I had chosen to remain quiet about Gov Christie because it was still too early for Presidential talk. But this morning I heard on the radio some commentator saying that with most Americans calling themselves independents, Christie was going to be their choice and the rest of us conservatives should shut up and suck it up.

There is no doubt that Christie is well liked….in his state.  We are talking New Jersey here and a NJ Republican is our Floridian equivalent of Debbie Wassermann Schulzt.

And it is not because he commuted Brian Aitken’s sentence instead of giving him a full pardon and we are just being ornery.  I have asked several Gun Rights advocates their opinion about him and the response has been both visceral and negative: They simply do not trust him and neither do I. It has that suave used-car salesman charm that makes me cringe and I need to make sure I am  not about to be wallet-molested.

If the Republican party is stupid enough (I know) to force Christie down the gullets of the rank and file, be ready to inaugurate Monica Lewinsky Ex-boyfriend’s wife as POTUS because a boatload of people will refuse to even get out of bed to vote for the Snake-Oil Salesman from Newark.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “Chris Christie or the gateway candidate for President Hillary.”
  1. Calling him a RINO is barely sufficient. He would be the progressives’ first choice, hence why he is already mentioned by the Lame Stream Media. When they say candidate X is awesome, run away from him!

  2. I’ll give Christie a pass on Aitken – Aitken didn’t WANT a pardon, because that would have eliminated his standing to CHALLENGE the law in question by mooting his case. Commutation didn’t automatically moot it.

    I still don’t trust the fat little fraud and annoying populist from perhaps the most corrupt state government in the nation.

  3. We’re very likely to get the McCain effect here. The MSM will promote the heck out of Christie during the primaries, then immediatly support whoever the Democrat canidate is.

  4. This morning I saw on Twitter that there was a scandal of some sort going on with Chris Christie.

    Frankly, anything that makes him look less appealing to the Republican party is fine by me. I didn’t like him when I heard he was looking like the favorite for 2016. He is the WORST possible choice. Worst parts of McCain and Romney, except EVEN MORE SO.

    We need a Rand Paul or a Ted Cruz. We need someone who is DIFFERENT from what the Democrats are going to put up there, not another sacrificial pawn like we had in 2008 and 2012.

    Anything that gets the Republican party to discard Chris Christie is good in my books.

  5. I would not pee on him if he were aflame…mostly because the big lardass would basically be a grease fire, and attempting to douse those with liquid can cause flare-ups. Dry extinguishers work better on those things. But I digress…

    Nah, I’m not gonna vote for him.

  6. If the Republican party is stupid enough (I know) to force Christie down the gullets of the rank and file

    The Republican party isn’t going to force anybody down our gullets anymore than they forced Mitt Romney on us. That would be the low information voters who are our friends and neighbors – choosing the slickest-looking primary candidate they saw during the commercial break of whatever reality TV show they happened to watch the night before.

  7. I’m done with this 24 year long string of candidates that do not represent my beliefs and values-if we nominate Christie or Jeb, I will not vote for the top of the ticket

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