Fearmongering & the Art of Stupidity

Myriam Marquez is a columnist for the Miami Herald which is my local rag. She published her column today regarding those evil assault weapons that are murdering tons of people in the Miami Dade County area.  How Ms. Marquez ever got a job at the Miami Herald as a writer is amazing and indicative of the level of desperation that the editorial board must be feeling although it is more likely a case of political correctness run amok because they needed a woman in the column section.

Ms. Marquez starts her rubbish by painting a horrifying picture of a “massacre” that happened recently in Liberty City. Apparently an AK 47 all on its own sprayed a group of people playing craps outside some apartment complex and it is suspected that the same or similar AK 47 (again on its own) was involved in a shooting in Brownsville. These Zombies AK 47 have become a curse because they don’t need human intervention to do their mayhem.

She tries to make up after that Horror Movie introduction with the snappy comment :

Oh, excuse me. Weapons don’t kill people. People do. Except the weapon that criminals use can make the difference between death and survival.

OK, we are doing better now. It seems that after all, there was somebody actually behind the AK 47s. For a second I was actually worried that we were being invaded by possessed rifles. But then she makes the first of her really incendiary comments, an insult to millions os law abiding Gun Owners:

Assault weapons are meant to do the dirty on cops.

All of the sudden, we are nothing more that potential cop killers. We are beasts ready to pounce on the Thin Blue Line. We are scum. How sad for Ms. Marquez to think that the actual group of people that supports your average Law Enforcement Officer is nothing more than Mass Murderers.

She goes on to spew the standard lies and fabrications probably fed by the Brady Campaign without double checking the sources. The best is how murders by those Evil Zombie Assault Weapons now are responsible for 20% of the murders in Miami during 2007. Now that is funny because according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Miami Dade county had 240 murders during that period and if the stat she mention is right, 60 of those murders were committed by those Evil Zombie Assault Weapons. Funny thing is that in any Newspaper in this country, 60 murders by “Assault Weapon” would make a huge front page splash… except the Miami Herald who it seems it was not newsworthy or cooler heads thought they can only push a lie so far.  But pushing lies seems to be the norm for Ms. Marquez. her column states that machine guns have been banned for decades although I just had an enjoyable night of shooting with the owner of a suppressed machine gun in one of our public ranges. You see, machine guns are not banned, they are restricted, they are expensive but if you have the money and the patience, you can own one and legally shoot it. I guess Ms. Marquez chose to ignore such little tidbit in her “fifth column.”

And here we have another jewel:

I grew up with guns, have owned and shot them at target practice. So I get it. But there’s no valid reason for hunters to have assault weapons or for city folks to own them unless they plan to kill en masse.

Ms. Marquez clearly belongs to that group that has a serious visual impairment: In the infrequent case that when they read the Bill Of Rights, a congenital optical defects makes the Second Amendment disappear or transforms itself to read something about the right of hunters to carry arms whenever the Government says so. It seems that Ms. Marquez reading is limited to The Motorcycle Diaries and never heard of the Federalist Papers or the Anti Federalist Papers or she would never said such left wing baloney. And let’s not skip on the insult once again: You have an Evil Black Rifle, you are nothing more than a mass murderer.

She goes on to quote Mayor Manny Diaz and Police Chief John “I drive a free SUV” Timoney crying about the increase of murders and how easy is now for the gangs to obtain the Evil Black Rifles. However crime numbers from the FDLE website reveal that after Chief John Timoney took office in January of 2003, crime shot up in Miami Dade but the Assault Weapons Ban did not expire until September of 2004. So it seems more a question of ineffective Police leadership than guns after all. Maybe the true mass murderers are not those of us with Evil Black Rifles but the Mayor and the Police Chief with the tactical support of Journalistic Whores.

To Be Continued…

On Simpleton High-Falutin Morons.

If there is something that chemically roasts my loins are the simplistic buffoons that try to sabotage an effort because they might not like something associated with it. These killjoys assume a higher moral ground and have no qualms on pissing on everybody’s efforts no matter how noble just because they might disagree on a 1% item. And I swear I must be getting old and grouchy because I feel like I want to slap them into their first set of dentures.

With the incoming taking of power of The Great and Powerful Ozbama, many of us are trying to drum up membership into the NRA. Let’s face it, the NRA is still the biggest dog in Capitol Hill regarding the defense of the Second Amendment but we must make its bark even louder in the days ahead. In one of the online forums I attend, we are trying to get people to join if they have not done so and, of course, a High-Falutin Moron must butt in to screw the pooch:

I dispise the nra for some of their past practices of selling our rights down the river. Our choices are near non-existent, but they will not be getting anything further from me. I had a lifetime membership but had it cancelled.

OK, no biggie. But when asked what are the supposed misdeeds by the NRA, I get the following response:

I do not have the links in my favorites to provide to you about the nra’s tramplings, but they are many, and a google away for you to find if you like. It is just further proof of my earlier post where people do not care enough to get involved to the point where they can even google information about the deception of an organization that is supposed to be on our side.

