Media Stupidity

From the BS Channel: UN Calvary to the rescue.

I keep seeing this cute imaginative video in some obscure Spanish language channel on DirecTV. It is titled Human Right #6. You Have Rights No Matter Where You Go.

The first time I saw this, I could not help but laugh heartily and sourly. The image of an SUV with a couple of U.N. morons stopping a bunch or armed thugs is just too much. I mean if we were talking about a weekend sale at the local child prostitution house, I have no doubt that we would see a caravan of US-taxpayer funded SUVs making a beeline to get in on the special or maybe even running it themselves.  But the idea that any of those morons would actually get themselves in harm’s way to save some innocent soul represents a huge stretch of the imagination or like our current stateless Secretary of State said once “it requires a willing suspension of disbelief” and I might add in industrial proportions.

To trust the United nations with your safety is like trusting Lorena Bobbit to check you for a hernia.

Stupid Journalism… but I repeat myself.

Found this little pic in which proudly announces that its mission is “organizing and distributing the world’s news.” Yeah right.

You can click on the pic to read the accompanying caption or just read below.

The body of a young man who was shot dead is examined by doctors at the emergency room of a hospital near the Petare slum in Caracas November 14, 2009. Gun laws are lax in Venezuela, where the government estimates there are 6 million firearms circulating among the population of about 28 million. Venezuela’s murder rate is about 8 times that of the United States.

First, to say that the gun laws in Venezuela are lax is akin to say that Mayor Bloomberg and Dianne Feinstein  are Pro-Gun and members of the NRA. To legally buy a gun in Venezuela you must be really connected to the Government and have a crapload  of money or have a level of patience that would send Job to the Loony House… and still be ready to shell some serious bucks. I am not up to date on gun prizes nowadays but the yardstick years ago was US retail price plus $700 to $1,000 extra for any gun at any of the v ery few, very controlled gun stores. You must submit a long form, background and psychological checks, fingerprints, photos and a letter stating why you want a firearm. Now, the permit to own is only issued to an specific gun so you must buy a gun first but can’t take it with you until the paperwork gets approved (if) and even then the gun does not belong to you but it is sort of leased and subject to recall by the Government at any time. Basically you go through the expense and aggravation to buy a gun for the State.  I almost forgot, the choice of guns is very limited to .32 ACP, 38 Special and maybe a double barrel shotgun. 9mm, .45 ACP and other calibers and long guns are Military Weapons forbidden to civilians. Forget about anything full auto.

Second, I am not sure how any “journalist” can actually believe anything coming out of the Venezuelan Government, but Reuters plays along for whatever lazy or sick reason they have. I doubt much that there are 6 million guns in the hands of the rank and file Venezuelan but I do know that the number one provider of firearms to crooks is the own Chavez Government. Chavez has a full fledged campaign against any local law enforcement agency that is somewhat efficient in the prosecution of crime. He has a judge come up with a judicial intervention order and he sends his military goons to take over the stations were the first things to be grabbed are: The guns.  That those guns later appear in the hands of crooks is yet to be explained by the Venezuelan Government.

The next two pictures are from the Tupamaros, a very Pro-Chavez group that has applied violence liberally against those who dare oppose the revolution. Do notice the equipment:

Uzis, MP-5s, pump shotguns, FN-FALs, grenades, military radios… yep, you can by those at any local supermarket.  These goons literally control vast neighborhoods at gunpoint and the police are pretty much useless and unarmed to compete. There might be 6 million guns out there, but they are all in the wrong hands.

Murder rate in Caracas, the capital city is 108 per 100,000. 98% of all murders go unsolved. People consider that the lack of security is the number one problem affecting the country. The fear of dying at the hands of these animals is so great they are willing to do whatever is necessary including giving up any vestigial remains of Rights they may have left. Gun Control does work but only in favor of those lusting for absolute power.

Sometimes there is hope and a measure of sanity.

You are a conceited Media Talking Head/Reporter Cum Laude. You go on TV with a false report based on fake documents in an effort to derail a presidential campaign and a President. Your “hard hitting” piece is taken apart by bloggers who show the world the amount of stupidity required to miss the documents are fakes. Even though the evidence of the provenance indicates a political operative working for the opposition, you dismiss it all and stand for your piece. The scandal after that grows so huge that the Media Outlet has to take the report back and asks you to withdraw your initial statements, you refuse and you get your ass canned for lying to the American Public and putting the Network in danger of showing them for the fools they really are. What do you do? SUE THE NETWORK.

Well, Dan Rather’s suit just got tossed out. He will actually have to go back and do voice overs for PBS documentaries about the plight of the native american homosexual transparent earthworm in Iowa.  It could not have happened to a nicer liar.

I pledge to President Obama?

By via of Michelle Malkin, the new Hollywood production of Buttkissers for Obama shown at Eagle Bay Elementary School in Farmington, Utah. This has gone far beyond Beverly Hills left wing rubbish and now us just plain scary. No, I am not making it up, the title do reflect a pledge in the video.

I know that any comparison to the Nazis is considered a Non-Starter, but this is the first thing the video above reminded me of:

We pledge to you, Adolf Hitler, loyalty and bravery. We swear obedience to you and the superiors appointed by you, even unto death, as God is our witness.
The SS Oath

Sorry, but this is the only pledge I’ll ever say.

And just in case:

I do solemnly swear, or affirm, that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; pledging my life, my fortune and my sacred honor, so help me God.

And if you still haven’t figured it out: Only subjects pledge to a head of state. We are Citizens!

Captain Obvious speaking…


That has been the cognoscenti reaction to New Hampshire and Phoenix. where law abiding citizens had the unspeakable gall to legally carry firearms in the open. Immediately the race card was brought into play (“You know them rednecks just wanna kill our black President!”) but MSNBC pretty much shredded it when it manipulated the video of a man with a rifle at the Phoenix rally and vapid newsgirl Contessa Brewer explained that “because people feel like, yes, there are Second Amendment rights for sure but also there are questions about whether this has racial overtones. I mean, here you have a man of color in the presidency and white people showing up with guns strapped to their waists or to their legs.” Unfortunately for the MSNBC Race Card players, other outlets (Mostly Internet) showed that the alleged racist redneck was in fact a Black Gentleman.

After that colossal failure, the “reasonable” crowd of reasonable morons entered the fray. “Well yes, you do have a right but is it reasonable to have a gun at a politically charged event? What if…?” The Reasnoally Afable Idiots want to point out that tempers could flair if a gun is brought to such an emotionally charged event and bad things could happen.  HELLO? There are no “what ifs” here my dear moron. There were TWO EVENTS WERE WEAPONS WERE PRESENT AND NOTHING HAPPENED! q.e.d.

I know, it is obvious, but some people need to be foresmacked with a cricket paddle to loosen up the gears inside the cranium and process the information right in front of their noses.

Now, should I scare them and inform them about the people attending these rallies and carrying a concealed weapon? I better not, they would not look their best if their bowels loosen up in front of the camera.