Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is a corrupt twat in a stupid hat who sounds like the Wicked Witch of the West on helium.

Come and get me coppers!

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Challenge accepted!”
  1. Wilson went into politics when she realized she was too (mentally) slow to be a rodeo clown.

    Kept the wardrobe, though.

  2. Since she just stated an intent to act in direct contravention to Constitutionally protected rights, can she be tried for treason? Or at least for intent of deprivation of rights under color of law? Impeached? Anything?

    1. Impeached, no. That applies to the other two branches. Ejected from the House, but that takes 2/3rd of her peers to do so. Conspiracy to deprive rights, sure. But there is no citizen’s arrest in the federal system, unfortunately, and I can’t imagine a US Prosecutor issuing a warrant for her arrest. Treason? Not unless she acts on her threat, then yes (at least in my reading of the Constitution, but admittedly I’m one of those literal Constitution freaks).

  3. Now you should be prosecuted for insulting one of the greatest movies of all time! Geesh aint nothin safe? Lets just laugh n point at these morons.

  4. There’s a flip side to that coin. Bring in Lese Majeste for Congress, and you also get it for the Senate and President (ect) as well.

    1. On a day when I feel really, really, REALLY nice, I make fun of congress-critters. Any other time I feel nothing for them but the kind of contempt normally reserved for homo-necro-beasto-philiacs. (I’ll let ya parse that one.)

  5. I actually agree with her. I think we should bring back tar and feathering. I’ll start some cooking. Memes or tar… either way I’m going to get some laughs.

  6. So will they start with all of the Leftist media folks who have been relentlessly mocking Conservative members of congress? Doubt it. She just wants us peasants locked up for not falling into line.

  7. I would find it greatly amusing if someone were to ask her to cite either the United States Code or the United States Statutes at Large for authority to prosecute free citizens exercising their inherent right to speak freely about their opinions concerning various members of Congress.

    Unfortunately, I rather doubt that I will enjoy such amusement, as this clueless bint has a (D) as her party affiliation.

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