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“Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”

By now you should be aware of the controversy regarding Comedy Central and the censorship of an episode of South Park portraying Mohammed and the threats by some Islamic moron from Brooklyn named Abu Talhal und Falafel et Camel or something like that who posted in his now defunct website that “”We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show. This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them.” The site displayed picture of the corpse of Theo Van Gogh as added visual reference.

The bending over of Comedy Central was their own and the South Park producers Matt Stone and Trey Parker were not involved. Actually they sounded kind of pissed by Comedy Central’s actions and its bout of Political Correctness in a station who has no qualms on letting programs insult other religions.

So in response of these threats and Comedy Central’s sudden testicular vanishing, the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” has been set for May 20, 2010.

This should be interesting. I can already hear the cries of racism and intolerance from CAIR and the bowel-less pundits everywhere. Heck, I might get creative myself just to see them anguish and pissed.

Hat Tip to Conservative Scalawag.

Don’t cry about the company you keep and the consequences.

The video shows an edited and editorialized version of an event that happened in 2007 where an Apache engaged a group of “civilians” which included two “journalists” working for Reuters. I have no idea who works in Wikileaks, but they must have the weirdest set of eyes in history. They fail to see at least 2 men armed with rifles (one having the distinct AK shape) and another person carrying an RPG but they identify with certainty the “reporters” and almost the serial number of the video cameras they allegedly have. The clamor is because they shot this group of 8 individuals for no reason even though you can hear the radio transmissions from the chopper and the ground about a Bradley unit nearby. After a generous dose of fire by the Apache, a van shows up to collect bodies. Fearing that besides the bodies, the new arrivals might collect weapons, the crew asks for permission to re-enagage and after obtaining it, the van becomes a-holee chunk of metal. Sadly, the moron driver of the van had 2 children inside who were injured in the attack.You cannot make out the children before or after the attack until the Bradley column arrives and the soldiers take the kids for medical attention. You will see a badly CSI attempt to enhance the video and point out the camera carried by the “journalists” and the heads of the kids in the driver’s side window of the van… of course you will see only a dark squarish object under the arm of one of the individuals and two round images on the window. I imagine you are allowed to use your imagination and also see two kitties, a pair of sunflowers or whatever is your desire.

The the patchouli infused whiners at Wikileaks of course lay the whole blame on the Apache crew, the US army, the Military-Industrial complex, Dick Chenney, Batman and the Cuban guy who sells churros in Hialeah by 49th street and Palm Avenue. However it never crosses their mind to wonder what the hell these two “journalist” were doing hanging around armed males sneaking peeks around a building and down the street where a column of Bradleys was going by.  They never even question why a sane person would drive a van with kids inside where a a military helicopter just finished redecorating the street with anatomical parts, live and in color. I am sure that the Apache crew felt worse than the parent that so blatantly and carelessly placed his kids in the line of fire. We all feel bad, innocents should not be used as human shields or be the victims of their parents stupidity. Hopefully Dad is in Hell right now paying for his amazing display of child welfare.

And what about the poor poor Reuters “Journalists”? Careful about the company you keep and where are you working. Stupid hurts or in this case, it kills.

PS: I did a quick Google search for Reuters journalist killed in Action and, Dude! It is dangerous working for Reuters. They just popped one in Thailand.

When Morons attack… pairs!

What happens when you combine a moron posing as a journalist and another moron posing as firearms safety?

Forensic expert Dan Austin speaks with In Session Host Ryan Smith about the weapon that was used to kill Amy Boscarino

Between the ‘journalist’ Ryan Smith commenting: “It might be used as a rifle when you really trying to aim and hit something.” (As opposed when you are trying to aim and miss something rifle?) and the firearms ‘expert’ Dan Austin saying that a 5.56 round “good for elephants” we have part three of Dumb and Dumber: When morons attack.

Extreme left is a 460 Weatherby Magnum used to hunt elephants. Sometimes it takes 2 or more shots to bring it down. On the extreme right is a 5.56 round which is just a barely improved 22 caliber bullet sitting a top of a lot of propellant. I wonder where Mr Austin got his ballistics and firearms expertise, Barbie school?

Hat tip to Say Uncle

It has to be a West Coast “Be Meek” thing.

“This is Tyler. This is Robert. And we single handedly managed to kill Gun Rights Radio Network!”

