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The problem with MDIs is not carbon dioxide (the most common greenhouse gas), but rather two types of hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) gas, which represents a far smaller share of greenhouse emissions, but a much more powerful one. Even the least polluting inhaler was found to emit HFAs at levels equal to up to 10 kg (22 lbs.) of carbon dioxide into the air over the course of its 200-puff lifetime. The worst emitted the equivalent of more than 36 kg (79 lbs) of CO2.

So asthmatics have a carbon footprint that is more than their fair share?

Dry powder inhalers require patients to have at least enough lung strength to draw in the medication, and many do not. For them, the forced puff of an MDI is the only way to administer the drug.

This is very true.  MDIs are far better for children and elderly patients and are required for emergency asthma symptoms because the user needs to have enough lung strength to aerosolize the powder into the lungs.

Across the rest of Europe, less than 50% of inhalers prescribed are MDIs and in Scandinavia it’s barely 10%. The difference, in most cases, is less about pharmaceutical efficacy than simply local medical custom and practice.

Also, DPIs are (in general) more expensive.  The process of making the fine powder so that it can be inhaled is complex, so is the drug formulation.  Many DPIs are newer and still on patent while there are many generics of MDIs.

So it’s not just custom.  It’s cost, patient age, and a number of other factors.

As with so many things medical, the right solution is all about finding the proper balance between cost and benefits. In the case of asthma, the benefit of dialing back the aerosols and turning to alternatives whenever possible can accrue to not just individual patients, but the planet at large.

Use fewer aerosols.

I wonder if the climate change advocates who are criticizing asthmatics for their outsized carbon footprints have any words of criticism for these assholes in San Francisco?

I wonder how many kids with asthma worth of greenhouse gases that piece of shit put out so spray paint some teenage Swedish tyrant’s face on a building?

Leonardo DiCaprio can win humanitarian awards for speaking against climate change that he flew to in his private jet from his summer vacation on his diesel-burning mega-yacht in the Mediterranean.

But asthmatic children have to be put at risk by climate change busybodies who want to mandate which inhalers they use based on the metric of which is better for the climate and not the patient.

Every single person who conducted this study and then was involved in writing this article at Time (and everywhere else is has been published) should be forced to wrap their lips around the tailpipe and take a deep metered inhalation off my old 6.6L Duramax.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Climate change embraces eugenics”
  1. But, of course, it won’t be the children and grandparents of the Green New Nomenklatura that have to give up the most efficient medicines.

  2. Which brings us to the amount of methane edited by ungulate flatulence and eruction, human flatulence and eruction, as well as air breathing animals expiring carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Not to mention volcanoes, fumaroles and other natural processes that release carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, water vapor and a host of other greenhouse gasses.

    1. and now for a brief RANT- CO2 IS NOT A HARMFUL GAS!!!!!!!!!!! GEEZUS!!! We and animals breath it out and TREES and PLANTS take it in and GIVE OFF OXYGEN!!!!!!! Great idea! Get rid of CO2 and watch the whole fukkin world DIE! I am sock and tired of “scientists “ bleatin about friggin co2. Let the hate begin….

      1. The “world” will not die without CO2 or oxygen. Humanity will, along with the bulk of eukaryotic life… But life existed before the Great Oxidation Event (roughly 2.4 billion years ago) and there’s no reason life can’t continue without it. We just all tend to be unconsciously biased and think that multicellular aerobic life is the only kind of life that matters.

        But, of course, the world itself would easily continue to be here without any life on it at all.

  3. Aesop, of Raconteur Report, assesses a typical MDI as up to 6 oz, in it’s entirety.

    That makes circa 180 grams.

    He quotes the article as asserting that the MDI propellant is 84 times as “greenhousey” as CO2.

    So, kiddies, what is 10 kg (10 000 grams by my math), divided by 84?

    Right around 120 grams.

    Therefore, we have proven BY! SCIENCE! ™ that a 180 gram MDI, including the medication, cited by the manufacturer of my own MDI as being 8.5 grams, yields 120 grams (10 000 gm CO2 equivalent) of planet killing goodness.

    So, how much does the steel container weigh?

    How much does the plastic actuator weigh? How much do the inert, non propellant contents weigh?

    As That Noted Philosopher, and Climate Scientist!, Barbie, has observed, “Math is HARD!”

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