This tweet has been all over the webs being rightfully ridiculed.

The first thing that came to my mind was this old Marine Pugil Stick match.


Like people watching Disney movies have developed wrong impression about animals, there is a whole ‘nother herd of innocent beings who have seen one too many martail arts/fantasy flicks and like in this case, believe extended baton twirling is actually a power equalizer.

Till they find out the hard way it is not. This, at best has the effectiveness of a rape whistle.

If you are a female and need to make noise to repel an attacker, use the appropriate instrument.

Photo by Oleg Volk
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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

21 thoughts on “Choreography does not beat Reality.”
  1. That was my thought, too. I’m a couch potato and could take the twirler to the ground, so long as I don’t mind a few bruises.

  2. It’s like she has a weapon that’s gives her the advantage of reach and leverage over any person, especially an unskilled and in unarmed one. Wow who would have thought a weapon helps even the playing field. Wow. I’m shocked. Wow.

    1. It’s a long stick. Not even a club. It’s awkward and has a large arc, meaning that a charging attacker gets hit once or twice with what is essentially a broomstick before grabbing that 130 pound chick and going to the ground. After that, she is hamburger.

      1. Bros, y’all are taking it too literally.
        What’s the meme? Women will use anything for self defense except a gun.

  3. Her ‘weapon’ is an extremely light weight pole to make it easy to twirl and stop, you can see how little effort she expends to get it moving and redirected. If she did make a hit it might sting but absent a face hit I doubt it would be disabling. I have to wonder if she ever lands strikes with that staff, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see it fold up like a straw if she actually hit something.

    Same thing with the other demonstration weapons when you see some slip of a girl twirling a sword on u-tub. Rigid enough to make a good demo, light enough to allow a flashy kata.

      1. The first thump on her overhead strike sounds like the other heel strikes later in her routine. I think she is selling the hit for her kata.

  4. So, about 90%, perhaps as much as 95% of the video is her twirling around a stick, with a minimal number of strikes.
    Yeah… I am terrified.
    Now… perhaps a wild animal might decide to move on to greener pastures, but that is not because they are scared. Conservation of energy applies in the wild. Easier to eat sedge grass, berries, mice, rabbits, etc… than to chace something that is making a ruckus.

  5. The idiot Brodsky first claimed this chick could take any man the revised it to “her weight class”, she weighs something like 105, where are they going to find a guy that small, 4th grade?

  6. On the “pugil stick” video, yes, it shows very nicely the advantage of superior weight and upper body strength. But if the woman weren’t restricted to using the stick she could have used a martial arts throw to throw the charging man halfway across the field. With correct timing he would have landed on his neck and be somewhere between knocked out and dead. Still, not an equal match by any measure, but it is not the whole story.

    1. Unless she is a high-ranked judoka there is no way she is going to throw him working hand-to-hand, this isn’t the dojo and he isn’t playing along. He rushes in, picks her up and body-slams her down, add a knee drop to the midsection and she is done for.

      1. Yup, what Rick said. Mass can soak up a lot of hurt, and mass is what can cause a world of hurt. Pugil stick girl and twirly rod girl are both too light to do much damage to their attackers.

  7. Regardless of circumstances in a male vs female confrontation the male wins 99% of the time. That is reality. Believing otherwise is a recipe for disaster…for females.

  8. She should use a naginata (sturdy stick with slightly curved blade on the end.) Firearm works even better.

    Short, slow moving female Of A Certain Age

  9. Yes, men are on average stronger. But take an unfit man in a somewhat similar weight class and she’s winning.
    Hell of an admission right there, if you read between the lines. Like JNorth said, first the claim was “I pity the man AND the bear”, meaning she could take on either one. Then it was “an unfit man in a somewhat similar weight class“, which is a huge revision, probably more than she intended — and no mention of a bear.
    1. The girl weighs, what, maybe 110 lbs, soaking wet? Where are you going to find unfit men in a similar weight class?
    2. A fit man in her weight class is probably still taking her down handily.
    3. A man above her weight class (i.e. the vast majority of men) is probably taking her down, too, fit or not (unless he’s EXTREMELY unfit).
    (And don’t get me started on the ultra-light fiberglass or carbon-fiber “competition” staff she’s twirling vs. a traditional wooden staff. The disparity in weight/mass alone makes them handle completely differently.)
    She’s reasonably skilled and fit, but without a real weapon — an equalizer, you might say — her best defense is to run away.

  10. Well, pretty much every negative thing above I agree with. The rest I doubly agree with.

    In her weight class. You mean like the male children that beat the snot out of an equally massed and skilled professional soccer team? Only if the equally massed male is totally unskilled and a major pussy (short for pusillanimous which means weak and wimpy) and can’t take a single hit.

    My problem with twirly fighters is that is all nice and dandy until someone does a Daffy Duck Robin Hood move against them (Little John sticks his finger out and stops staff spinning and sending Daffy Hood flying.) I have done that to them.

    And, yes, make it a spear or a sword on a stick, keep the weapon in front of you, no need to make more than a 90 to 120 degree swing, and for God’s sake, put some hip action in it.

    A skilled fighter can take out a larger less skilled fighter. But they have to work on it, majorly work on it.

  11. In my prime, I was 73 inches tall and weighed 270 lbs (I’m now substantially skinnier and a teeny bit shorter). Much of it was fat, but much of it was not. In my family, I was known as “little Bill” because I was the shortest and skinniest man among my kin. In spite of being generally obese, my family members were physically very active and tended to live a long time. They all ended up as very old orthopedic nightmares. If one of us lost a lot of weight, it meant he was going to die soon.
    When I got married, my wife was 63 inches and weighed 110 lbs. One Christmas we went back to the ranch in Oklahoma for a family get together. We played various games, one of which was a team keep away game, where one team threw a plush toy around and the other team tried to grab it. My wife, about 35 years old at the time, and and my father, then about 70 years old, were on different teams. My wife tried to grab my father’s arm, but he just grabbed her one-armed, flipped her around, and put her in a one-armed bear hug while he kept trying to get the toy from someone else.
    My wife struggled and then panicked. She suddenly realized how absolutely physically overmatched she was by this old man. My dad was holding my wife but was not even thinking about her — he was focused entirely on where the toy was. My wife realized that she was overpowered and completely subdued one-handed *as an afterthought* by my Dad. She started flailing against him, which got his attention. He let her go and was very apologetic. He had no clue about what he had done.
    That evening she told me she had never realized how naturally stronger bigger men are than was she, even when they were old. That was the year she got her carry permit.
    I’ve talked to a few younger women about risks. Almost all of them have unrealistic attitudes about interpersonal trauma. The other thing I’ve noticed is that the more Progressive the woman is, the more unrealistic she is. Your average Oklahoma farm girl usually knows the score.

    1. The more liberal leftist a person is the more they ‘must’ believe that all truth comes from within, from their elite mind……even when reality clearly reveals that their inner truth doesn’t play out for them. As a last resort, they play the victim card, which gains them an even greater status……..among their kind.
      I work with women all the time and there’s no greater theater in my life than when a very conservative woman engages a more liberal leftist influence woman on the subject of ‘woman power’ within the evil “Man’s World”. Eventually, as I observe from the training bleachers, I am, one way or another, asked to weigh in on the matter. My reply is always the same, “It’s not my problem, until someone makes it my problem and, on this subject, it’s never a problem”.
      The conservative woman gets it and smiles while the more leftist woman smirks and remains subdued and unconvinced she possess an inner power who will defeat anyone she faces. Leftist leaning women have chips on both shoulders, but I will say, they also tend to shoot better under duress.

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