CBS posted this:

If the Russians taking over the US means we can do AK-47 disassembly-reassembly drills for high school PE then count me in Comrad.

In a choice between my kid being taught how to field strip a Kalashnikov and having to learn all the pronouns for the 31 different genders recognized in the city of New York.  I’m going have to side with the government that teaches AK field maintenance.

Da zdravstvuyet nasha derzhava!

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “CBS has me rooting for the Russians”
  1. CBS sure is confused. This isn’t a case of the Russians treating AK47s as toys. Rather, it’s a case of starting them on their gun skills early. 6 years old is a bit of a stretch, you can tell the girl doesn’t really have enough strength. But it’s not that far off, as some of the excellent photography of Oleg Volk of young serious firearms competitors has demonstrated.

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