Get ready America. (Graphic Content)

What Gun Owners have been suffering since 1936 1934 with BATF will now be applied nation-wide with the IRS. Don’t pay eccentric taxes will get you arrested or burned and/or killed.

Remember Waco? Branch Davidians? Because they allegedly failed to pay a $200 tax per full automatic gun that the ATF never proved they existed, only that the Branch Davidians “could” build them, a raid was launched against them.

When it failed, they brought reinforcements and conducted a whole media campaign against the Branch Davidians accusing them of child molestation and drug trafficking while toning down to a minimum the guns angle. The Media never questioned why a federal tax agency dedicated to enforce taxes on Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was doing drug enforcement and local child abuse laws. Not one peep.

When they got tired of negotiating, they pushed the envelope and the nastiest reality TV show was seen in screens all over the USA.

And I am not going to delve on who started the fire. But the Fed did send the tanks that started to crush the compound. And I won’t even say yeah or nay about the adults inside the compound. But over 20 children died in the fire and that I cannot stomach ever.

And all this for a $200 tax stamp. An “Individual Mandate” imposed by the Federal Government in 1934.

The ten most dangerous words in the English language are “Hi, I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

RONALD REAGAN, remarks to Future Farmers of America, Jul. 28, 1988

Remember in November.

PS: Guy Fawkes was a pussy.

PS2: The book is out of print so the few examples out there are expensive, but one must read Unintended Consequences by John Ross. You local Library may have it, but I doubt it. Ask Amazon to make it available in Kindle format.

Facepalm with a hammer.

Last night I was listening to Shooting the Breeze Podcast (which you should be listening too. Yes, that is an order. 🙂 ) and Walt was talking about a gun buy-back in Chicago reading from an article in PoliceOne from the Chicago Sun-Times. One section of the article had me screaming a top of my lungs and I am sure I scared the local drug dealers and assorted ganbangers near work.

“That’s a killer right there. That small gun,” said Chicago Police Sgt. Kevin Johnson, a member of the citywide Anti-Gun Enforcement Team. “It’s a North American Arms .22 caliber,” Johnson said. “That bullet is so small it will bounce. It will travel and you’ll have internal bleeding going throughout your body………Jones winced as Officer Sean Hayes, an instructor at the Chicago Police Academy, tried to unlodge bullets from the gun. The .22 caliber bullets were jammed inside. He even tried using a hammer to remove them, but couldn’t.

I own a NAA .22LR and the idea that a hammer was used to try and unload it because the moronic police “instructor “did not know how to do it literally made me cringe. I rally don’t know what kind of instruction Officer Hayes gives, but sure as hell is not firearms or at least he should not. If you don’t know how to unload a firearm, you secure it and wait till you find out or find somebody who does. Or even frigging Google for a video for Pete’s sake!

I had to give peace a chance or else.

Just reading Breda’s latest post and I had to laugh; apparently them hypocrite hippies are everywhere. Mine came last night on my way to work.

For all the peace signs, coexist and anti war stickers, the no-aggression lesson seemed lost on the young female driving the car:

She cut me off….badly…..twice. That is not a healthy way to behave in South Florida where it is not unusual that offending cars get the demolition derby treatment. Lucky her stars I am not easily offended by vehicular stupidity.

By the way dear peace loving hippie chick, you may wanna pay attention to one or two shampoo commercials, your hair needed it and if I caught it at night, you really need it badly. Don’t be choosy on the brand, I hear Pet Supermarket has a sale you may want to take advantage of.

No Deception Indicated.

More chips are falling on the Martin/Zimmerman case. GZ passed a Lie Detector test willfully and without a lawyer present giving a “No Deception Indicated” answers to key questions. Either George Zimmerman is the greatest actor/liar in the world or a county in Florida better get ready to turn in its whole bank account after the lawsuits.

I forget who said it but he was right: “At the end of this trial, George Zimmerman will walk free and Angela Corey will go to prison.”

 George Zimmerman Passed Police Lie Detector Test Day After Trayvon Martin Killing | The Smoking Gun.