The subsequent comments go down the road of “maybe they target certain groups for a reason” but I am going to go with a different idea. Shotspotter has been iffy at best and in some locations, downright useless. I have covered before about cities implementing and then dropping it because the promise of crime solving was never materialized.

I am thinking that the Mayor has a budgetary crisis (Open Borders?) and needs to scrounge money from somewhere fast. The Race Card was played to distract from the announcement and criticism that he was going soft on crime.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “Chicago stops using Shotspotter.”
  1. theres a youtube guy, Legit Street Cars, in chicago. he goes to this salvage auction near there alot and shows cars full of bullet holes. often near new cars with no miles… pretty much every “news” report is just a distraction to mislead the useful morons.. all they have is race race race cause russia russia russia does not work …. its gonna come down to We the People..

  2. So gunshots fired by minorities sound different from those fired by whites? And shitspitter can tell the difference and reports preferentially on the former?
    I guess if you believe physics and math are racist this makes sense too.
    (Eta, saw the typo, leaving it be because, well, because.)

  3. Shotspotter has proven itself to be a total waste of taxpayer dollars pretty much everywhere it has been deployed.
    This is perhaps the first and only smart thing the mayor of Chitown has done since taking office.
    But, of course, it must be wrapped in a cloak of woke because that is what the masses require, not because it is a valid reason.

  4. My thoughts exactly: The Good Mayor needs to scrounge money to help pay for all the “undocumented immigrants” who are “sanctuary-ing” in his city. On top of that, ShotSpotter has NEVER fulfilled its promises to reduce or help solve crimes* (the rate of false positives from backfiring car engines is insane, as is the rate of false negatives or tracking failures as gunshot reports echo off downtown high-rises).
    While those would be perfectly valid reasons to cancel the contract in a Red State, they won’t fly in a Blue State run by “gun control”-loving Leftists, so he has to come up with some other reason the Woke-sters will find acceptable.
    And so he plays the race card. “Acoustic analysis is racist,” or something.**
    * – Kind of like gun registries, but I notice the Good Mayor isn’t saying Illinois should get rid of theirs for being the useless money-pit it is.
    ** – As other commenters point out, both here and at the linked article, maybe they should find out who’s doing the shooting before they claim it “disproportionately targets minority communities”. My prediction is, when it works correctly (which does happen sometimes), the rate of shootings traced to minority communities tracks almost perfectly with the rate of shootings that happen in minority communities. IOW, it’s perfectly proportionate, not disproportionate at all. But saying that is racist, or something.

  5. Whether Shot Spotter works or not is debatable. But now that it’s been turned off the violent ground apes can have one less thing to scream “RACIST” about.

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