What I think about on Independence Day

Well, it’s Independence Day 2017. Usually as it’s just the halfway point of the calendar year, I like to take stock of what’s taken place in the 2A community, and in our world as a whole. The Big thing of course is a President who is supposedly has committed himself to fixing this country’s ills. Next was that this President appointed a former Marine General as Secretary of Defense, and a former Navy Seal as Secretary of the Interior who rode to his first day of work on a horse, then repealed that stupid lead ammo ban!


But make no mistake folks, the Anti-rights crowd still wants to keep you from enjoying your firearms, keep you from Hunting if you so desire, keep you from carrying a handgun for personal protection, and keep you from having a firearms for protection in your home, and in your car.

So it’s up to you to be vigilant. It’s up to you to support candidates who will protect our rights, because it doesn’t happen without you.


You need to call your Senators and Congressmen because they are elected to enact laws that WE want enacted, not to “vote their feelings” on laws. Not to live in fancy houses and claim that $174,000 a year is not enough money to live on when were about to hit 20 Trillon in debt.


After Congressman Scalise was shot, another Congressman introduced a bill that would allow any Member of either house if they so desired, to carry a handgun for protection, even in DC. So I Say, “WHAT ABOUT ME” why can’t the “Average American” who has a CCW permit in his home state, have the ability to carry anywhere in the United States? Well that Bill, H.R. 38 sits not in Committee, but in Sub-Committee!!


To say that I’m outraged is putting it mildly. Did we not elect a Pro-Firearm majority House and Senate? I thought we did it so we could fix the country as the President promised. Not for the Liberal whiners to screw it up. Chuck Schumer and his stupid actress/comedy hack cousin Amy can prattle on all they want, but we have control of the country at least until 2020 and we better get off our rear ends or we will give control of our country back to the Socialists!


This is how I get when I don’t get to shoot! I’m recovering from a concussion back at the end of April, where I also broke a bone in my wrist of my shooting hand, so with my 57th Birthday approaching, I’m looking forward to getting down to my indoor range to shoot (Shameless plug approaching) since we’re entering our 21st day of +100 degree temps, and the only climate controlled, six 25 yard pistol lane, 4 100 yard rifle lane Shooting Range (also 50 yard Archery range!) is Copper Star Indoor Shooting range in Camp Verde Arizona. Sometimes I like Indoor ranges like this one because you can almost duplicate a situation like what you might encounter at your house during a home invasion.


Family run, Veteran owned businesses like this are important to our

Industry, so during the warmer months I like to get there every 10-14 days. The shop reminds me of the shop my Uncle was a part owner of in the 1960’s and 70’s. I hope you get to shoot this summer. Please observe the 4 safety rules. A few weeks ago I got to be a guest panelist on the Polite Society Podcast, with Paul & Susan Lathrop, Rob Morse, Rachel Malone, and others. I also host my own Podcast, Firearms Chat. Both can be found on iTunes, Facebook, and both, along with several other shows, can be found on Self Defense Radio Network at and my show is and our show is approaching our 4th anniversary. We look forward to you checking us out! Thanks.

About Dr. Bill Chachkes- A Retired Educator, Patriot, former Competition Shooter who still competes with his 22’s,  Ex-Rotary and Propeller winged Pilot, Sportswriter, Musician, and former US Army Warrant Officer. His Second Book, titled “I’m No Hero” is in Development, and hopefully will be out in late 2017/Early 2018

From the Bureau of ATF: Box Whine and #GunSense

For as long as I’ve been scouring Twitter’s entertaining #GunSense tag, any time I’ve come across a phony “mom” demanding “action” (or worse, a real mom so resigned to being helpless that she’s actually emdangering the only things on earth she ought to risk it all to save), I’d typically just seagull the thread long enough to poop out the following image. It pretty much sums up Bloomberg’s city-dwelling, terrified, out-of-touch, vaguely female clientele and its uniformly uninformed opinion about safety and defense:


I dont know who came up with that, but it’s a classic. And like most classics, there’s now a remake with better special effects and a bigger budget, plus some corporate product placement for good measure. And unlike the sewage pouring steadily out of Hollywood, this one’s actually better than the original (or at least as good). Save it to your online ammo box and hit ’em where it hurts:



Hat tip D. Mike.