In their latest podcast, the Gun Rights News (West Coast Edition 025 @ minute 50:50) duo actually proposed two things anathema to Gun Owners anywhere but the Left Coast: A Federal Database of Gun Owners and Federal Regulations to Carry Concealed anywhere in the country which is what you will get when you push for a Government-sponsored Federal Concealed Weapons Permit. Add to that the fact that they want taxpayers to pay for mandatory Gun safety classes or you don’t get a gun and I figure that unless they come up with an emergency podcast apologizing for their remarks, the cash-strapped Gun Rights Radio will find itself in the way of the now defunct Air America.

I do not think Robert and Tyler are moles for the Brady Bunch, but just a couple of well intentioned West Coast subjects of the Great Social Experiment that, although saying they believe in the Second Amendment, they are convinced that the average modern gun owner is a fumbling moron whose access to guns should be supervised.  In a way is sad to see that some people in the Left Coast are so behind the curve. The rest of the Second Amendment community have stopped apologizing and trying to compromise with the other side since the Assault Weapons Ban some 15 years ago when we realized that “compromise” and “common sense measures” were just key words denoting ‘give up your rights even more.’ Yes, all hell was raised when the public heard statements like “jackbooted thugs” (referring to the ATF) and “He (President Clinton) is willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda” but it shook the status quo and all of the sudden the Silent Majority was heard loud and clear even though Mainstream Media came down with all its might and every anti Second Amendment pundit took the pen or keyboard to label us as dangerous creeps. Then it came the ballot box and all of the sudden the “common sense” side lost big time by those who were tired of “compromise” and “common sense measures and laws”.

“But… but… but they are only advocating gun safety! You cannot be against gun safety you heathen!”  Well yes I can advocate against Gun Safety if it comes from Washington D.C. I mean really, Have you been paying attention at the trash coming out of D.C. in the last 60 years? Do you really think that a Government bureaucracy is going to make things safer? Will you really feel your Second Amendment right safe and sound with a Concealed Weapons database in the hands of the ATF? You actually think they would let Instructors from the NRA (the most hated Lobby Group in D.C.) be in charge of a Federal program? Dude, please!

Gun Deaths by accidents and negligence have taken a dive since the late 80’s. That people in our side use the specter of “Ohmyfuckinggodeverybodywithagunisamoronweneedregulation” shows the amount of disconnect between reality and their little piece of their imaginary world. Plus, let’s remember something: IT IS OUR RIGHT! Tyler and Robert would evacuate a block of baked clay if I were to demand that they were properly trained and certified by the FCC, NAB and FTC and whichever other regulatory commissions and groups are there before they even attempt to buy their first recording device or laptop to be used in Internet publishing. Yet, somehow it makes sense for them to demand those regulation for the folks buying a gun.

So to Robert and Tyler, grow a pair of gonads, share them and welcome to the 21st Century. Stop apologizing for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Addendum: To Jerome. Dude, regarding your comments about Gary Tudesko’s alleged misconducts as student at Willows High I just have to say that either you went to school at a Buddhist monastery or were a certified nerd.  Anyway, whatever he allegedly did or did not do had no relevance in the case and you are as guilty as the Principal who brought out those events in order to taint his character and maintain his expulsion. Gary Tudesko was a kid who was roughly treated by a school principle drunk in power and false moral superiority. You sounded with just about the same amount of false moral superiority. Gary Tudesko is not an ambassador of anything, he is just a kid and probably better behaved than many. So, Next time restrain yourself from sounding like one of those preachers that speak righteousness but they are doing crystal meth and have a mistress on the side.

Mark Vanderberg and the rest of GRRN is requesting subscribers to keep organiztion going. It is not much, just $24 a year. But, Can I support an organization that hosts minds like Robert, Tyler and Jerome? If they were the only game in the network, I would tell them to go to hell. But GRN also hosts ProArms and Urban Shooter Podcast which are my favorites,  so I guess I’ll be sending my donation anyways. It is up to you to make your own decision.

I am stupid so you shouldn’t have rights… if you believe me.

In an article in the Hufftington Post, ‘I am‘ Sam Isaac Edwards goes into deep soul searching cum confession explaining that because we was stupid that during a night of libido bullshit showing off to a girlfriend, after chugging half a bottle of tequila and fingerfucking with a .45 caliber gun he ended up with a negligent (Yes I am Sam, mixing booze, guns with macho posture and ending up with a non-programmed shot is NEGLIGENCE) discharge that killed his refrigerator. Because of his self-confessed stupidity, I Am Sam begs legislators to think again before allowing less enlightened humans carry a concealed weapon wherever alcohol is served.