Wait a damn minute! You “dispise” the NRA so much but you are not able to recollect one single solitary incident to share? What kind of low grade, diaper-wearing, drool spreader ignoramus feels free to badmouth and accuse the NRA but yet cannot recall one item they have done and then shifts his burden of proof on you?

Gun owners like this we do not need. They are not only selfish traitors but they will be used by the opposition as poster child to demonize us and rob us of our liberties. Then again they might be flunkies for the Anti Rights Liberals. In any case, they must be fought.

Wipe off the tears and raise the Jolly Roger.

Are you done crying and slobbering? Need a hanky?

The die was cast and we lost. Obama is here for Four Years whether we like it or not. John McCain fought like a Gentleman and lost like a Loser. He imposed on himself and his followers asinine Rules of Engagement while the opposition did not bother with such niceties. It is the same stupid concept that hogties our troops in the battlefield and puts them at deadly risk. Make no mistake that McCain rules will end up costing our way of life if we don’t correct the damage inflicted during this campaign.

About The Only Good News, they did not get super majority in Congress. Still they do have the majority and they will try to ramrod as much legislation as they can down our throats without regards for the Constitution. With that in mind let’s put aside briefly what happened and concentrate what we must do for the Congressional elections in 2010.

1) We get rid of the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and bring out true conservatives to fill the seats in Congress. NOT ONE PENNY TO ANY POLITICIAN WHO CRAPS OVER THE CONSTITUTION. And no more “terse” letters which make us sound like beggars. We demand that our rights are to be respected and untouched or they will find themselves without jobs and under lots of scorn.  We must get involved in the process! Emails and phone calls are always good, but presence always beats everything else. Drop by your local representative’s office and ask to speak to him or her to voice your opinion. Yes, more likely you will not get him or her, but an aide will meet you and believe me, it will make an impression when they get 10 or 20 personal visits about the same subject. And no “We need contributions to accept your point” but “You make the point and we MAY support you with contributions…if you behave correctly & constantly or we will only not contribute, we will actively make sure you do not get any money for your campaign.” We do not need to make big or impressive speeches, just be direct, polite and stubborn about your cause and hurt them in the pocket when needed it.

2) And then we have the Media.  Newspapers are right now in a very precarious situation. Most of all the big names are hurting bad and cutting jobs to save pennies due to poor circulation. Any rag that promotes and celebrates the restrictions to our freedoms must suffer. If you have a subscription to a paper like that, cancel it. By the same token, if a paper is in favor of all constitutional rights, specially a new struggling one, get not one but two subscriptions, help them out. The Miami Herald lost a customer this morning I am proud to say. I am waiting for them to call me so they can have an idea why I am canceling and I promise you, they won’t like them.

Broadcast News Media (TV) are Right now they are where papers were 10 years ago, starting to slide down but still ignoring the danger. It seems their ratings somehow suffered during the coverage of the campaign contrary to what they expected and it is not news (pardon the pun) that they are losing viewers to the new Cable Media outlets like FoxNews. How do we get them? Ratings of course. If you are a Nielsen family, switch your TV to any other station but broadcast news when they come on. DirecTV and DISH Networks are much easier because your box keeps track of what you watch and provides ratings. Just program your set to jump to another channel (FoxNews if you really want to rub it) at the time of Broadcast news or turn the thing off. If you go to bed or out and do not turn off the box, make sure it is not tuned to a channel that carries ABC, CBS or NBC. Again leave it tuned to FoxNews, Home and Garden TV your favorite outdoor channel.

Our pal Schummer is already having orgasmic fits thinking he will be able to re instate the Fairness Doctrine and he does indeed have a good chance to do so. If he has his druthers, the Fairness Doctrine will be applied to all media possible not in control of the liberals and that includes the Internet. Here I am thinking we simply inundate all media outlets before the Fairness Doctrine gets approved, that we will demand every day equal time or that we will demand that the proper authorities take action on such blatant violation of the law. Perhaps the Big Media honchos will put enough pressure on Schummer and Co. as to drop the idea altogether. And it goes without saying that we lean heavy on our Senators and Congrespeople until they develop the backbone to stand up against it.

These are just some thing from the top of my head. Add what you think is necessary, but for the Love of God, STOP WHINING!

Just Vote. And Of Course it has to be McCain.

Box, Ballots & Bullets are the three legs in which our republic stands. I have this blog going so I am covering the soap box part somewhat although I admit I gave up writing my opinions to the Miami Herald ever since they “edited” one of my letters and made it sound like I was in favor on the piece I was criticizing. Then again the Herald Editorial staff would kiss Fidel’s ass at high noon over Freeedom Tower if it wasn’t for the fact that the they live amongst Cubans that had to leave Michael Moore’s paradise to escape oppression and hunger and that such people would turn One Herald Plaza into a serious bonfire.

