China’s Communist Revolution and the Revolutionary War are nothing alike.

Part of American Exceptionalism is that our revolution didn’t end in with the bodies of millions of loyalists mass graves and the nation ruled by a totalitarian king.

George Washington turned down the offer of kingship and helped draft the Constitution limiting the powers of the Executive Branch.

Our Founding Fathers understood the right to keep and bear arms was a bulwark against tyrants.

The Chinese Communist Party was founded by tyrants who wanted to preserve their power.

Does civilian access to guns in the United States mean we have more civilian gun crime than China?


But, civilian access to guns is also the reason American citizens can insult the President without being executed by having their organs harvested for sale.

On balance, I’d rather live in a country where I can say “Fuck Biden” without fear that the FBI will arrest me and sell my liver to one of the myriad of millionaire pedophile Democrat donors.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “CNN International tweets out CCP propaganda”
  1. How many tens of millions of Chinese were genocided in the Great Leap Forward? and don’t get me started on the Tienanmen Square massacre. That would have gone differently if the citizens were armed.

    So in summary GFY CNN and CCP

    1. Wikipedia says that estimates for the Great Leap Forward range from 15 million to 55 million killed. That’s a lot of omelets.
      Or to put it differently, communism has killed far more people than Hitler did.

      1. Alshually!, The Great Leap Forward, only killed 15-55 million CHINESE.

        So, the Soviet body count is not accounted for in your numbers.

        Nor Pol Pot’s.

        Nor Castro’s.

        Nor Romanian communism’s.


        1. I’ve seen conservative estimates that say ~170 million people have been murdered by their own governments in various efforts to bring about the Great Socialist Utopia.

          Hitler was an amateur, constrained by his relatively small empire and obsessions over racial purity. The Soviets and Chinese didn’t share his limitations.

          1. Never be confused — Hitler was a socialist, no less than Mussolini or Stalin. But Stalin thought he deserved to rule “all the workers” of the world, Mussolini thought socialism would work best within a single nationality, and Hitler thought it worked best with a single tribe.

  2. CNN loves the CCP as they were and are able to do what CNN wants to be able to do in the United States: exterminate millions of people.

  3. Proof #482,715 why it’s best to call them the Commie News Network.

    “This is CNN. Pushing communism to the untermensch since 2006.”


  4. China also understands the right to keep and bear arms is a bulwark against tyrants. So does our Left. That’s why they make sure the peasants don’t have guns.

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