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The Grimnoir Chronicles: Dark, twisted and 100% Correia.

Larry Correia is one of my favorite authors and also a self-appointed sadist to his fans. Right now he is offering a sample of seven chapters of his next work: The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic so we can literally beg and threaten him with a copy of the book.

The book won’t be released till next year (remember the part about self-appointed sadist to his fans?) but it is already drumming up a storm. If you haven’t read anything of Larry’s, check his blog or buy his first book: Monster Hunter International which Larry also gives a taste for free here. If you like it, be ready: Monster Hunter Vendetta is coming in September.

Monster Hunters Everywhere!

Uncle Ted, Monster Hunter.

As seen in Larry’s Blog and agreeing with many of Larry’s fans when they said:
This is the height of awesomeness!
One cannot begin to imagine the amount of firepower that Uncle Ted can bring to a Monster fight…. all by his lonesome. I picture Werewolf hides nailed to a wall in a secret recording studio somewhere in the wild.

We truly are a Monster Hunter Nation.

Bravo Sierra call on those alleged attacks to Congresscritters.

Jim at Wolf Tracks applies logic and calls it as he sees it:

Another reason we know there are no “bullets being shot through windows” is extremely obvious: any Patriot who shoots through a window isn’t going to miss their target and there’d be a body laying on the floor near that window

Yep, that pretty much covers it.

Living Death has a particular taste.

According to Larry Correia’s latest: Wall of Flame Challenge.

This pepper laughs at jalapenos. This pepper makes the habenero it’s bitch. This pepper has no name, and the ancient Middianites who discovered it referred to it only as – TERRIBLE SHRIEKING DOOM – before it destroyed their entire civilization. This pepper exists in multiple quantum dimensions at one time. This pepper divides by zero.

A Nightingale For Valentines.

A crew from the United States Air Force spent Saturday night and Sunday morning airlifting different groups of wounded soldiers from Kandahar to Camp Bastion to Bagram, back to Kandahar, then back to Bagram, and back to Kandahar. These patients were from Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Here, an Air Force nurse caresses the head of a wounded, unconscious Canadian soldier while whispering into his ear. Photo & Story by Michael Yon.