This is a different producer than the guy last week who paid a mom to have sex with her 9-year-old daughter.

That came a week after Chris Cuomo was fired for sexual harassment.

Which came several months after Jeffrey Toobin was suspended for jerking off on a company Zoom call.

CNN is looking a lot like a Jeffrey Epstein party.

It’s long past time to break out the big chipper.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Chipper CNN”
  1. Yep! They behave like they feel pretty secure since they used to at least keep their essential sludge off camera. Now, they act like they are immune.

  2. You might need to add a building or two.

    The FBI Siiezed CNN Producer John Griffin ‘s electronics in September 2020.

    Over a year ago, the FBI had the electronic data. I could see spending a month or two to build an air tight case. BUT. I wonder if the downfall of Chris Cuomo last freaking week finally removed a few roadblocks to the arrest of Chris Cuomo’s personal friend and his Senior Producer at CNN?

    I am beginning to think there very well is a cabal of pedophiles using the deep state to cover up their sick perversions, while supprting other deep staters in their quest to corruptly acquire wealth and power.

    1. It’s pretty damn obvious that’s the case. Look how long it took to move on Epstein. Look at who was in the white house 25 years ago…

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