An XDS-9 c13405235_10100504050855045_368192868_oame in the mail today for a customer. I turned the case to the side and there it was: the “NOT LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA” warning.

Always so special, Kali. They take really good care of their citizens there. From special lawnmowers to special (that is, limited) firearms–I’m sure safety has arrived and everyone enjoys an idyllic and bucolic lifestyle.  And with the recent batch of laws, folks on the internet have again turned to debating what can be done, if at all, to stop or reverse firearm legislation there. Some are sure it’s too late now and there is nothing to do; it will continue to get worse. Others say there is perhaps a glimmer of hope, given some recent court rulings, and things would get better.

One of the side effects of prohibitions is that over time you don’t just ban the object or action (or severely limit or control their use) but also eradicate the culture around it. And by culture we don’t mean the core “gun culture” as we identify it, but also all of the peripheral things that go along with it: merely a general awareness by the population at large that guns exist, that people use them, that there are businesses around them, marketers for those businesses and so on. Once that is gone, then it becomes even more difficult for the core gun culture to achieve not just legislative wins but also cultural acceptance. It becomes a bit of a vicious circle: there is no gun freedom because there is no gun freedom to be wanted and demanded. After a few generations nobody will be left to remember what it was like to have it. Granted, in today’s modern world of instant communications and cheap travel, people can see how things are elsewhere, so perhaps a possibility of change for the better. Of course, the upcoming election is likely to determine many things. But that’s another matter altogether…

Worth repeating ad nauseam

Besides a police station, the safest place in America on April 19 would likely have been any of the numerous Patriot’s Day rallies held around the country where thousands of people, many carrying firearms, celebrated the opening shots in America’s war for independence.

Still the Mainstream Media Morons fail to recognize that. By their narrative it is the Left Wingers the ones peaceful and all loving…just like the ones in Montreal during the G20 meeting.

Best quote of the G20? Hippie In Charge Mathieu Francoeur, spokesperson for the Anti-Capitalist Convergence, a group of Montreal social activists

“For us it’s not violence, It’s a means of expression and doesn’t compare to the economic and state violence we’re subjected to”

Hippie Please!

Hat Tip to Maddened Fowl

In honor of Earth Day.

The ultimate recycling for Earth Day.

Do you know how much has been spent on Global Warming bullshit? Money that could have been used in real green projects like reforestation in Third World countries. Or creating industries in those same countries where they are so dirt poor, anything alive will either be killed for food or burn as fuel? Water sources are polluted to hell and back because there are no waste treatment plants or even sewers?

The real danger to our planet is Poverty, Green Stupidity, and Self Righteous assholes that think they know better than you.  In the meantime, go out, buy a tree and plant it in your front or backyard. Convince a neighbor to do the same. Get another tree and give it to the elderly neighbors across the street (and plant it for them) they will appreciate it and probably care for it a lot better than anybody else. No space for a tree ’cause you live in an apartment? Get some sort of hanging plant and nurture it. It doesn’t take much and you are actually generating oxygen and scrubbing CO2 much more efficiently than any carbon footprint elimination scam out there…. and then go buy a tree and plant it in a open space that needs it.

And the next time a Hippie comes to you and bitches about Gaia dying because we ain’t doing enough, offer to use insulating foam in his respiratory passages to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution. Do that till we get the Soylent Green trucks up and running…..

The Left’s breathless wish: Waiting for The New McVeigh.

“I’ve come to believe he needs a certain level of violence in this country. He is willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda. The vice president, too. How else can you explain this dishonesty we get out of the administration?”
Wayne LaPierre about President Clinton.
appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” March 12, 2000.

