs have their safeties obstructed by slings or camera angle, but I’m willing to bet that at least one of them has it’s safety disengaged, too; that’s just the sort of half-assed idiots that these half-assed idiots are.

via Lagniappe’s Lair: Open Carry Texas demonstrates why THEY are not qualified to carry rifles in public places.

I saw this pic and I almost had a heart attack out of ignominy.  I have shot an M4 maybe twice in my life so I am not even an amateur, but the shotgun? Give me 3 seconds and even if that scattergun is unloaded, I’ll make sure it is loaded and ready to rock.

And by the way most of them are dressed, I doubt there is many of the carrying a concealed handgun, and if they do, it is pocket carry which means crap if you are seated behind a bolted table in a booth.

OCT, you are doing it right.

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