The Rebel Yell.

Nope, not at all like what you see coming out of Hollywood. The “Yeeee-Ha!” is not quite what was expressed in the battlefield.

This Video from the Library Of Congress has several old Civil War vets doing their versions of the Rebel Yell as they used in the War of Northern Aggression.

And it makes sense… you don’t have time to get fancy when bullets are flying both ways.

Off Roading:

Now then there is Overlanding.   This is my kind of off roading.  Overlanding is about traveling.  It’s about going some place, not just getting through some thing.  The way I see it, Overlanding has a point.  A destination as well as the journey.

via Overland | Mad Ogre.

fj40 2


fj40 1The Blue Beast: a 1973 Toyota Landcruiser FJ 40.

That was my baby for some 15 years till my back protested loud enough that I had to sell it. … the suspension was not Cadillac if you know what I mean.  This thing could no go past 45 mph, had no A/C, 3-speeds and swayed more than a drunk at 3 am on a Saturday. But this is the vehicle that taught be to be a driver.

When you off-road, you soon learn all about managing assets. You see, it is not only going out there where few people have gone before (or, if you are lucky, nobody) but also to get back to your point of origin. It is to learn enough about your vehicle to detect by sheer feel when something might not be right, to know what parts go pectoral up and be smart to have the spares with you and know how to install them, to be ready & creative when something you did not expect happens and fix it, to conserve fuel, to conserve yourself. Remember, you are in the middle of nowhere so what it is just a nuisance in the city can be life or death out there.

You also enjoy to go slow. As any youngin, I had the fever for speed but when the road (or lack thereof) forces you to crawl at 5 mph, you learn to enjoy it…and learn to enjoy what surrounds you. You learn to read the road and figure how to take a particularly treacherous passage by just a quick glance. And teaches you that lots of times, caution is the better part of valor and a strategical retreat is the smartest choice.


Moms Demand No So Subtle Race Card Play.

Sometimes things are so obvious, we fail to make the connection. Tale a look at the following pics created by Moms on its earlier days of operation:

Moms Demand No so Subtle Racism

I remember seeing the first one and made a pun about the race contrast, but I did not know it was a full-fledged campaign back then. Now I have to review all the damn ad pics they created and check for Race Card violations….. sheesh!

I guess their slogan is “Whatever it works.”

Yet, they keep failing.

Hat tip to Mike V’s Corner.

The Monkey Wrench of Totalitarian regimes

Retired Venezuela General Angel Vivas has been a critic of the “Bolivarian Revolution.” While still in service, he dared to question Chavez’s decision to change the Army motto to “Fatherland, Socialism or Death” same as the one that the Cuban Army spouts. This disagreement cost him a court-martial and was retired.

As a civilian, he continued to criticize and pester the government to the point that President Maduro sent a team of the Defense Ministry’s Counter Intelligence section to have him arrested and taken away accused of laying wire across the street high enough to decapitate an irregular from the Bolivarian civilian goon squads.

He refused to be arrested…with feelings.

As the functionaries came to the front of his house, the general, rifle in hand, refused the procedure.

via Videos & Photos here | Intentaron allanar casa del general (r) Ángel Vivas.

At the sight of the general packing some serious firepower, the government goons took pause long enough that the neighbors came out in force to support the general.

The goons eventually decided that decided that leaving was the smartest of choices and retreated.  Neighbors packed both ends of the street with debris blocking entrance and are guarding vigil.

Yes, if the government decides to send a full hard-nosed team of shooters, they will take him out, no questions, but it is a good example of how one man armed with the appropriate tool managed to throw the plans of bullies down in the gutter.

Unfortunately Venezuela’s due paying the Gun Control bill and the payment has been in blood & lives.  The general is the exception because his military background allowed him to have the weapons you and I can have by just going to a gun store here, but denied to the people down there.  But Gun Control goes beyond the hardware itself: It set people up to be “pacifists” and reject violence leaving themselves easy targets for those who have no qualms about using violence to retain power. Here is an example: Ukraine is also going through similar problems and armored personnel carriers have been sent to quell the protests. People there kinda resented it:

Now, Venezuela is full of very cheap, very available gasoline, but people had not have come to terms that several well placed Molotov cocktails can do a lot to counter governmental repressive measures.
They were fed the line of Peace at All Cost… and they have not realized the bill is very high on that particular item


Detroit is getting to be a bad place for bad people.

Three different homeowners in Detroit used guns to defend themselves against intruders this week.

Two suspects were shot and killed.

“I think it’s just a matter of the individual homeowners protecting themselves and finally catching up with the criminals in that enough is enough and they aren’t going to take it anymore,” said Detroit Police Deputy Chief Rodney Johnson.

The latest incident happened around 2:00 Saturday morning.  Two men broke into a home on Toledo in southwest Detroit, armed with a tire iron.  The intruders tried to knock out the homeowner, but the homeowner fired back with his gun.  He shot them both and killed one of them, a 21-year-old man.  The other man got away.

via 3 different Detroit homeowners used guns to defend themselves against intruders this week – WXYZ.com.

If you can’t do the eternal time underground, don’t do the crime. Ballistic Piercing hurts!


Piers Morgan goes bye-bye

The former Daily Mirror editor told the New York Times that falling ratings and his anti-gun campaign had led to the decision to cancel “Piers Morgan Live”.

via Piers Morgan’s ‘CNN show cancelled’ as ratings fall – ITV News.

Millions of cups are filled with the sweet nectar of Liberal Tears. Also, no excuse not to have your favorite firearm lubricated as they are great oil.

He may now move to be the spokesperson for MAIG or Moms.

You can only lie so much to so many for so long before it catches up with you.

Hat Tip to Tom W.