From a tip by a reader, I looked into a shooting that recently happened in Chicago.

Woman with concealed carry license fatally shoots would-be robber in Fernwood, police say

A woman fatally shot a man who was trying to rob her at a bus stop Tuesday morning in Chicago’s Fernwood neighborhood, Chicago police said.

The shooting and attempted robbery occurred at a bus stop in the 500-block of West 103rd Street at about 6:15 a.m., police said.

The incident was captured by surveillance video. The victim, a 25-year-old woman, was waiting for her bus when a 19-year-old man attempts to rob her at gunpoint.

The woman, who has a conceal carry license, was armed as well. Surveillance video shows as they struggle, she pulled out her gun and shot him in the neck.

This woman defended herself.  It was caught on security camera.  In many other places in America, I would say this is a good shoot, no questions asked.  Being Chicago, there are complications.

Neighbors in the area say they are proud the victim protected herself.

“It’s tragic that he did die, but the lady had to do what she had to do,” said neighbor Bianca Daniel. “She’s on a bus stop, probably going to work, you know, and she has to encounter that early in the morning. I’m kinda of proud that, like, that’s what she did because she stuck up for herself.”

Those that know the area well say it’s unfortunate someone was killed, but the victim had the right to fight back.

This doesn’t surprise me.  One of the stories that goes untold by the national media is just how much the working class black population of Chicago absolutely hates the criminals that have taken over their neighborhoods.  There are good cops in Chicago, but the political machine of Chicago, which includes the high ranking CPD brass, doesn’t care about working class blacks because they are already in the pocket of the machine.  As a result, these neighborhoods are under patrolled and people feel like they have no choice but to defend themselves.

“I’m glad that she had concealed carry and good aim, because there is so much going on in these streets,” said one neighbor.


The man has been identified to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office as Laavion Goings.

I’ll get to him in a minute.

The woman suffered a minor injury, but is expected to be okay. Area South detectives are investigating, though they said no charges will be filed.

Thank God for that.

I said in Chicago there are complications.  Concealed carry in Illinois is very restrictive.

430 ILCS 66/65 Prohibited Areas.
(a) A licensee under this Act shall not knowingly carry a firearm on or into:

(8) Any bus, train, or form of transportation paid for in whole or in part with public funds, and any building, real property, and parking area under the control of a public transportation facility paid for in whole or in part with public funds.

If this woman was carrying concealed and was waiting to take the bus, she was in violation of 430 ILCS 66/65.  In fact, just standing under a bus stop in Chicago with a concealed firearm is a violation of 430 ILCS 66/65.

This has been a problem as muggers know that people on train platforms are unarmed by 430 ILCS 66/65 and make for easy targets.

I am very surprised that this woman was not charged with violating 430 ILCS 66/65, which would result in the suspension of her CCW and a misdemeanor charge.  The cops investing this shooting must have been some of the good ones.  I hope it stays that way because you never know what some shit-ass prosecutor in Chicago will do to score and easy conviction to pad his numbers and say he is tough on gun crime, when what he really did is nail a woman to the wall for carrying with a permit at a bus stop.

As for the dead guy.

Teen shot dead while trying to rob woman had been accused of attacking Chicago cops last year

Laavion Goings Jr. was out of jail only two months when the 19-year-old walked up to a bus stop about a block from his home, pulled out a gun and tried to rob a woman on the Far South Side.

Only out two months, boy he’s an eager beaver.

The teen had a record of arrests, mostly for drug charges. But last June, he was charged with attacking a sergeant and a police officer after he and his father were arrested during a narcotics raid in Englewood where the father lived, according to court records.

Goings was charged with six counts of aggravated battery to a peace officer but they were dropped in October after the teen pleaded guilty to a drug charge. He was given probation and released from jail in early November, just days before his 19th birthday.

He is a real scumbag.

His father remains in Cook County, charged with illegal possession of guns and being an armed habitual criminal.

Unpossible, Chicago has all that gun control, even universal background checks.

Maybe I’ve become too cynical after a my few years of blogging, but my parting thought on this shooting is, I am glad that the woman who defended herself is black and from a working class black neighborhood.

I think that might be the loophole that prevents Junior here from being ballistically beatified into a good kid, who was just turning his life around, and about to enroll in community college or the seminary.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “CCW shooting in Chicago”
  1. So in ChiRaq bus riders with CCW’s cannot legally carry. Who are most urban bus riders? Clearly the law is weighted against poor urban dwellers. Another example of the inherent racism of gun control laws.

    1. It’s also illegal to ride the train armed, which covers the suburbs. It’s about empowering the gangs by disarming all the law-abiding.

  2. “Any bus, train, or form of transportation paid for in whole or in part with public funds…” The wannabe lawyer in me thinks a scumbag prosecutor could argue that applies to streets and sidewalks. And of course the late unlamented Mr. Goings obviously was carrying a firearm in full compliance with the law, NOT.

  3. Politicians – empowering the criminals by disarming all the law-abiding.

    This needs to be our battle cry.

  4. The Cops and the DA let the lady slide for (at least) three reasons.
    1- She eliminated a pest that had previously been a personal problem for the Cops,
    2- A 1/2 way competent PD would argue that she wasn’t ‘on’ public transportation and that bus stop doesn’t count as ‘real property’ or a parking lot, and
    3- (I’ll bet) She is a she and was attacked by a man. (Bad Optics).

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