What I think about on Independence Day

Well, it’s Independence Day 2017. Usually as it’s just the halfway point of the calendar year, I like to take stock of what’s taken place in the 2A community, and in our world as a whole. The Big thing of course is a President who is supposedly has committed himself to fixing this country’s ills. Next was that this President appointed a former Marine General as Secretary of Defense, and a former Navy Seal as Secretary of the Interior who rode to his first day of work on a horse, then repealed that stupid lead ammo ban!


But make no mistake folks, the Anti-rights crowd still wants to keep you from enjoying your firearms, keep you from Hunting if you so desire, keep you from carrying a handgun for personal protection, and keep you from having a firearms for protection in your home, and in your car.

So it’s up to you to be vigilant. It’s up to you to support candidates who will protect our rights, because it doesn’t happen without you.


You need to call your Senators and Congressmen because they are elected to enact laws that WE want enacted, not to “vote their feelings” on laws. Not to live in fancy houses and claim that $174,000 a year is not enough money to live on when were about to hit 20 Trillon in debt.


After Congressman Scalise was shot, another Congressman introduced a bill that would allow any Member of either house if they so desired, to carry a handgun for protection, even in DC. So I Say, “WHAT ABOUT ME” why can’t the “Average American” who has a CCW permit in his home state, have the ability to carry anywhere in the United States? Well that Bill, H.R. 38 sits not in Committee, but in Sub-Committee!!


To say that I’m outraged is putting it mildly. Did we not elect a Pro-Firearm majority House and Senate? I thought we did it so we could fix the country as the President promised. Not for the Liberal whiners to screw it up. Chuck Schumer and his stupid actress/comedy hack cousin Amy can prattle on all they want, but we have control of the country at least until 2020 and we better get off our rear ends or we will give control of our country back to the Socialists!


This is how I get when I don’t get to shoot! I’m recovering from a concussion back at the end of April, where I also broke a bone in my wrist of my shooting hand, so with my 57th Birthday approaching, I’m looking forward to getting down to my indoor range to shoot (Shameless plug approaching) since we’re entering our 21st day of +100 degree temps, and the only climate controlled, six 25 yard pistol lane, 4 100 yard rifle lane Shooting Range (also 50 yard Archery range!) is Copper Star Indoor Shooting range in Camp Verde Arizona. Sometimes I like Indoor ranges like this one because you can almost duplicate a situation like what you might encounter at your house during a home invasion.


Family run, Veteran owned businesses like this are important to our

Industry, so during the warmer months I like to get there every 10-14 days. The shop reminds me of the shop my Uncle was a part owner of in the 1960’s and 70’s. I hope you get to shoot this summer. Please observe the 4 safety rules. A few weeks ago I got to be a guest panelist on the Polite Society Podcast, with Paul & Susan Lathrop, Rob Morse, Rachel Malone, and others. I also host my own Podcast, Firearms Chat. Both can be found on iTunes, Facebook, and both, along with several other shows, can be found on Self Defense Radio Network at Selfdefenseradio.net and my show is Firearmschat.com and our show is approaching our 4th anniversary. We look forward to you checking us out! Thanks.

About Dr. Bill Chachkes- A Retired Educator, Patriot, former Competition Shooter who still competes with his 22’s,  Ex-Rotary and Propeller winged Pilot, Sportswriter, Musician, and former US Army Warrant Officer. His Second Book, titled “I’m No Hero” is in Development, and hopefully will be out in late 2017/Early 2018

Above a million! Weeeeee!

Found the site urldogg.com in my report and I saw what are reported to be my stats.

Gunfreezone.net is the 981,330th most visited site on the internet. The homepage of gunfreezone.net links out to 21 other websites. The website’s IP address is, and there is 1 other website hosted at the same IP address. Gunfreezone.net gets about 1,115 pageviews per day, and earns an estimated $3.35 daily. The server location of gunfreezone.net is Houston, TX, United States (US ).

Making boatloads of money apparently. I wanna know who’s been keeping my three bucks and change!

And I can see the rank of other bloggers in my links:

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    Political Moron of The Week: Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.)

    “It’s a great moment. I’m proud to have been here,” said a teary-eyed Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee led the effort in the Senate. “No one will know until this is actually in place how it works. But we believe we’ve done something that has been needed for a long time.

    Again, we are going to get anally rammed with an unread 2,000 page document but this time giving the Government almost dictatorial powers over the rest of our economy.  My question is, Will we have a Country come November?

    Chest Puffers and Rights Moochers: It is time to put up or shut up.

    Via Snowflakes in Hell we hear that the Obama Administration wants DISCLOSE to get passed come hell or high water. Now that y’all vociferously complained about the NRA and its deal but never how to get the bill defeated, here is your chance! It is time to put your comfortable asses where your gigantic mouths were flapping and do the heavy lifting.

    The Bad News: The groups that want our Gun Rights curtailed have done a much better job than you opposing DISCLOSE. You guys are way behind the curve so you better put some traction to “NO Compromise” and quit the bullshit.  C’mon dears, chop-chop. You don’t want me to say again that you guys are good for nothing else that ridding the NRA’s coat tails, right?

    Florida Casino License and the current Administration in D.C.

    I am taking a little break after spending a better part of my waking hours today filling 17 pages to apply for a Florida’s Slot Machine Individual Occupational License and Professional or Business Employee Supplemental Information. If you want to work in any casino in Florida in any capacity (may it be as owner,  a blackjack dealer or sweeping the sidewalks) you must get this license. The amount of information required by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation is so intrusive it is ticking me off royally but I got to think that about half the people in our current administration in DC wouldn’t be able to apply for this license at all. Florida demands info for proof of citizenship as in a Birth Certificate to IRS records to having never been in an police investigation, fraud, dishonorable discharge, any civil, criminal or investigative procedure, Grand Jury investigations, pardons, local or state code violations, etc.

    Geez…. To think I am more prepared to be Czar or Secretary of something than the Hope & Change Gang.

    Political Moron of The Week: Mayor Daley. Dude, it is embarrasing.

    I know desperation must be setting deep in Mayor Daley’s heart, but when I read in The Chicago Sun Times the following:

    “This is coming from international mayors. They’re saying, ‘We’re tired of your guns, America. … We don’t want those anymore because guns kill and injure people,’ ” Daley told a news conference at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

    I think it is time for him not only to step down but to seek mental care urgently.  Oh hell, I’ll say it, Daley, you are a treasonous bastard who rather side with the foreign Countries than protect & defend the Constitution of your country.  You should be given an all expenses paid long vacation in Club Gitmo.

    Hat Tip to Of Arms and the Law.