Scared shitless and so you should be.

I will take a momentary detour of the regular themes that occupy this blog so I can share with all my three readers the following information:

I recently took the Community Emergency Response Team training in which we had a 4 hour class on terrorism. The instructor, besides teaching the established points as written in the material gave us a small chat on islamofacist terrorist organizations within the USA. As time was short, he recommended a couple of books to further our knowledge of the situation. Yesterday Amazon came through and the books arrived and promptly started on one and, ladies and gents our noses are barely above the pool of fecal matter and we do not know it.

Holy War in the Home Front, The Secret Islamic Terror Network in the United States is 170+ pages of the loudest alarm I ever heard.  It describes how we are literally invaded by extreme Muslim terrorists and almost nothing has been done to protect us from them. And if that does not ticks you off to brain artery popping anger, wait till you hear the reason: Political Correctness.

The author, Harvey Kushner is not getting most of his information from deep undercover sources (he has them but keeps them anonymous) but from published government reports, legal documents and the terrorists own words. In case you still don’t get it, it means that the information has been out there for anybody in the media to see and do further investigation but remained untouched because it was politically incorrect to follow up. The same applies to our government and Law Enforcement agencies who we lay our trust in protecting our country. I have seen conspiracy cases against Organized Crime built and successfully prosecuted with less than 10% of the evidence presented in this book, yet the Washington mindset is so deeply corrupted with the fear of being labeled racist that the cases remain untouched, barely investigated or poorly prosecuted. The same applies to journalist who either because of fear or political convictions purposeful refuse to “connect the dots” and bring us the information we need to know ( Sarah Palin’s wardrobe seems more important than terrorists freely operating in our soil.)

I will not bother to go on. Get the book, now. No excuses. It is being sold for one miserable cent at Amazon which should be further proof on how ignorant we are on the issue. Stop being ignorant, information is key, get it.