Bravo Sierra call on those alleged attacks to Congresscritters.

Jim at Wolf Tracks applies logic and calls it as he sees it:

Another reason we know there are no “bullets being shot through windows” is extremely obvious: any Patriot who shoots through a window isn’t going to miss their target and there’d be a body laying on the floor near that window

Yep, that pretty much covers it.

Political Moron of the Week.

The award goes to Indiana’s State Rep. Vernon Smith (D-Gary) by attempting to express his opposition to a bill that would allow the Citizens of Indiana to keep their guns locked in the car while at work and eliminates the possibility that Law Enforcement will take guns away (read confiscate/steal) from citizens during emergencies (A.K.A. The Katrina Bill.)

His “reason” for dressing up as a gansta and pop away a toy gun?

Smith said he once became so angry at a man who was picking on him at a dance that if he had a gun, he might have used it.
“It shows you that when you have a gun, how many times you don’t think,” Smith said.

Whoa there Nelly! The only thing you have demonstrated here is that you are a frigging bigot insulting the people of your own race by dressing like a misguided rapper, you are an idiot that cannot control his emotions and that you hold your fellow citizens in contempt by thinking they are as stupid as you.

The Guns in Cars is another Pro Second Amendment issue that has been settled in many other states already. No massacres have occurred, no employees got pissed off with their bosses, went to their cars, got their guns and killed anybody. None of those doomsday scenarios have played anywhere the law is up and running.

I am so sick of these fear mongering idiots.

Hat Tip and thanks to Tamara. At least I now feel better knowing that Stupid Minority Politicians abound in other regions but Miami-Dade.

Enviromentalism stretched just a bit wee much.

I read the following, got up, made myself some coffee, ingested it and sat down again to re-read because I thought it was a trick played by my just awoken mind.

Why are The Miami Herald and other news outlets so quick to label common-sense survival activities in Haiti as “looting”? According to news reports, there are few if any grocery stores open for business in Port-au-Prince, and vast quantities of donated food have yet to be distributed. Meanwhile, there are tens of thousands of people without food, water and shelter.

There also are tons of debris to be removed from the streets. In these circumstances, removal of any useful items before arrival of the bulldozers seems like the sensible, humanitarian, environmentally friendly and cost-effective thing to do.

The missive to the “editors’ was written by Helene B. Dudley of Miami. After a quick Google search, I found out that Ms. Dudley belongs to the group Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of South Florida.God Bless them for the service they performed, but bundling looting to environmental clean-up is akin to associate a stabbing during a mugging to a life-saving open heart surgery.

I won’t comment on the legality of having to steal food and water from a store to survive a catastrophe like that, but I don’t care how flexible is anybody’s imagination, to think that looters are doing so for environmental causes is just idiocy. If anything, looting might be bad for Gaia since people do not know what kind of chemicals and poisons, crushed but contained by the debris will now be released and spread to the four winds in the legs of looters. Contaminated items will pass hand to hand making people sick and overburdening even more the tight situation in Haiti.

Oh and by the way. The traditional looting custom of burning up the ransacked stores after they are pillaged seems to be running against sound environmental principals and are serious increase in the carbon footprint that will kill our planet.

I need another coffee.

Trijicon: AlQeada’s Lobby Group is officialy upset.

So now it is official. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued a temper tantrum regarding Trijicon’s 30 year tradition of adding biblical references to their products. According to Legal Counsel Nadhira Al-Khalili “The use of military equipment with hidden Bible references sends the false message to Muslims worldwide that we are at war with Islam.” So every time some Suicide Bomber yells Allah Akhbar before blowing himself and a crapload of innocent MUSLIMS is not sending a false message to Christians that Muslims are at war against them? Call me silly, but several pounds of Semtex blowing up in a crowded market is a bit more radical than six or 7 characters molded in a gun sight.

