Chest Thumpers/No Compromisers, time to step up.

By the volume of visits and hits I lost because I defied the Chest Thumpers and NRA haters, I am sure this message will be lost. But in case you are still reading or somebody knows one of them, it is time to put your ass in the firing line.

You claimed the NRA sucked and you could do better. Time to prove yourselves right and the rest of us wrong. hell I will even publish your pictures with the legislators and press releases you may have for free.

Bodies needed, unless you are a billionaire and can hire them for our cause.

Git to work.

2 Replies to “Chest Thumpers/No Compromisers, time to step up.”

  1. Y’all don’t be shy now. Listen to Uncle Miggy!

    Remember, it takes 100 Million of us, and our individual sponsorship, to equal the Bloomberg-Soros-etc combine of paid lobbyists.

    I think it was a character played by Walter Brennan who had a tag line, “No brag, just fact.” In that vein, let me say that I support Florida Carry, the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League (great lobbying, and all volunteers!), the NRA-ILA, and the NRA.

    Come on in — the water’s fine!

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