A few years ago the Chicago Dyke March kicked out some lesbians who were carrying Pride flags with the Star of David on them.

That was 2017 and there was some introspection about how that might be anti-Semitic and not a good look for the march.

How things change in four short years.

It’s 2021 and the Chicago Dyke March actually posted this flyer:


A fat Black lesbian on top of a burning cop car holding a burning American Flag and Israeli Flag.

This is the state of the current American Left.  It is more radical and aggressive than ever and it is not hiding it anymore.

An event which is supposed to be about lesbian pride is violently anti-Cop, anti-America, and anti-Israel.

And why anti-Israel?  It’s the zenith of intersectionalism.  Lesbians should have no reason to hate Israel, the only LGBT-tolerant nation in the region.  But that is Leftism.  It hates the Jews and so to be a good leftist, you must hate whomever Leftism hates.  Hate and the desire to stamp the boot in the faces of those you hate is the unifying principle.

To be a proud lesbian in Chicago means to want to burn cop cars, destroy America, and commit genocide against the Jews.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Chicago Dyke March embraces its anti-Semitism and all the evils of Leftism”
  1. As El Rushbo always said, “Liberals are ALWAYS liberals first.”

    That is why blacks get away with hating conservative blacks, women hating conservative women, and the self-hating Jew.

  2. Adolf Hitler and the other leading National Socialists wrote and spoke (in great detail) about how their Anti-Semitism was a necessary consequence of their socialist politics.

    Every other prominent socialist leader – be it the international socialism of Marx, Lenin, and Mao; the ethno-socialism of Farrakhan or Kim; or the kinder, gentler “democratic socialism” of Corbyn and Sanders – has the same essential core belief as national socialism: All human activities must be subservient to the collective, all human production must be surrendered to the collective, and all human thought must be directed by the collective.

    Judaism, by its nature, stands athwart that collective.

    So they must be destroyed.

  3. What is “international abolition”? I know the two words but the combination of them can’t be made to fit any concept I can construct.

    1. The clowns claiming to be “abolitionists” currently are against policing and law enforcement. They tie Israel into it by claiming Israeli and US law enforcement train each other in how to oppress minorities.

  4. Sorry. I’m late to this party.

    The Leftist are not (overtly) anti-Semetic since that is the purse. Like for the Nazis and Bolsheviks, the Jewish financiers are the source of their support. Both Putin and Solzhenitzin (Sp?) agree that 85% plus of the early Bolsheviks were Jewish. The cartoonist who got nailed some years ago, wasn’t hounded to obscurity because of his Trump-Wrestling cartoon. He was attacked because of the prior cartoon that illustrated that virtually all of the “faces” and Controllers at CNN were Jews, children of Jews, or married to Jews.

    The Leftist trash hate the “NATION” of Israel. The Kibutzim-kiddies of early Israel lost power to the Mizrahim (Sp?- Eastern jews) who knew exactly what the islamo-Fascists had in mind for any Jews that they got their paws on.

    Israel refused to play by “tribal” Hamas rules. The “ghetto A-rabs” figured that the Israelis would pay the blood price of getting the savages out of their burrows. Israel agreed and wentr to “Plan B”. The IDF (spies, ground penetrating radar, land sonar, whatever) knew where the ghetto tunnels were and knew where the “stations” (i.e. bunkers, fighting positions, command posts, etc) in the underground “terrorist” tunnels were, so they just used the precision bombs that they had to plug the burrows. I read that at least one building that they collapsed was full of Hamas terrorist offices, media propaganda offices, backup electrical power systems with a “crown” of communications antennae. There was a bunker/shelter/hide in the basement “protected” by near by civilian apartment blocks, so since “skipping” a bunker-buster into the hide was uncertain, the IDF just dropped the whole building, and the Hamas offices that it contained, onto the bunker by “cracking” the foundation. Precise. Effective. And no Israeli blood lost.

    The American “Bolshies” and the “corruptocrats” hate the “Israelis” since they always have a “Plan B” or “C” or “D”. I suspect that the American ghetto trash are worried about what can be done to their ghetto hides.

    Israel is a dangerous inspiration to America, because they fight. It ain’t the “Jews” that they are obsessed with.

    Hint! Hint!

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