I’m calling it.

Joe fucked Hunter as a little kid.

Everything about Hunter’s behavior, the drug abuse, prostitution, banging his brother’s widow, this shit with his niece, it is all the classic symptoms of a child who was sexually abused by an elderly family member.

He is incapable of having a normal sexual relationship.  He is incapable of separting sex from platonic familial love.  And he is self medicating his trauma with the hardest narcotics he can find.

I guarantee you that Hunter has said as much and maybe even has proof of it in his files somewhere.

The conclusion is inescapable.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Classic signs of abuse”
  1. Now we know what blackmail material the Democrat Party has on Biden. I suspect, though, that he was an embarrassment of riches for blackmailers.

    1. It’s not the Dems with the goods on Biden, I guarantee China has plenty blackmail on that entire clan as well.

  2. When I started reading your thoughts, I believed you had miss posted the photo on an article about Obamao. My mistake, nevermind.

  3. Rome’s Elite were pretty messed up sexually before Rome fell too.

    Our Chinese Successors smile and wait. It will not be long. We will collapse without a shot.

    1. Rome’s elite were screwed up as the empire grew, too. Tiberius and Caligula came before they conquered England; Nero came right after.

      1. No surprise; from Nero to Stalin to Hitler to Xi we can see that absolute power causes absolute moral decay. It wasn’t terribly obvious in the first few decades, but arguably the stage was set for Rome’s disintegration when the absolute emperors replaced the republic.

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