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Monster Hunter International: The Mass Edition!

Several bloggers and a couple or more thousands of lucky readers have already plagued the net and Amazon comment section with the equivalent of standing ovations about Larry Correia’s book about Vampires, Werewolves, The Cursed One and other assorted monsters.  A horror book written by gun guy who actually knows about firearms is just too good to pass so don’t.  I did a review a while back so out of laziness I will just let you read it by clicking here. Click on the picture and pre-order your copy now.

I’ll leave you now. I am halfway on my 8th re-reading or MHI. Yes, it is that good.

Monster Hunter International now in Amazon.

The odyssey of Warren Zastava Pitt is coming to Amazon. Monster Hunter International is now in pre-order at Amazon.com and if the way Edition Zero disappeared from the market is any indication of its popularity, you better get yours now.  My order is already in so my copy of Edition Zero can take a well deserved rest and placed safely in the cherished books section of my personal library. I reviewed the book a while back so I won’t go over the details once more, but MHI became an Internet Cult Classic (I think the proper modern terminology is “went viral”) on its own by electronic word of mouth.

The lesser of two Democrats

Truth in political advertising.
Truth in political advertising.

Whenever I fee too polite, I drop by Monster Hunter Nation and read Larry Correia’s latest which inspired the butchered Photoshop creation displayed above. Click on it for better resolution.

This year we are faced between a shit sandwich and a shit hot dog. Not very palatable options and still we must ingest one.

Set aims for Congress 2010. We were caught asleep at the wheel too many times already. We cannot let it happen again or risk lose everything.