You can hear them giggling like schoolgirls and praying to their less-than-divine superior entities.  “Dear Gaia, there must be a McVeigh out there. We need him to blow something up and get lots of people killed so we can destroy them Teabaggers, Threepercenters, Gun Owners and the rest of Conservative morons.” Yet nothing has happened and they grow restless.

There are some taking action to badmouth the Tea Party and make anybody that sympathizes with them feel threatened or guilty. Attacks by thugs against Tea Party protesters, Health Care Challengers, caravans and even other union members that disagree have happened but sparsely since it is too risky; you see, those bigoted Teabaggers may actually carry guns and may be able to defend themselves against the legitimate mobsters of the Left. And if that is not bad enough, there are people with those damned video cameras taping everything and uploading it to Youtube (There ought to be a law, right?) Some want to try a “softer” approach by infiltrating Tea Party Rallies and display racist or threatening banners and behaving like the Left’s idea of Conservatives.

But in their heart of hearts what the desperately wish is another Timothy McVeigh so they can bring the full force of the traditional media against us. They don’t see the life of innocents as a sacred value if political brownie points can be made. The dust had not yet settled from the Murrah Building when the Clinton Administration blamed Talk Radio and the NRA not because they were guilty in any shape or form, but because it was politically convenient to assign them the blame. Time and again the Left will do a danse macabre, pour ash over their heads and torn their clothes over the corpses of victims they created in order to gain sympathy for their cause and to slam the opposition. Columbine, Virginia Tech and any of the m assacres in Gun Free Zones are bright examples of this bloody theatrics.

So be ready when something big and terroristic happens. It might be Bin Laden blowing a elementary school full of children, but it will be the Tea Party and the Conservatives that will get the blame. Remember, these are the same idiots that said it was America’s fault that 9-11 happened and some even went on saying we deserve it. Tin Foil Hat? About a year ago, I’d agree with you that it would be stupid and loony to think like this, now I am not so sure. A friend of mine commented years ago that the scene from Schindler’s List that stayed with him was when the Jews were herded into the Ghetto, they were hungry, miserable and cold. A group was around a fire in a 55 gallon barrel and one of the comments was along the lines of  “Well, this is as bad as it gets” … and it is well know it got worst.

Our “Kooks” versus theirs: The value of hypocrisy

So a big deal has been done in the LeftBlogs and the Traditional Media about this group that allegedly wanted to kill cops. They are just foaming at the mouth and asking for God to deliver Fire & Brimstone to the Conservatives for sins not committed against Law Enforcement. And it struck me funny that they are so pro-cops all of the sudden.

You see, if the Hutaree were really planning on killing police officers, we will be the first to go volunteer as jurors and convict their sorry asses to the deepest dungeon or nastiest penal colony in the nation. However the Left has a funky view of Cop Killers: They celebrate them! You think I am kidding? Check the great efforts made by the Left to liberate Mumia Abu-Jamal giving them accolades and even the French renaming a street after the vermin. Yet we are the ones that celebrate violence and we are the obtuse.

How do we want to treat child molesters and rapists? Gimme a rusty hacksaw, some ammonia and a tarp. Come back in an hour with the mop and a bucket. However the Left is willing to give a pass to scum like Roman Polanski who drugged, raped, and sodomized a 13-year-old girl. Liberal Uber Idiot Whoopi Goldberg went as far as saying that “It wasn’t rape-rape.” And like her, many Hollywood types jumped in the same bandwagon.

And don’t make me go inside the hallowed walls of Congress. You should know at least one case were a Republican screws up and has to renounce in shame and half a block ahead of the tar and feathers of his own people. The Left will go into the Betty Ford Clinic mode (I know I am showing my age) having the particular culprit give an “emotional” and “heartfelt” apology, send him to a rehab clinic and re-elect him again for the same seat.

So assorted Left Wing idiots, spare me your staged indignation. Nobody is buying.