CNN just called for a civil war

Even I’m now reminded of the story “What I Saw at the Coup.”

I cannot believe this.  A CNN analyst wants a group of un-elected bureaucrats who (ideally) serve the American people at the pleasure of our elected leaders to act as though they are above the law and a second “shadow government” that can engage in a bloodless lawfare coup of the United States.


This will do nothing but go bad for everyone.


4 Replies to “CNN just called for a civil war”

  1. Just remember all the rules of 4th Generation Warfare (which includes ‘Clinton Rules of Engagement’) and make your lists accordingly for if and when things go South.

  2. Liberals where never good at the game of “How could this law/policy be used against me?”. They seem to operate under the assumption that they will always be in power and that no one who opposes them will ever have authority over them. It is a very short sighted game they play, but then again striving for maximum power and control always is.

  3. Because PDT, VP Pence, Secretaries Pompeo, Mnuchin, Carson, Chao, and Zinke are just going to walk away? General Mattis is just going to say, “Whatever?” The “Resistance” will sweep into DC just like the Castro’s noble guerillas marching down from the mountains? LOL!

    I don’t think so. The Resistance will continue their backstabbing, undermining, leaking sabotage. They won’t have the guts to do anything overt and in the open.

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