According to CNN, there are lots of different theories on why Joe is doing so badly in the polls. But the real reason isn’t that he is an awful, no good, rotten leader that proposes horrible policies that are destroying everything. Nope, that’s not it at all.

It is:

…Biden’s support among Democrats declined from 95% at the start of his presidency to 85% by early 2022. Trump, on the other hand, had lost only 1% of Republicans over a similar time period during his presidency, going from 87% to 86% in approval. What could likely account for Biden’s comparatively worse losses among members of his own party is the insidious influence of what I call the “fan fiction left.”

See, it is these democrats writing fan fiction that is causing the low approval ratings.

See the claim that the DNC rigged the primaries for Hillary and forced Bernie out is just made up. Oh, you don’t want to talk about the superdelegates? I remember telling a Bernie fan girl he wasn’t going to win the primary. She didn’t believe me when I explained the superdelegates. She told me I was right after the election.

I just can’t parse this one:

Even though powerful Republicans believe in the neo-Nazi “great replacement theory,” voter suppression and racist gerrymandering are prevalent, and many states are passing legislative assaults on women’s rights and LGBTQ rights, concerns about racism, sexism, and homophobia are only bourgeois “identity politics.”

The fan fiction dems don’t believe that Trump supporters are hateful, irrational and violent. They are must misled in the minds of fan fiction dems.

Oh, and the fan fiction dems actually believe that Russiagate was a hoax.

The entire article is about how Joe’s approval is tanking because some dems are writing that maybe the media was lying to them for the last 6 years.

Not the price at the pump nor the prices in the grocery store. Nope, it is believing those horrible lies that Republicans tell.

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By awa

5 thoughts on “CNN Spin: The Real Reason Joe Has Low Approval Rating”
  1. How can any dems think that the media is lying to THEM? About Biden? LOL. They’ve done nothing but prop him up.

    I have seen some CNN and MSNBC contributors basically call out the administration responsible for what’s happening. I guess every once in awhile they slip something past the producers

  2. Put another way, the reason Gropey Joe has such a low approval rating, is that we Americans are just too damn stupid to see what a brilliant and wonderful leader he is.

    Gas and food are getting so expensive that middle-class households are starting to have to choose between feeding the vehicle and feeding the kids (note that neither of those are counted in the Consumer Price Index, so inflation on them is officially non-existent). The stock markets are dropping multiple percentage points each day. The Dept of Labor reports a couple hundred thousand new jobs added each month — numbers that under Trump were exceeded weekly — and yet nobody can afford to hire because of minimum wage increases, and the official unemployment rate is artificially low because it doesn’t count people who have given up and stopped looking for jobs that aren’t really there.

    Plus Afghanistan. Plus killing the Keystone XL pipeline. Plus disallowing domestic production to restart, keeping us reliant on foreign supply chains (who openly hate and want to screw us).

    Americans are hurting because of Joe’s “leadership,” but the problem is that the news is saying conditions are bad. If they just said everything is awesome, that would fix it all.

    Just acknowledge how amazing the Emperor’s new clothes are, and it will all be OK.

  3. I’ve found myself fueling up as soon as I am down a quarter tank. By tomorrow the price will be up dinner more.

    1. I never get below half tank, preferably 3/4, before fueling up. Costs exactly the same, and tank is always close to or full in case bugout time arrives sooner than I expect.

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