Mike Rowe, ladies and gents!

Not everyone is interested in going on to tik tok. I do, however, highly recommend watching this video.

Mike Rowe is an all around fantastic person. He’s an eagle scout, and entrepreneur, and a huge supporter of getting kids into the trades. I absolutely adore the man and everything he stands for.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. 🤣😂

What’s a little Emotional Blackmail Amongst Friend?

A Democratic US senator at the forefront of a push to enact new gun control measures has said Republicans “don’t give a crap” about children or gun violence.

Connecticut’s Chris Murphy – who has been a leading force for Democrat gun control efforts since the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school shooting killed 26 people in his state, 20 of them children – made the comment in a wide-ranging interview with Salon that was published on Tuesday.
Chris Murphy: Republicans ‘don’t give a crap’ about children or gun violence

To paraphrase “If you don’t do it the way I want you to do it you hate children!”

The gist has been for many many years that because I don’t want to give up my rights, because I don’t want to give up my freedom, because I don’t want to give up my firearms that I am an evil, hateful person that wants children to die.

We did the annual firearm inventory the other day. This is the time when I lay hands on each and every firearm I own. I verify that the serial number is properly recorded and check for any maintenance the firearm might need. Like cleaning and oiling. As an example, my oldest AR-15 style firearm doesn’t get taken out very often. It was cleaned and oiled after that inventory was completed.

Am I fearful of any of those firearms? No. Do I respect them? Yes, I do. I treat each and every one of them with respect because each and every one of them could kill me or a loved one dead if I am not careful.

So how would one of my firearms become involved in a death?

  1. It could be stolen and used outside of my control
  2. There could be an accidental discharge
  3. There could be a negligent discharge
  4. There could be an intentional discharge with intent

I have reasonable precautions in place to protect my firearms from being stolen. Are they perfect? No. Are they as good as they could be? Again no. Those are decisions I’ve made.

Could there be an accidental discharge? By accidental I mean things like racking the slide and the gun goes bang with out my finger on the trigger, or the firearm is dropped and goes bang when in a safe condition, or if somebody without knowledge fired the firearm. For example my grandchild.

My grandchild doesn’t visit very often. When he does visit the firearms are more securely stored. This is because he could do something accidently. For the rest, following the safety rules pretty much prevents a death due to accidental discharge.

At one point I looked at the possibility of a negligent discharge as “ain’t going to happen to me”. It did happen to me. I have a Marlin 3082 with scope. In order to make it “easier” to manipulate the hammer the former owner put a hammer extension on it.

I was at the range and preparing to safe the weapon. With the firearm pointed down range I attempted to lower the hammer. The hammer slipped from my thumb, hit the firing pin and fired the weapon. The round went into the ground, all safe.

I’ve since changed the way I lower the hammer on any of my external hammer firearms. My left thumb goes between the firing pin and the hammer and then I manipulate the hammer to lower it. If the hammer falls it hits my thumb, not the firing pin.

Regardless, using the four safety rules solve the problem of negligent discharges. They still happen but that is life. We do the best we can to reduce the time it does happen.

Finally, there could be an intentional discharge. This is the case where there is justification for the use of deadly force and I choose to use it. At that point somebody is going to be stopped. They might die.

In not one of these situations is there a single law that can be introduced that would stop “bad things” from happening. A safe storage law wouldn’t solve the problem entirely and it means that the state is deciding what is best for my family. To have no ability to defend my family or to have a very low risk of a minor accessing a firearm and something bad happening.

If I decide to use deadly force it is a decision I make fully understanding the consequences of that decision. No law is going to stop it.

Chris Murphy acts like a spoiled petulant child. He has his toys (security guards) and if you don’t do what he wants he’s going to throw a fit.

I do give a crap. I don’t agree with his solution. That doesn’t make me evil. It doesn’t make me a bad person. I’ve stood between an aggressor and a loved one ready to go to jail if need be. I’m pretty sure he can’t say the same. I doubt very seriously that he has done the calculus on use of force to defend himself or others.