The Bullet Part is also covered although not as much as I wanted but according to my dear wife it will have to suffice until I either become CEO of Freddie Mac (but I will refuse becoming a member of the Obama Jamboree) and get one of those Golden Parachutes or we hit the Florida Lotto. But besides the ownership of Guns, I am keenly aware of what they represent as freedom and its defense. As I read many years ago, the Second Amendment is the reset button of the Constitution if the time ever arises to do so.

Ever since I became a Citizen, I haven’t missed an opportunity to vote.  It was a promise I made to myself when I was still a Resident and I had the chance to meet Fred Thompson during a gun Show at the Tennessee Fairgrounds when he was running for the Senate the first time around. I was impressed by him, how he spoke and more importantly what he said and I felt impotent that I could not cast a vote. Thank God Fred did not need my help and got his seat but the feeling of having to vote because is important to exercise my right and elect the best person for the job remains in me.

So, I am waiting for the missus to finish getting ready and we shall be heading for the polling place in a little bit to take advantage of the early voting system. Obama is a clear and present danger to our freedoms and reminds me of Hugo Chavez way too much. The level of seething fanatism that this guy inspires in his subjects scares the heck out of me because it reminds me of the Chavistas I saw a decade or so ago in Venezuela preparing the path of his ascension to power. The Chavistas, cajoled, bribed, threatened, lied, distorted and did everything in their power to get him elected and then to keep him in power. Same as with Obama, press was enamored with the bastard who promised “Change” and “Hope” (no shit, those were his words too) and ignored his absolute lack of preparation to be president. A friend of mine said that Chavez only had military training and he took twice the test (directing personally the first coup attempt and supporting the second) and both times he failed the test so if he sucked as military leader, he was bound to be a total crap as civilian president. History has proven such words mighty right.

Not that McCain is perfect or good or even regular compared with Obama, but I have a feeling that he would think twice before screwing too much with the Constitution while Obama would not lose sleep if somebody would place our magna carta as sandbox linning.

So, go out and VOTE FOR McCAIN.

Yep, we are screwed.

Sent by a buddy and gives you a whole new perspective of the economic “recovery” plan.

In 1990, the Government seized the Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada for  tax evasion and, as required by law, tried to run it.  They failed and  it closed.

Now we are trusting the economy of our country to a pack of nit-wits who  couldn’t make money running a whore house and selling booze?

On toting guns and verbose stupidity.

Sometimes I have to the harsh realization that there are people inherently stupid, mean or both. According to Political Radar, Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings (District 23, Florida) recently tried to scare voters into voting for Obama by saying:

“If Sarah Palin isn’t enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention,” said Hastings. “Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through.”

Basically this mentally challenged politician is waving the banner of THE KLAN IS COMING in order to promote Hossanah Obama into the White House. I am guessing his prejudices are so deep that if he sees a white with a gun he thinks lynching. It is a pity that he does not consider intellectual lynching a crime.

Alcee Hastings has a score of 100 from the ACLU, the same ones that do not recognize the SCOTUS DC v Heller decision.  He is highly regarded by almost every left wing organization in the US although he did not fare well with The Genocide Intervention Network–Darfur Scores or Latin America Working Group. I guess if you are a non-voting minority, you don’t enter in his radar. He did get a 93 from the Brady Campaign but he got remedial from the NRA and Gun Owners of America. In other words he is a bonafide gun grabber and a despicable human being who I guess would be willing to sell his mother for the cool side of a pillow.

Palin driving Libs nuts.

I have not made my mind yet on Sarah Palin’s nomination as VP. First impression is I like her, but I do want to learn a bit more before going full burst. However things look good because the Dems are throwing a gigantic hissy fit about her supposed lack of experience and how 2 years as governor of Alaska cannot prepare her for a job as important as the Vice Presidency which is to say that Dems are afraid that since McCain is old, he may kick the bucket and a woman (Lib Dem Says:Gasp! Only Dems are allowed to have a woman President!) with only two years of experience as governor (Lib Dem Says: Please ignore Obama’s 140 days as Senator) may become POTUS. The Horror! And of course the Lib Media is going after her, her redneck husband (Lib Dem Says: Snowmobile races? Is there anthing more retarded?) and her 17 year old pregnant daughter. Top that with the fact that she is an NRA member, likes guns, fishes and hunts to boot. Lib Dem Says:Oh My G-O-D! Poor Bamby!)

So what we have is a fighting conservative with two years of experience as governor, with guts to shake the corrupted old boys network within her own local party, who won the governorship on merit and not money, large family with problems but loving anyways and loved guns and went shooting & hunting & fishing and may reach the Presidency if something happens to the elected President. It sort of sounds familiar…. I heard something similar that happened before… Oh yes!

Theodore Roosevelt. 26th President of the United States of America.

I think she is starting to look pretty darn good just about now.