I think CAIR should spend its time trying to prove that they are not un-indicted co-conspirators associated with know terrorist organizations rather than ticking us off. Then again when you have jello testicled enablers Pentagon officers like Spokesman Commander Darryn James rushing to acquiesce and bend over for CAIR by saying that: “If determined to be true, this is clearly inappropriate and we are looking into possible remedies,” the Un-indicted Co-Conspirators at CAIRN will continue to shape things that are not in the interest of our country .It is sad as hell because if you do a Google search for Commander Darryn James and you’ll see that the Commander’s favorite response to any question tends to be: “it would be inappropriate to comment,” yet he jumps like a burnt cat when CAIR speaks its piece. May I need to remind the Pentagon that this stupid oversensitivity not to be perceived as racist probably cause about a dozen deaths at Ft. Hood? Or you guys already forgot that? Oh wait! It wasn’t any reference in the official report….never mind.

So here’s my final message to both CAIR, Commander Darryn James and the Pentagon regarding Trijicon:

Another WTF Moment.

If you live in Miami, you will face both the best, the weirdest and the worst of multiculturalism. I love being in a multicultural world of foods: Rotis one day, BBQ another (And at the Hitching Post you can have the choice of your favorite meat with baked beans or Cuban black beans) and get some Argentinian or Brazilian Churrasco. Nothing is more confusing that listening to 3 fans blasting the last season of Dolphins Football in English spoken with Creole, Portuguese and Southern accents. At the end, you get used to it since that is Miami.

But this is a wee bit too much:

I found this Jihadi/Hamaz/Gaza Strip revolutionary bullcrap in the Miami Art District. I am sure it means some multicultural “artistic” statement for some “enlightened” (with a very dim bulb) artist, but I fail to see it. Just another load of Islamofacism in our streets yet I might be the Homeland Security Domestic Terrorist suspect.

Liberals need a political Level of Violence.

“I’ve come to believe he (Clinton) needs a certain level of violence in this country. He is willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda.

Wayne LaPierre.

The above quote sent shocks all over the media when it was published. It was called crass, uncaring, a lie, another example of the racism of the NRA, etc, etc, ad nauseum. I mean The Liberals-Progressives are well know for their Peace Marches, singing Kumbaya and raising white baby doves that come with olive branches from the factory. They would never resort to violence!….. except history proves otherwise. From bombing government offices in the 60’s to direct physical attacks against those who dare raise a opposing opinion, the Left will not give a damn about direct action and people getting hurt or killed because it will gather headlines that they will control since the Traditional Media are their political whores.

When a black man appeared in a anti Obama rally with a legal rifle and openly carrying a sidearm, The Media edited out to make it appear as it was a white guy and immediately played the race card and doomed assassination attempts against the President. However, when SEIU goons openly beat the hell out of a black conservative during a Town Hall meeting in St. Louis, not only Media was mum, but even the authorities dragged their feet for months before even making the appearance of investigating. Are you scheduled to give a speech in a college? You will be shut out by the Liberals-Progressives without giving you a chance to say the first word and take off stage by force. The First Amendment only applies to ideas approved by them.

Now what is all of what i just mentioned have to do with the opening quote? I mean, that is “healthy and sometimes a bit spirited protest” (yeah sure) but killing? I must be exaggerating.  Well, you wouldn’t say so if you were facing the following “spirited” protest against Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s house as reported by the Daily Californian.

Between 40 and 75 people marched to Birgeneau’s home near the northwest corner of campus at about 11 p.m. Friday night. Some wielded torches that were allegedly thrown at police, while others broke the outside lighting to the house, overturned planters, damaged “impact resistant” windows on the house and scattered garbage brought from a nearby student housing cooperative, police said

By the way, The San Francisco Chronicle regards this incident as just plain vandalism even though police arrested two people for assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer and a slew of other charges. I am sure the two “freedom fighters” are already released with the apologies of the court and the Officers will be properly remanded for sensitivity training.

Going back to my point. There have been no condemnation from the upper echelons of the Liberal/Progressives against this attack.  Some mid level type have poopooed the events but everything else has been low key or ignored by the Big Media. The end result will be that some other bunch of idiots will try the torch thing again and the results may differ.

I am not going to lie here. If I am woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of crashing items through my window, I will arm myself. If when I peek outside I see and hear a mob chanting and sporting torches, the long gun will come out and rest assured the first imbecile that tries to toss one fire stick my way will receive a  ration of ballistic counterpoints. Arson is a crime and if people are inside a dwelling, it is just plain an attempt of murder and thus lethal weapon is permitted legally and morally a mandate. I will shed not a tear nor feel remorse for the fool or fools that tried to burn my family and myself because I happen to have a different political opinion.