This Flagellant article reeks fabrication. After a half a bottle of Tequila, normal human beings are pretty much in between deep sleep or serious alcohol coma. Yet I Am Sam is still in good shape but barely tipsy enough to forget his finger placement…Ooopsie! And if you were really “in control” after the fore mentioned half a bottle of tequila, then your problem is not guns but serious alcoholism. Put the gun down and go to the nearest AA meeting.

And you know, if you would have stopped there, I might have shut up and just make a comment about how your lack of brains is not enough to suspend the rights of the rest of your fellow citizens. But you had to add:

I opened the door and something deep red ran out onto the tile in quick rivulets. Jeez, I thought, I musta hit an artery. I had. Ocean Spray Cranberry, the Aorta sized bottle.

A tad over the top with the overreaching visual. You went from souffle to scrambled eggs with extra two stirs and the piece of deep literary and psychological insight became just another cheap political ploy. And publishing it in the HuffPoo didn’t help either. So I am calling it Bravo Sierra and you go to Jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. And for the next time, less is more.

Hat Tip and Muchas Gracias to Say Uncle

Gun Market in Somalia: 2 Libs get owned.

When I finally upgraded my old DirecTV box to a DVR, I went through the motions of setting my favorites and I guess I accidentally programmed Current TV (Wholly owned subsidiary of Global Warming Enterprises owned by Al Gore.) If you have nothing else to do, I recommend you watch it every so often to get a good laugh at the fantastic level of stupidity you can see in some of its shows.

I just finished watching one of their documentaries called Wanna buy an AK-47? by Kaj Larsen and Chritsof Putzel. I’ll take their word that two whiter than Wonder Bread youngsters just stroll in the middle of a Somali gun market, video camera in hand and proceed to haggle for guns. The expected anti-NRA rhetoric is obviously expressed by Mr. Putzel (more on his name in a minute) who tries his best to look professional handling both and AR-15 and several Aks but it looks like his experience does not go farther than playing with Arisoft replicas. Mr Putzel is even amazed at the fact that they sell RPG launchers (no grenades) openly and touches one with fear as if the launcher was going bite him

The best part of the video however is when Mr. Putzer visits another gun selling establishment and a Somali decides to mindf*ck him by aiming an RPG launcher at him. Mr. Putzer just wobbles and freaks like a little girl looking at a mouse and a roach copulate, pushes the launcher away and him and his cameraman seek refuge under a wooden shack to the absolute delight of the Somalis present who can’t help and laugh at the two morons.

You can even here somebody in the background say “No bullets!” amidst the laughter and catcalls. Of course, next comes the obligatory “We are suddenly in danger and we must flee for our lives” scenes and I actually believe it happened. Even though in the video they sort of hint that maybe they overstayed their visit at the gun market with a video camera, I suspect that in reality the translator might have overhead the crowd say something along the lines of “These two idiots just crapped their pants when somebody aimed an empty tube at them. I think it is time we introduce them to the joys of Somali Man-boy love.”

PS: Yes, the tactical bolding of Mr. Putzer’s name is a cheap and low pun. But it is damn funny and accurate after watching the video.

The Tennesseean: Americans have no right to carry guns in public.

According to The Tennessean’s guest “editorialist” David Randolph Smith, Americans do not have a right to defend themselves outside the home unless you can use a cell phone, a slurpee or some other less than lethal item.  The article is plagued by the usual mistaken references and “studies” that tell us without a doubt that armed citizens walking the streets with a gun strapped to their waist will become murderous and will massacre innocent people when they find out that their local McDonald’s is out of Chicken McNuggets. Even though that the famous and constant bloodbaths predicted by the Violence Policy Center and other Super-Duper Intelligent People have not happened, it is nice to bring out the misconceptions to stir the political base.

Funny thing, last night I was reminiscing about the first time I used a firearm in a defensive situation. It was in Nashville (Home of The Tennessean) way back when Belmont was a College and Reagan was President. I came to my apartment from a long day of class to find it ransacked and whatever few possessions I owned, gone. I called the cops who arrived late, did a perfunctory investigation and pretty much told me that I would recover my belongings when the moon developed pink polka dots. After getting an emergency loan from Dad and the door repaired by the landlord the next day (imagine the kind of night I had) I made a bee-line to the Arms Room where I proceeded to buy the only handgun I could afford: a Beretta .25 with a pop-up barrel, a mousy looking little thing but it was mine and gave me a measure of mental peace.

