MOms Demand Chief Lanier


“Hey Chief, we have this great program, a proven program called Eddie Eagle and teaches kids what to do when they see a gun.”

“That is fantastic! Let’s implement it in our schools. Education is primordial.”

“Great. I’ll call the NRA and have them send the materials. We can start in two weeks.”


“As I said, it is  a proven program and nobody else has something similar.”

“NO! our kids do not need anything from the NRA!”

“So they are better off uneducated and killing themselves?”

“RACIST! And I blame Bush!”


Obviously this conversation never actually happened or maybe it did happen in some other form. We know that there is always pressure from the Opposition to implement Eddie Eagle at local schools because it comes from the NRA. They have no solutions but for “Ban all da Gunz!” and in te mean time, the small bodies keep piling up and they send their request for more money from their followers.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Children and Firearms. Where education is forbidden.”
  1. Gah. I love Eddie the Eagle. Such a great program.

    Even if I did get him confused with Harry the Hawk once or twice as a kid.

  2. So, when children have access to guns, bad things happen…

    Like this:

    Or this:

    Or this:

    Or this:

    (I can do this all day.)

    I fail to see how these children having access to firearms is a bad thing. Unless, of course, the smug know-it-all police chief Cathy Lanier wants the bad guys to successfully burgle, murder and assault. That would mean job security for her, wouldn’t it? But that’s cynical of me.

    Yes, I’m sure what she really meant was tragedies like this:

    Or this:

    (Unfortunately, I can do this all day, also)

    But the difference isn’t a gun vs a lack of gun, or access to the gun vs lack of access to the gun, but education (as Miguel pointed out) and SUPERVISION. In almost every tragic shooting of a little kid, there’s a lack of supervision by the so-called responsible adult.

    I know, let’s pass a law saying you have to be a responsible adult. Problem solved!

  3. “Progressives” will never let REALLY safety get in the way of banning guns, because that’s all they REALLY care about.

    Also that portrait looks professionally done…didn’t anybody think the day they sent in the photographer and she put on her dress blues, it might be a good day to drag a brush through her hair?

    1. She’s going for the “Donald” look. And just as with the real “Donald,” none of her underlings dare say anything to her about how ridiculous her hair looks.

  4. I wonder why these types never bring up that accidents in the USA (Per CDC data) are down about 80% since ~1990?

  5. Funny how most progressives that mock teaching kids sexual abstinence as naive and unrealistic, tend to think that teaching kids firearms abstinence is the way to go.

  6. This twit has the audacity to lecture me about gun safety when her city is a violent hellhole because average citizens cannot defend themselves against thugs due to the silly gun control policies!

    Add to that what mirgc points out and I call her a lying weasel, too.

    No one is so blind as those who do not wish to see and have made their mind up in advance.

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