Chris Murphy has others he pays to make that hard decision.

From the Bureau of ATF: Box Whine and #GunSense

For as long as I’ve been scouring Twitter’s entertaining #GunSense tag, any time I’ve come across a phony “mom” demanding “action” (or worse, a real mom so resigned to being helpless that she’s actually emdangering the only things on earth she ought to risk it all to save), I’d typically just seagull the thread long enough to poop out the following image. It pretty much sums up Bloomberg’s city-dwelling, terrified, out-of-touch, vaguely female clientele and its uniformly uninformed opinion about safety and defense:


I dont know who came up with that, but it’s a classic. And like most classics, there’s now a remake with better special effects and a bigger budget, plus some corporate product placement for good measure. And unlike the sewage pouring steadily out of Hollywood, this one’s actually better than the original (or at least as good). Save it to your online ammo box and hit ’em where it hurts:



Hat tip D. Mike.

Please Stop, You’re Not Helping.


Rest safe citizens of Ferguson, the Oath Keepers are on patrol!

On second thought… this is EXACTLY the wrong kind of image to be center state in Ferguson right now.  I get it, there is civil unrest.  A year ago there was looting and vandalism and riots.  You want somebody to keep the peace.  But this isn’t helping.

The reality as to what happened in Missouri a year ago are irrelevant at this point.  The narrative is in control this particular train and has the throttle wide open going into a dead man’s curve.  As far as the media and the public conscience are concerned there are only three important facts: dead black kid, white shooter, militaristic response by police to social injustice.  Guess what, the media just can’t wait for you to take a shot at another unarmed black kid to use you as an exemplar of the “racist, paranoid, white assault rifle owner.”

Go away.  I don’t care if you really were a Ranger or if you only played one online, you are fanning the flames and making the rest of us look bad.  And before you call me a hypocrite, the Koreans on the rooftops during the LA Riots were defending their business, not patrolling the streets looking like a Blackwater contractor guarding a VIP in the Green Zone.  Go home and get out of the spot light.  I don’t want to lose my AR because you didn’t know when to leave yours locked in the safe.

Why do we keep cheating women out of life?

I am all for empowering women. From the point of view of the pure male chauvinistic pig, I think strong women are sexy as hell (24 years with my lovely wife should be an indicator) and from the point of view of sheer laziness, I like the idea of not having to drag a woman alongside the supplies, weapons, ammo and hear her complain she forgot her make up case. I just hate whiny I-am-a-victim-pity-me women.

So, I am all for women to learn to defend themselves and to take any and all classes on any self defense thing out there; the more & better tools, the more independent she will be. So, Why in God’s good graces will anybody come up with certified bullshit like this?

Gardner says your cell phone is the best weapon because you can hit someone in a sensitive area such as their neck or throat. You can even take a photograph of that person who is being violent to you.

Debbie Gardner is the Survive Institute’s co-founder…or some crap like that. Allegedly she was a cop and I assume that she was issued some sort of communications device in lieu of sidearm as she patrolled the streets and used it successfully against bad guys in order for her to say that a cell phone is the best weapon.

This is irresponsible training. You cannot text to death anybody when your life is at stake. Maybe back at the beginning of the cell phone era when we had huge suckers like the old Motorola Brick, but you really think a petite woman with an IPhone is going to defeat a 250lbs attacker bent on evil? There is no app for that.

Yes, teach as much as you can on any and all the options. But do not dare to guarantee that the best weapon in your purse is a flimsy cell phone when you know damn well that keeping distance from an attacker is anybody’s best chance and a firearm provides the opportunity to do that with the added benefits serve as a not-so gentle reminder to the attacker that actions will have serious consequences and delivering such consequences if the attacker pays no heed to the obvious warning.

Spare me of the Politically Correct Bullshit Training.

The Missus and .357 - I am a good hubby or else.