I was told by the “good people that cared for me” that violence and certainly guns were not the solution. That I would probably shoot myself accidentally, kill my roommate during an argument and other assorted lines in favor at the time but that we now know are just plain old political rubbish. One of those concerned souls was my downstairs neighbor Phil. Phil was from Chicago and emotionally bred in the ways of Daly and the Chicago political machine regarding guns and self-defense so he laid out a thicker layer of anti-gun and I admit I wavered a bit about the wisdom of owning a gun but it did not take hold due to events that would happen later.

As it happened, my apartment was not the only one that suffered the visit of criminals looking for a quick buck. At least 2 other apartments got robbed and one neighbor got attacked when he came home after a long day delivering pizzas. Dear Phil, using the wisdom of Chicago decided that in order to keep his possessions safe, he had to get a roommate that worked nights (most break ins happened during working hours) and he did so. Next enters Chip, good old boy from the mountains of Tennessee who was one of the nicest human beings you can ever meet. The problem for Phil was that Chip came attached with several long guns which made him nervous (You know them guns can jump at you and kill you when you are not looking) but a deal was struck between them when Chip promised to have his room locked so the guns would not escape and create mayhem.

Fast forward 3 weeks. It is Friday night and I invited Phil to my apartment to watch a Genesis concert on MTV (way back then MTV actually had music and even a live concert or two) while enjoying pizza. Halfway through the concert we hear thumping noises coming near the outside my apartment. We looked at each other intrigued about the noise, got up and went outside. Lo and Behold a human critter was on his earnest trying to kick Phil’s door down and actually was halfway down in the process. We screamed at the guy from the top of the stairs but he just looked at us for a second, ignored our shouts and resumed his kicking. I ran back inside, grabbed my little Beretta and stepped outside once more. To my surprise, Phil was backing up because the Bad Guy was now climbing the stairs towards my apartment while screaming in full voice the amount and quality of damage he was about to inflict on Phil’s ass. I moved Phil out of the way and pointed my gun straight to the Critter’s face. Bad Guy froze in his tracks, looked at the gun, looked at me and proceeded to slowly moonwalk down the stairs and into the street. The BG kept swearing and threatening but he was in an active rearward motion which I felt grateful for. But the next surprise came from Phil who rushed past me, finished breaking his door and rushed inside his apartment. I thought that he was going to make a call to the cops so i also came down and posted myself outside the building while keeping an eye on the Bad Guy who at this time was entering a beige colored Chevy with an accomplice at the wheel. My gun is still pointed at their general direction as to indicate I was willing to use it when suddenly Phil pushes me out of the way while holding one of Chip’s rifles: a 30-30 scoped lever action.

I swear that the beige Chevy had a dragster engine under the hood because the next thing I know, I hear rubber screaming and the car becomes a blur down the street. Phil is cussing up and down while trying to shoot at the car but his lack of knowledge was a blessing: the rifle was safe and unloaded. I calmed Phil down, got the rifle out of his hand and called the police. Police arrived some 20 minutes later, took a report and left. Nothing new here. The officer did point out that we might have broken a law or two by stepping outside with guns, but he wasn’t sure and was not going to inquire either.

It was a teachable moment for me. A property crime in progress and direct threat to a human being was stopped by the simple presence of a firearm.  Any doubts I had before about owning a gun disappeared that night. Nobody was killed or injured and even no more break-ins ever happened in our building. Some may scoff, but I do believe that the Bad Guys realized that the once Soft Target had become potentially deadly and the pay off was not worthwhile. It was time to seek Unarmed Targets for fun and profit somewhere else.

So, when I read Mr. Randolph-Smith editorial in The Tennessean, I cannot help and chuckle a bit and then just shake my head in disgust. If Mr. Randolph-Smith chooses to live his life depending on the police, he is more than welcome, having him as a target deflects Criminal’s attentions from other people towards him and I am OK with that: You made your bed, you can slumber in its consequences. But when he tries to impose General Victimhood by speaking against the Right Of People to Bear Guns, he is just one more ignorant fool who lives by the motto “Misery Loves Company And Then You Die.”

I rather live, thank you very much