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Facepalm News: GOA and DISCLOSE.

As expected, GOA takes credit for the collapse of DISCLOSE. This new imaginary feather joins their fantastic work in DC v Heller ( No, you were misinformed, Alan Gura wasn’t even close Washington that day), rescuing Gun Owners and kitties in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina plus the creation of sliced bread.

Please help GOA by contributing to their legal fund. They contesting Al Gore for the paternity of the Internet. They need your cash for DNA tests.

Facepalm News.

  • Outlaw pot growers in California fear legalization. I kid you not. Tony Montana would be so proud…
  • “It is clear that the flow of illegal arms and cash have contributed to the violence observed in our country,” So it says Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa. Of course having one of the more corrupt governments in the world and a police force that actually is the one providing the guns to the drug dealers have nothing to do with the Violence in Mexico. It is them Gringo gun shows where they sell rocket launchers and submarines.