PS: I am not even going deep to comment on the “take a photograph of that person who is being violent to you.” That sounds like “We would appreciate that you should have some sort of evidence with you when we find your corpse.”

Time to control your boys before shit hits the fan. (Part 2)

My favorite <snicker> Low Fat Patriot attended the Armed Restore the Constitution rally at Greensboro and came back with his usual load of BS renewed. I did get branded as collectivist ann another member got tagged as waffle and made a disparaging comment about his mother (classy).

So what are these Threepers after? They seem to make no bones about wanting a Civil War which leads me to believe that they have no fucking idea what a Civil War looks like. I am guessing in their minds all wars are clean affairs in which good guys win, all bad guys die and they get to schtump the blond with the prodigious frontal protuberances while sipping their favorite alcoholic beverage. Civil  War must have the additional appeal of being a “neighborly” war where they can go home after 5 pm, soak in the jacuzzi with a beer firmly clutched in their hands while commenting on the points…er… body count they obtained during the day and the availability of fresh parking at the local mall after their raids.

Unfortunately Civil wars, as somebody has pointed out, are rather uncivil. And please, do not compare military service in a war zone with being involved in a civil war unless you are a 200+ year old Civil War Veteran (If you are, I do wanna know the secret of your longevity, email me.) Civil wars have no rules, no fronts, no back home support, no JAG, no tribunals worth a damn (Anybody check lately the great advancements of the Balkan War Crimes Tribunals?) Nothing will screw your brain faster than realizing the guy you have known for x amount of years who lives next door and you shared BBQs and carpools with is intent on raping your wife, slashing the throats of your kids and practice buck skinning on your hide.

I am no speaking out of a theoretical-book-read collection of essays here. My family has lived through several of these shindigs and I personally went through a couple of honest to God Third World temporary suspensions of morals, laws and civility to leave a nasty taste in the mouth. I have sat down with survivors of the Spanish Civil War that after much coaching, opened up just a bit about what they saw, had to do and even the niceties of living in a concentration camp.

Now that I mention the Spanish Civil War, I realize that it is a good parallel. Many people from many countries went to Spain in the 1930’s with eyes bright & full of illusions of justice and fight for the right cause (defined of course alongside the lines of Trotskysim, Fascism, Stalinism, Anarchism and whatever -ism was able to pay his/her fare to join the war and called themselves the true revolutionaries/patriots/comrades, etc.) These people wished for war to prove that their own little intellectual theories were right. They wanted a revolution not for the sake of the People but to buttress their egos, to thumb their noses and the conventionalism or simply because if was fashionable then.

Of course violence has a nasty way to smack the stars out of naive eyes.  Those who could, left in a hurry and the unlucky were buried. Those hungry for power stayed and wreaked havoc on the population and when the Fascist finally won, what was left was a country so destroyed that a massive migration ensued to the Americas. Spain did not recover and became a somewhat free country till the 1970s and only after Franco died.

Unknown Spanish City. Probably Guernica by the damage.
Refugees fleeing
Refugees fleeing

Tom Mann Anti Facist group (British in search of fun with guns)
Members of the Legion Condor from Nazi Germany posing with General Franco.
Members of the Legion Condor from Nazi Germany posing with General Franco.
Spanish kids hidding from the Luftwaffe
Spanish kids hiding from the Luftwaffe
And the iconic photo of the Spanish Civil War.
And the iconic photo of the Spanish Civil War.

This is my history, my background. The story of my kin and of their kids they never had and who I never knew because they died and were never able to have a family.

And that some wannabes dressed up like overgrown G.I. Joes think that Civil War is some sort of cool shit is just repulsive. Plus they have the gonads to say they are “restoring the Constitution” but seek to eliminate or silence those who disagree. Sort of weird interpretation of the Bill of Rights if you ask me.

End Of Rant. We return to our regular programming.

