A priest telling the unvaccinated to stay home and not attend Church, using the Holy Communinion as a reward for compliance with vaccine mandates.  This mandates isn’t a Catholic, he’s a Leftist is a Clerical Collar.

You can be absolutely sure of that because he is CNN’s resident religion commentator.

For someone who is claims to be a Passionist, his Twitter profile image is of CNN talking heads, not anything ecumenical.

Today is Christmas Eve.  Go to mass if that is your tradition, and ignore this blaspheming charlatan using the words of Christ to preach tyrannical Leftist vaccination talking points.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “CNN priest is a Leftist masquerading as a Catholic Priest”
  1. Do cnn even have any viewers left?? How sick is this?? But then again lookit all the puke inducining democrats that claim to be catholic…. When its good for thier image.. seems like history has shown this sort of thing before….

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