The radical Left cannot help but make environmentalism look like a doomsday cult.  In the last couple of days I have covered Greta and the Climate Protesters demand to cut global carbon emissions by two-thirds in less than eight years, even if though it will cause the worst famine in global history and collapse the world’s economy.

Watch this Tweet from Congresswoman She Guevara:

See the only way to save the planet is full socialism right now.

But I want you to pay attention at 0:59, where she says “we have to listen to indigenous wisdom.”

I just love her Noble Savage worship.  It’s truly fantastic.

I wonder if this is the indigenous wisdom on climate change that she is talking about.

Exclusive: Ancient Mass Child Sacrifice May Be World’s Largest
More than 140 children were ritually killed in a single event in Peru more than 500 years ago. What could possibly have been the reason?

More than 140 children and 200 young llamas appear to have been ritually sacrificed in an event that took place some 550 years ago on a wind-swept bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in the shadow of what was then the sprawling capital of the Chimú Empire.

While incidents of human sacrifice among the Aztec, Maya, and Inca have been recorded in colonial-era Spanish chronicles and documented in modern scientific excavations, the discovery of a large-scale child sacrifice event in the little-known pre-Columbian Chimú civilization is unprecedented in the Americas—if not in the entire world.

Many of the children had their faces smeared with a red cinnabar-based pigment during the ceremony before their chests were cut open, most likely to remove their hearts. The sacrificial llamas appear to have met the same fate.

Elevated sea temperatures characteristic of El Niño would have disrupted marine fisheries in the area, while coastal flooding could have overwhelmed the Chimú’s extensive infrastructure of agricultural canals.

The Chimú succumbed to the Inca only decades after the sacrifices at Las Llamas.

Haagen Klaus, a professor of anthropology at George Mason University, has excavated some of the earliest evidence for child sacrifice in the region, at the 10th- to 12th-century site of Cerro Cerillos in the Lambayeque Valley, north of Huanchaco. The bioarchaeologist, who is not a member of the Las Llamas project, suggests that societies along the northern Peruvian coast may have turned to the sacrifice of children when the sacrifice of adults wasn’t enough to fend off the repeated disruptions wrought by El Niño.

I’m not suggesting that Greta, AOC, or any of the environmental-socialists on the Left are going to cut the beating hearts out of children to prevent climate change.

The Left prefers to shoot people, and when they cut up children it’s generally in the womb.

But if the precedence of the Ukraine and China under socialism holds true, they will starve millions of children to death to try and achieve their impossible utopia.

Killing children to change the weather has been done before by doomsday cultists and everything old is new again.



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By J. Kb

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  1. Dearest aoc- crawl back to your bar in the bronx and drink a large glass of STFU. Meanwhile Im opening my newest case of hairspray and loadin mags to go shoot trees…..
    remember the stupid brits goin to the arctic to plot the ice pack melt??? Giving weather reports where the wind is 60 mph and its 34 BELOW zero…. aint seen to much ice melt at 34 below. Maybe we oughta send em a tanker truck of koolaid….

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