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With regards to knife law, this makes things particularly tricky since a certain knife can be legal in one state and illegal in the next as well as legal in one county and illegal in the neighboring county. The infographic below highlights where certain knives are legal and illegal at the state level. This article goes on to explain some common misperceptions about knife law in the US.

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I am guilty of not following Knife Laws or helping more on Knife Rights. Where does your state stand on Knife Rights? Click on the link and find out.

Who needs more than 7 or 10 rounds for his gun?

More than 400 crazed teens — who mistakenly thought the rapper Fabolous would perform — erupted into brawls all over Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Mill Basin on Thursday at 5 p.m., sources said.
The troublemakers looted and ransacked several stores as panicked shoppers ran for the exits and clerks scrambled to pull down metal gates.

Some of the teens staged a game of “knockout” on the top floor — and one may have been carrying a gun, sources said.
“They were playing the ‘knockout’ game,” said Shante, a 21-year-old perfume merchant, in reference to a violent trend in which teens try to knock out an unsuspecting victim with a single punch.

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Life has a way to make stupid people eat their words and suffer their action with unintended consequences.


The greatest US mass murderer of children never gets mentioned.

This guy was responsible for the death of over 300 children. In the same incident, he killed an US Congressman and four members of the media. 600 other adults died by his influence.
Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to (re)introduce to you the Reverend James Warren “Jim” Jones:


So why don’t we hear more about the Reverend Jim Jones and his atrocious doings? At the time it garnered an incredible amount of press but after a while, it disappeared from the nation’s consciousness. The only thing that remains with us is the expression “Drinking the Kool Aid” which is associate with a large group of people sticking to an idea no matter how stupid or dangerous can be.

The Reverend Jim Jones was a very good cult leader.  For a jaded end of the 70s, he was charming and engaging, said the right things and was cunning enough to side with the right Democrat politicians at the time. From California ‘s Governor Jerry Brown (yes, the same guy is now back in charge over there) , Jerry Moscone, Walter Mondale and even the First Lady Rosalyn Carter. The People’s Temple (Jones’ church) had all the right connections that provided him with the cachet and respectability to garner more followers.

Reverend Jones was an avowed leftist to full throttle communist. But he also loved the monies and the women. He was extremely paranoid which led him to prepare a camp in Guyana to survive the “nuclear apocalypse” but ended up as refuge from possible prison as he and his cult was starting to being put under a microscope by some. Before anything could happen, he raised stakes and moved to Jonestown , his heaven on Earth.

On November of 1978, Congressman Leo Ryan and a group of people including media went to Guyana to investigate The People’s Temple and the allegations of grave abuse that had been popping from former cult members. Ryan spoke with several people and on November 18 as he and his party (which now included some cult members wanting to get out) were about to get in a plane to leave, they were shot by a group of Jone’s trustees on the tarmac. Four people including Rep. Ryan were murdered.

Back at the compound, Jim Jones announced that it was time to end it all and commit suicide. Cyanide mixed with a kool-aid-type flavoring was mixed and members began to take their lives. Those who refused or were unable to take the deadly cocktail, were either shot or forced to ingest the poison.

Aerial view of the People’s Temple after the massacre. Those are human bodies.


Again, 300 children were murdered by forcing them to take cyanide. The other 600 victims were all adults and even though they were under the “spell” of Jones’ careful mindgames, they are still adults and most did themselves by their own hand, some after killing their own progeny.

jones & kids
Rev. Jim Jones with kids of his cult in Jonestown, Guyana (1978)

The picture below shows a “mixing station”. You will see syringes loaded with the cyanide mixture. They were used to poison the children and the infirm.

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The Jonestown massacre is pretty much forgotten as it was an embarrassment for the government and the Democratic Party machine. Jones had suckered some very high people into getting influence and even government positions even when problems with him and his temple were gathering strength. He got one of their congressman killed and 900 Americans alongside so it needed to be forgotten. The fact that the massacre happened outside the USA also helped erase it from the American consciousness.

Today is December 28th. According to the Catholic Calendar, we commemorate the Massacre of the Innocents by orders of Herod.  I thought it was a good moment to remind us about the other innocents who died by the hand of crazy people and the stupid.

And when somebody tells you about their version of the “worst massacre of kids” and get ready to cash on political brownie points, you remind them, forcefully that they are not only wrong but sick bastards who deserve to be spit on for callousness, indifference or ignorance.

#GunBullies Reference List: I made the “selektion” list! UPDATED

First I was anointed as “insurrectionist” and now I am in a exclusive list of Gun Control Advocates under the hastag #GunBullies.

A quick search of the Twitter handle @Guitars4Guns and the websites, point us to one Jay Rothschild of Chicago who also own Rockagainstguns.org. Mr. Rothschild appears to be some sort of IT consultant, musician and fan of the “selektion” of undesirables Gun Owners in the Twitterverse.  “Let’s have a conversation about guns….SHUT UP GUN OWNER!” meme is strong and stupid as ever.

Dear Mr. Rothschild, will banning us from Twitter be enough or we will be forced to wear armbands  with geometric figures in real life?  I hear yellow never goes out of fashion for armbands.  I do have an issue with tattoos since I am afraid of needles. Maybe a henna tattoo in the inside of my arm will suffice.

And that is why we will win.


PS : If you have a twitter account, use the “Selektion” list to follow everybody!

UPDATE: Sean Sorrentino just informed that the list is now super-duper secret as Mr. Rothschild made it password accessible only. Ammoland got some screen captures and the list before our beta male locked it.

I guess we have reached the Gun Control Equivalent of the No-Fly List!

National Gun Victims Action Council: Stupid on purpose?

NGVAC domestic abuse

As far as I could research, there is no evidence that Adam Lanza had a history of inflicting domestic violence on anybody. You may want to split sophomoric hairs and say that shooting his mother in the head that awful day is domestic violence, but she was just the first victim of a killing spree in my opinion.
As for the original article, I have no idea what the heck is going on.  Too many lacking details to make any sense and I would not be surprised that it is all BS as she could have visitation rights stopped if she can prove that he is a restricted person with a history of violence possessing weapons illegally. A family judge will always side with the safety of the child in a hurry.