Time to control your boys before shit hits the fan. (Part 1)

It is no secret that I hold serious contempt for  the 3% crowd. From what I have personally seen, most of them are one step removed from Internet Ninjas and those kids that dress all tactical to play with airsofts. No, I don’t know how the movement started or who did it and I couldn’t care less but one thing is certain: the founders of this thing will be facing a shit storm soon enough if they don’t have their kiddies tone down the rhetoric.

I know I am not the only one sick of the NO COMPROMISE hollering and then the sudden silence when one request proof their achievements. We are tired of the innuendos, accusations and falsehoods spread all over the interwebs just because or for whatever idiotic reasons they have to insult and belittle those who are actually are doing something but does not meet their stringent criteria of No Compromise, a criteria that besides impossible to realize, they designed from the comfort of their couches while typing warrior-like posts in their favorite forums.

All that is fine and dandy. You have the right to mentally masturbate as much as you want and live in your life of fantasy telling everybody how you will slay the enemies of the country with the latest and coolest M4gery with all kinds of cute tactical gear attached to the Picatinny rails and one much different is when you cross the threshold and actually threaten the people on your side but who do not happen to share your inflated and imaginary views on how things should be done.

I happen to be the target of a local ThreePer who believes I am the reincarnation of Uncle Joe Stalin. This particular Idjit and I have butted heads in a private forum I administer because I have dared to: 1) Challenge his bullshit and 2) Remove posts that are not in concordance with the forum mission statement (and that you must agree to belong) but he chooses to ignore and 3) Open hostility against any Law Enforcement personnel which is dumb when you realize that about one third of the membership is LEO from local, state and federal levels .  Mr. Idjit is “preparing” for the “upcoming civil war” and I am guessing he is doing his sick version of Santa’s List and checking who is a patriot and who is not under his nutjobbery standards.

So far we have managed to avoid real life confrontations when we are at the range. Mostly I ignore the shit out of him, but the tension is palpable. If you look hard enough you might see a dribble of foam in the corner of his mouth whenever i pass by. I know that he has been issuing less than nice comments about me at the after matches reunions some shooters have at the local beers & wings establishment and some of the fellow shooters have informed me so. It was not the comments themselves (I’ve been called asshole once or twice before and sometimes with reason) but the level of hate and vitriol spewed has been such that people have felt the need to warn me. Initially I did not give too much care about that, but when I started to receive this messages, my view changed a tad:

you need to be removed. you are nothing more than a petty tyrant that uses his position to silence and obstruct opposition. when you go, take rob with you. understand that i will be sending a like message to him. love and kisses.

Another charming message went:

your days are numbered. do you not understand that the men i establish bonds with at (local eatery), (another local eatery) , and (another local eatery) far exceed your influence? i suspect that has a lot to do with it. you have no influence except for your petty tyranny. that and you being a socialist and all. you are a dry twig after the summer. winter will see you fall from the tree

And a third example:

again, your days are numbered. slowly but surely, day by day, deleted posts by deleted post, you dig your own grave. i have but one mission in life now, and that it to see you relieved. you are nothing more than a petty tyrant. *spit*

I am not worrying too much, but then again I am not turning my back when this asshole is around. We have already lost members because of this guy’s attitude and absurd verbal bellicosity. As one other threatened member has said “for all the talk about revolution, this is probably the kind of guy that will dig a deep hole and hide when the bullets start coming his way.”

So what is it to you? You are probably saying: “Dude this is your particular and very local problem. One crazy dude.” The problem is I am seeing more and more of the same blundering BS posted by other 3Pers in forums and blogs across our patch and in every state of the Union. The formula is usually I Hate LEOs-I Hate NRA-I Hate .Gov-I Hate You For Disagreeing with Me. They are visitors of certain No Compromise blogs and brand as traitor anyone who does not agree 1,000% with them. They see those who have a different view as rats against their version of the Cause for Freedom and I wouldn’t be surprised if some are having their own little Robespierre plans on how to deal with us.

The only problem is, we ain’t SanFran Hippies easily cowered by their attitude. Do not wish war, fire and brimstone upon us, you may not like our response.

(more to come)