But I also know it will be played different in the Media. I will be seen as the crazy inbred redneck gun owner (It doesn’t matter if you are a Chinese Gay hairdresser, if you use a gun to defend yourself, you will miraculous transformed into a retard redneck) that took matters into his hands and instead of calling police, he exacted vigilante justice on a poor misguided soul who now will become a martyr for Hope and Change. In other words, some poor schmuck died but we can use him so Long Live the Revolution.  Horst-Wessel songs/poem/blogs/films will be written/recorded/produced to commemorate his sacrifice and to prove once again that violence is not the solution and that if it wasn’t for my evil gun, the Poor Schmuck would still be alive and sucking resources from law abiding taxpayers.

So yes, they are willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda… as long as they are not their asses with the red dot painted upon.

Miami’s Overtown an example of the New Slavery.

It is a common theme down here in Miami-Dade County. Drive-By shootings, executions, armed robberies and the same old creeps from the County jump to blame Assault Weapons, the NRA, We The Rednecks and every stereotype they can think of. But the 500 pound gorilla that they so desperately try to ignore is the fact that probably 75% of the nastiest and ugliest occurs in the North East corner of the County. Now, if you are one of those Politically Correct types, it is time you stop reading, contact the local ACLU and post the word RACIST in the comment section. By the way, I am a spic so good luck making the charges stick

As for the rest, that corner awash in crime is what we generically call Overtown and is populated mostly by black folks. Maybe history in a couple of centuries will record that at the par with slavery, the biggest crime committed against Blacks was their degradation by politics, culture and pandering to the lowest morals by pseudo religious leaders.  What the hell happened? How did the Democrat Party, the historic representative of the Klan all of the sudden became the “voice” of the Black people? This is the party that voted against Kennedy’s Civil Rights Act, historically created the most draconian state gun control laws aimed directly against blacks and they even have one surviving Klan member in congress!

However that happened, the consequences are here and might take generations to fix.  In Miami-Dade, the highest concentration of violent crimes including rape and murder are in the Overtown area. Drug trafficking is rampant and open intimidation of witnesses and whole neighborhoods is commonplace.  Icons like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Carver Washington and Jackie Robinson have been set aside by gaggle Gansta Rappers celebrating drugs, rape mayhem and murder, by scum bucket- race baiting preachers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who have no shame in creating racial incidents out of thin air to extort money and achieve notoriety and by an amazing number of political folks of the same skin color that actually love telling the Black Community that everything is owed to them and they should not have to work for a damn thing thus officially creating a culture of beggars and malcontents when things that are not promised never reach them. All these and more festered a sub-culture of irresponsibility, murder and immorality that has taken over and now “represents” the Black community. It is now their image as false and unjust as it might be.

For the folks that adopted this culture, reality eventually rears it ugly head and set its jaw on the unsuspected targets. If a black male somehow survives its teens to the culture of death and depravity and wants to change its way, have a family and become an honorable member of society, chances are he won’t because he has a criminal record of some sorts. Almost a hundred and fifty years after the Emancipation Proclamation, this black male finds himself a second class citizen without any rights or very restricted. He might vote in some places in some he is denied. But in each and every State of the Union he is not allowed to legally own a firearm for self-defense, he cannot live in a household with a firearm so even if his family has a clean record, they are subject to be victims by proxy. The Sub-Culture has chained him with more effectiveness than any slave owner could. He and his family are now Victims till the day they die. That is a sad sad way to live.

We have a Generation’s worth of Black Race being shut out off our Bill of Rights and that is a crime. If we somehow stop it now, it is going to take another generation to erase the consequences of the Sub-Culture. But where do we even begin? I confess I have no idea. Were up against powerful forces that are making too much money and deriving too much power out of having untold millions of people dependent on the Government and  false Prophets.  And they are good at defending what they do by flipping out the Race Card if anybody has the testicular fortitude to call on the “failures” of their alleged civil rights struggle. Something has to be done against those who claim to fight for the Have-Nots but are the ones that created them in the first place. They are the New Slave Owners and their helpers the New Overseers. We, all of us, black, white, brown, yellow, whatever… AMERICANS,  must fight them somehow.

PS: And warning to the Latinos. You are next on my list.

UPDATE: Court says threats don’t justify felon having gun.